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Joan looked up into her kidnappers face, hearing the rain pound ominously on the roof. She realized suddenly that this must be the infamous "Jack the Ripper." The red haired man smiled, revealing pointy teeth which could probably draw blood.

He grabbed her face and looked at her through his glasses, which had red frames. He has quite a liking for that color, she thought as he opened his mouth. "Are you ready to be pampered?" he said in a surprisingly feminine voice. n-no! She tried to speak, but he had put a gag on her earlier.

The man laughed. He removed the gag and put one finger to his lips in a way that clearly said you'll regret it if you make a sound. He pulled out a red lipstick and began applying it with a brush. Thunder cracked outside and she whimpered, immediately regretting it. She observed the expression on his face. A tense moment passed.

He growled, grabbing her arm, and threw her in another room. She cowered against the wall. "Madame Red!" He called loudly.

"Grell?" A woman dressed in all red stepped into the room. Grell, for Joan realized that that was the man's name, ordered Madame Red to dress the woman. "Make her pretty," he said with a girlish giggle, while leaving the room.

Madam Red looked directly at Joan, who was cowering against the wall. Madame Red smirked, then turned and walked out. Joan relaxed enough to sob once, and Red returned, carrying a blood red dress which sparkled as lightning flashed outside. She threw it at Joan, then leaned against the wall. "Put it on."

Joan trembled, tears streaming down her face. "I said PUT IT ON!" Madame Red screamed, leaping forward and smacking Joan on the left side of her face. She squeaked and scrambled to put on the dress.

Once she was dressed, Madame Red pulled out a basket. Joan noticed that, while still red, it was a much less shocking shade. Out of the basket, Red pulled a brush, which she pulled through Joan's hair. Various items came out of the basket, all of which were used on Joan's face. Finally, Red's hand emerged with a chain. "The final item…" she whispered.

Joan leaned forward, wondering what else could possibly come out of that basket. Red pulled out a long, thin chain. At the end of the chain was a heart made of ruby. Joan didn't like it at all. It looks sad…She had no idea why there was a necklace in the basket of tools that had been used on her.

Madame Red fastened the necklace around Joan's neck. Joan touched it with one hand. It matched the dress perfectly, and suddenly Joan felt sad that it was only these two people who would see her. Red stood up, and Joan's terror came back. What else are they going to do to me? Her eyes watered, and she wondered if she was going to cry. No… don't show weakness…she thought, before realizing that they already knew how weak she really was. Suddenly, someone had a hold on her arm.

Madame Red dragged her back into the other room, where Grell was waiting. Joan's eyes wandered to a table where dinner was set for two. She blushed as her stomach rumbled. She hadn't eaten for almost a day, and the food on the table was steaming and looked fresh. "Come dine with me, Lady…" Grell tapered off, not knowing her name.

"Joan" she whispered. Grell leaned closer and pointed at his ear, smiling. "Joan. My name is Joan." She managed to choke out before shrinking back, terrified of more abuse.

"Ah, well, Lady Joan. Come and eat!" Joan sat down and suddenly found Madame Red binding her hands to the chair.

"Wha-?" Joan was silenced by Grell.

"Ah, quiet now!" Grell leaned over and stuffed a piece of bread in Joan's mouth. Her eyes widened as she tasted it. Rotten…Fish? She spat it out. "What is this… oh…."

Grell stood up, obviously angry, and leaned forward. "Hmmmm…" He mused, "Something's not quite right…" He pondered this for a moment. "Oh!"

Grell pulled a chainsaw out from under the table. "Lady Joan, you aren't wearing. Enough. RED!" On the final word, he launched at her and plunged the chainsaw into her stomach. Warm red liquid dripped onto the floor as Joan's mind registered the pain. He pulled the chainsaw out, and she screamed, suddenly realizing why the whole place had seemed so sad. How many women have he tortured here? Her eyes widened as she came across an even more frightening possibility. And how many have he… killed?

Her breathing quickened, and she said a prayer. These are my final moments. Grell moved the chainsaw up, a few inches away from her neck. God, please treat me kindly! She sobbed as she made this final plea in her mind, and Grell moved the chainsaw closer, then quickly severing her head. He stood over her, smiling, her blood soaking into his shoes. He admired the beauty of her blood, shining as more lightning flashed outside.

Madame Red skipped over the pools of blood and toward the shinigami, who was still holding his growling Death Scythe. She stopped at the body of the girl who had been killed, and bent over. She took the necklace, which had seen the deaths of many, many women. She stepped over the body while tucking the necklace into a pocket on her dress. Grall and Madame Red left through the open door, into the pounding rain.