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Mary Jane Kelly, the fifth victim of Jack the Ripper, was an extremely attractive lady in the eyes of her clients. Her blue eyes sparkled, and her body was long and thin. Her only negative feature was her job. You see, by the year 1888, Mary was living in poverty and had to resort to selling her body so she could buy food. In other words, she was a whore.

My name is Angelina Durless, known to London as Madame Red. Earlier today, this woman came to my place of work and got an abortion. Claiming it to be an act of mercy, she threw away the life of her child. Maybe she didn't want to be cruel to the child, as she couldn't really provide for him or give him attention, but I think she didn't want to take off work for nine months. I didn't want to do the operation, but I would have lost my job if i had refused a patient.

So this is my revenge. For throwing away the thing I want most, she deserves to die.

It was around 3:00 in the morning, and Angelina stood in a back alley of Whitechapel. She new her target for today, and she was especially excited to mutilate the corpse of this one. At the end of the alley, saw spotted a man coming toward her. Checking that it was who she thought, she smiled and greeted him. "She lives just around the corner from here," she told him.

Grell Sutcliff nodded and smiled, branding his death scythe. "I'm veeery excited to look at her cinematic record~" he moaned with his permanent grin. Angelina nodded and pulled out a slip of paper.

"This is her address," she told him, handing the paper to him. Looking at it, the shinigami nodded and led the way for her. They arrived at 13 Miller's court, and Angelina reached through the broken window to unbolt the door. This whore had just been asking for it. She sighed as she saw the woman asleep on the bed. "Get ready, Grell." she said, walking across the room toward her.

The prostitute's eyes fluttered open as she heard the footsteps on her floor. "Who are you?" She asked with a heavy accent as she sat up. In a second, Angelina's hands were at her throat, and she was strangling Mary Kelly.

Feeling her air supply being cut off, the whore tried to call for help. "M-MURDER!" She screamed as loud as she could, which wasn't very. Her neighbors might have heard her, but they would most likely ignore it, seeing as this was the east end of london. Hearing someone screaming "murder" or "rape" would be common, no cause for alarm unless you know the person.

Mary Kelly's body went limp after a few minutes, and Angelina dropped her on the bed, pulling out a knife. She sliced across her throat twice, once in each direction. She took the body and moved into a very vulnerable position. Looking at the whore's attractive face, probably an important key for getting customers, she sliced several little cuts. Some through her lips or on her cheeks. Some served to partially remove her nose and ears. Improving on the shallow cuts on her neck, Angelina swung the knife down several times, until she hit the vertebrae of her neck.

Moving down to her chest, she sliced off each of her breasts and put one next to her head, the other by her feet. She cut into the stomach, removing various organs. She placed the liver in between her feet, and cut out the other organs of her body in three main chunks. She spread them around her body, and looked at her legs.

She used the knife to remove the meat from her legs, but left them in the same spread open position. Panting, Angelina leaned back and examined her handiwork. Deciding that she wanted a souvenir, she sliced open the chest and pulled out her heart. "Perfect," she whispered. She stepped back, and saw Grell collecting Mary Kelly's cinematic record. She nodded, and was making a few more cuts just to add to the effect when the door flew open. A few drops of blood flew off the corpse as she stabbed it in anger from being caught.

"You must not look!" She heard a man say. Looking up, she noticed her nephew standing there with a few drops of blood on his face.

"C-ciel..." she whispered. A tear ran down her face and she stood up, ready to turn herself in. As long as he learns the truth about me... she thought, and she stepped out the door.

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