Sailor's Song

Yeah, you'll get to see some more of me before you know it. I'm Rave The Rich and I dare you to find another author quite like me. In this case, I bring you, the first of its kind that I know of, a Marine/Cream fic. Yes, I'm well aware that that is a girl/girl pairing and Alternate Universe, but this one has been given great thought over a few weeks. I encourage open minds as it pertains to this story. The posted rating is for language, sexual content and drug use, including alcohol.

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(Chapter 1- Opportunity Rings)

The setting is one that can be traced to a musical aficionado if there ever were one. Hanging on the wall of the room are not one or two, but three different guitars; one being acoustic, the other, electric and the final one, electric bass. The walls are also adorned with musical notes, a couple of records and posters of various bands both classic and modern.

Right now, the room ebbs a mostly ambiguous feel. One can't be too sure, from taste in music alone, just who lives within these four walls. They're painted in a cherry red and a compartment drawer parallel to the door appears to be made with anyone and everyone in mind.

Decorations cannot readily determine attitudes, however, and neither can the numerous clothes scattered around the room. In the full-size bed lays someone whose demeanor over the years has transitioned from corn syrup sweetness to edginess equal to that of her friend, the blue blur.

Lying down in her bed, one can tell her style has changed quite a bit from her days of youth. Gone are the yellow and orange tea party dresses and in their place for Cream the Rabbit, age eighteen, are jean shorts, spaghetti strap tanks, which fall just above the navel, and flip flops worn to match the mood. It serves as her casual gear for lazy days such as this and the last few since her graduation in early June.

As Cream listens to instrumental music through ear buds and reads from a paperback novel, she ponders just how different things will be for her in a month or so when she goes to university for music. Sure, with a GPA of 4.29, she could do anything she wanted and practically go to school wherever she wanted. Nothing else, though, stirs her passion as much as music.

One would only have to ask her mother, especially during nights outside of her home where Cream would compose her own songs past midnight and on into the morning sunrise. Mother Vanilla has been nothing but supportive of her only child's life decision, offering Cream encouragement and love when it comes to songwriting and everything else that is on her mind during this important transition in her life.

Two knocks on the door raise her long ears and cause Cream to look up from her semi-casual reading. Her door opens and her mom, on the other side, holds up the house phone while Cream removes the buds from out of her ears.

"Dear?" Vanilla greets, "The phone's for you."

Cream's expression shows a bit of confusion as she has no clue who would be calling her this early in the morning without any prior warning. "Who is it?"

"It's Vector," she responds as Cream appears to breathe a sigh of relief. While she didn't mind taking a phone call, she did have a notable exception to that rule. Afterwards, Vanilla's thoughts were confirmed as to her daughter's pressing concern. She smiles and adds, "Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm not gonna allow Tails to call you again on my watch; unless he plans on apologizing to you first."

With that promise, Vanilla hands the cordless phone off to her daughter, who thanks her mom on Vanilla's way out, sits up in her bed and says "Hello," to the speaking end of the receiver.

"Good morning, Cream!" A burly but cheerful voice greets from the other end. "This is Vector. How are you doing?"

"I'm well, all things considered," Cream answers while getting up from the bed and completely closing the door to her room. "You called because there's something you wanted, am I right?"

"That you are, Cream," Vector speaks, getting to the reason why he's calling his longtime friend. "You see, I know you wanted to get some money before you head for school in September, so I have a proposition for you. My old partner Mighty and his band are back in town for a few gigs in the area, but their bass player has the flu. They're in quite a bind as they don't have any backups or understudies, but I did tell them that you have some of their sheet music that you asked to use for your independent study course last year.

"Now, you don't have to do it and the first gig is in about five days to give you some time to get acclimated to the band," he continues, "but they're more than willing to give you a nice cut of what they make if you decide to join them on the upcoming dates."

"Define a 'nice cut', and your armadillo friend might have himself a bass player, Vec." The sass which she exudes sharply contrasts with the girl's business-like approach to artistic performance. Cream simply refuses to take Vector's word as gospel, having been made a fool by bands and musicians in the past. "I'd like to speak to Mighty before I do anything else, though. Having more experience in a band will only help me, but if I can't get anything out of it other than experience when I've been paid to do this since the age of twelve, it's really not worth my time."

"You know that I would never steer you wrong. Right, Cream?" Vector asks. The question is rhetorical, though, as he adds, "I just came to you because…of how things like this seem to fall into place. You know their music and they'll be local so you won't have to be far away from your mom before you head off to school."

"So when's your old Chaotix teammate coming back in town so we can negotiate in person and get this started?"

"He's actually in the office right now and staying with me to practice their sets."

Cream suddenly hears a deep voice in the background yelling to Vector along with the distinct sound of swift, flapping wings buzzing about, "No, Vector! Mighty left with Ray and Espio to get groceries, but they should be back in about an hour."

"Thanks, Charmy!" Vector calls out to the bee as he buzzes off to tend to some other business. Speaking back into the receiver, Vector repeats what he heard from his longtime friend back to Cream.

"Sounds great," she admits. "Anything to get me focused on what's most important in my life."

"All right, I'll text Mighty and hit you back when he's ready to speak with you. Oh, and Cream?"

"Yes, Vector?"

Not knowing exactly how to approach her very delicate situation, Vector decides to just shoot from the hip with a girl he's known since she was little. "I know things…should be better in your life right now than they are, but you're getting a new start soon and that can only help matters. With what Tails did—you know what? You probably don't want to hear about that, so I won't say anymore about it."

"I don't, thank you very much."

"Your mom has been talking to me about this school you're going to – Genesis Dream Masters Music Academy – and it all sounds wonderful, really."

"It's one of the best for music I could find."

"You'll always have my support if you need anything from a shoulder to cry on to an ear to talk in, I'm here, Cream. I'm as proud of you as I'd be my own daughter…if I had one." For some reason, that line causes Cream to giggle. Perhaps it's because she always enjoys speaking with Vector because it's so obvious when a slip of the tongue occurs with him that when he attempts to correct it, he experiences a figurative but comical fall flat on his face.

Fortunately, he often knows when enough is enough. "Good luck to you, Cream. I…I'll see you later."

"'Kay," she replies. "Bye, Vec."

"Later," he says before hanging up while Cream does the same. Walking over to her closet, she swaps her flip flops for brown leather sandals, takes a guitar case from out of the closet and removes the black wooden bass guitar from her wall, placing it into the case. Her instrument is ready and, though Vector didn't say she needed it, she brings some sheet music if only to build a sense of credibility in Mighty's mind.

Heading downstairs, she passes her mother while going to the coat closet. "So what did Vector want, sweetheart?"

"I'm considering signing up for some dates with Mighty and his band. I'm going over to negotiate and play for him today. Don't wait up for me."

"No problem," Vanilla says before running up to her daughter to give her a hug and kiss. "This is a great opportunity. Mighty does some fine work back in his hometown and…I really hope it works out for you."

"Me too, Mom," Cream admits. "I'll be back this afternoon with…hopefully good news for once."

"For all of our sakes, I hope so," Cream's mom wishes. "Have fun, dear. I love you."

"Love you, too," she says back to her mother before taking her equipment out to her transportation.

Loading her goods onto the back of a green and white-trimmed scooter, she puts on a bicycle helmet, turns on the ignition and drives off to the Chaotix Detective Agency.

Driving off, she figures out loud, "This should give me some time to make a stop for nourishment if I need it."

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