Jasmine POV

I hate being the new kid. Okay it wouldn't be so bad if I could be honest about who I am. But I can't. People would think I was insane, and send me straight to a padded room. So not where I want to be. And also not someplace that I would be of any help to anyone. But if one more guy comes up and hits on me I might just forget to act like a human. Or maybe I shouldn't hide all of my scares from thier eyes. That would stop them right in their tracks. But usually it isn't this hard to ignor the unwanted attention, but these guys are really pushing my buttons and I just want to get through the day.

Okay what am I bitching about? This is my seventh time redoing my senior year. And I wouldn't even be doing this if it wasn't important. I really hate my gifts sometimes. But I am really thankful I am able to turn them on and off. Hearing peoples thoughts and feeling their emotions are bad enough, but in a high school setting so not fun. Not to mention the fact that I am thirsty right now because dummy me forgot to take care of that before school started. Not that these humans have anything to worry about. They are really safe from me since I only drink the blood of animals. I mean if I did drink from a human they would be fine and they wouldn't even remember me taking any of their blood. But I hate doing it. And it is really only a last resort if I do it at all. The fact that I can also shift into a panther, control the five elements pule a bunch of other things. Is really taxing when you are so close to losing control of your own emotions.

I'm unheard of among my kind. Yeah you have your vampires, your witches, your shape shifters and your werewolves. But me. I'm a freak among them. Since I am part vampire/witch/shape shifter. My family was killed because of me. I wasn't home at the time and they didn't know where I was so now I am on the run. I was thinking about all of this and not really paying attention to what the teachers were saying. Not that I need to, but I was still relieved when the bell rang.

Finally lunch time. I should be able to sit in peace. Oh wait this is me we're talking about so that isn't going to happen. Okay let's just get through the line first. I'm really not in the mood for food but I grab a yogurt and a brown pop none diet. And head to the first empty table I see. It's farthest from the doors and the food line. Everyone seems to be avoiding this area so maybe I will be left alone after all. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding and started to eat my yogurt.

I let my mind wander to back to why it is I am here. I have to find the Cullen family. They are unique among vampires. They are the only coven that I know of that isn't a coven but a family. If the stories are true they are very open minded. And I am really hoping that that is true. Because I need help. How am I going to keep a human safe on my own? And also stay hidden from those that are trying to kill me. But I am more worried for the humans life then my own. I know we are not supposed to let humans know we exist but this one is different. Don't ask me how I know this but I just do. Sometimes gifts can be a real pain in the ass. I was brought out of my head when someone walked up to the table. But I didn't look up to see who it was.

"Excuse me," a small voice said from in front of me. I looked up then to see a face I have seen for the past three months, every time I dream. I didn't say anything because what do you say to some you have been dreaming of. And no get your head out of the gutter it hasn't been those type of dreams. More like premonitions of what could be. She just looked at me and this time she said, "Do you mind if we sit here with you?"

I still couldn't trust my voice so I just motioned for her and her friends to sit down. Okay now this was going to be the tricky part for me. There were two humans with her so no problem there; but the other two with her were not human. This could be a problem.

"Thanks. I'm Bella and this is Edward and his sister Alice. This is Angela and her boyfriend Ben," she said pointing to each of them as she said their names. I nodded my head.

Angela's eyes lit up when she looked at me and a smile broke across her face when she said, "You're the new girl. I have never seen someone put Jessica and Lauren in their place so fast. They never knew what hit them. I am sorry about what they said to you though."

"It's okay I am unfortunately used to it. There is nothing for you to feel sorry about. Oh my name is Jasmine," I told them.

"Wait so what did you do to Jessica and Lauren?" Bella asked, curiosity written all over her face.

"We were in P.E. and Mike and Tyler were paying more attention to Jasmine then to them so they went to start a fight with her," Ben was saying but then busted up laughing. Once he caught his breath he continued, "They were saying some really nasty things to her and she just went off and punched both of them at the same time. I don't know how you managed to hit both of them in the gut?"

"They both deserved it. But unfortunately Jasmine got in trouble for punching them." Angela added,

"I wish I could have seen it," Bella said with a smile playing at the corner of her mouth.

Just then both Jessica and Lauren walked past our table. "Well this is definitely an interesting sight don't you think Jess?" Lauren asked.

"I think that Bella should watch her back our else she might not have a boyfriend for much longer the new girl might steal him away from her. Since that is what she likes to do," Jessica responded with a sneer.

"I think just because you two can't keep you guys happy doesn't mean everyone else has the same problems as you. And besides he isn't my type," I said in a matter-of-fact tone. With that said they just turned up their noses and walked away in a huff.

"Okay wow that's twice in one day they have been stumped," Ben said with another laugh.

"What? Do people usually just let them say whatever they want?" I asked.

"Well the only ones that they have acted this way towards to be honest is the two of you," Angela said pointing to Bella and myself.

Ben looked at me and asked, "So did you mean what you said about Cullen not being your type or were you just trying to piss them off?"

I had to hide my reaction to the name. It couldn't be that easy to find the Cullens could it? So I quickly said, "I don't just say things to piss people off. I meant what I said. No offence to you Edward."

"Well that has to be a first," Alice said. Her voice was like bells just like every vampire I have ever came across. I just hoped that neither of them had a gift. Or if they did I was able to block them from being able to use it on me.

"What do you mean?" I asked a little confused.

Bella laughed this time and said, "It's just that most girls have a different reaction to the Cullen guys."

I gave a small laugh and said, "So let me guess the usually drool all over themselves to get close to them. But you said guys I only see one."

"My brothers are away at College they graduated last year. Along with our other sister," Edward said giving me a crooked smile. His voice was like silk.

"So you have two brothers and two sisters. Wow it's just me in my family. It must be fun to have such a big family," I said a little wistful. They couldn't know how much of the truth I had just said. As I am the only one left in my family.

"So you're an only child too?" Angela asked. I just nodded this time because talking about my family was really hard. And I didn't feel like having a breakdown in front of all of them.

So before we could talk any more about me I said, "It was nice meeting all of you." With that I got up and through my trash away and tried to make my way out of the cafeteria only to be stopped by Alice before I could get passed the doors.

"What are you doing after school" she chimed.

"Homework," I told her.

"Well Bella and I are going shopping in Port Angeles. Would you like to come with us?" she asked hopping up and down.

"Alice maybe she's like me and doesn't like to shop," Bella said.

I gave a small laugh and then said, "Thanks for the offer but shopping is really not my thing and besides I really don't have the money to spend right now." Okay so that last part was a lie but did I really want to be around a Cullen longer then I needed to right now? Okay I know I need their help and so does Bella but I don't want them to know what I am just yet. I don't need them to freak out on me. That's never a fun thing. But if I don't do this right everything can get messed up.

"You don't have to worry about money and it would be really fun if you would come," Alice was almost begging now.

I looked over at Bella and asked, "Is she always like this?"

Bella laughed and then said, "Yes and she usually always gets her way."

"Okay, okay I will go," I said reluctantly. This was either a really good idea or a really bad one. "I got to get to class," I added hastily.

But before I was out of earshot I heard Bella say, "So this was the vision you had. And Edward isn't too happy with it because he can't hear her thoughts." Great so they did have gifts good thing Edward wasn't able to read my thoughts that really would have been bad. But Alice seeing the future is going to be hard to explain why she can't always see me. The fact that she can see me at all is a little disturbing. But I am letting my human side show right now. Not using any of my gifts so that would be why, but I have to be careful now.

The rest of the school day went by in blur. I really didn't have to pay attention to what the teachers were saying it was nothing I hadn't heard before. I let my mind wander back to what I was going to do about my thirst. I mean if I was going to go shopping I really would need to take care of that. I only had five minutes left of class. So I did the only thing that I could. I packed up my bag and asked if I could go to the nurses office. The teacher let me go. But instead of going there I went out the back doors and into the words.

Once I was in the tree line and out of sight I dropped my bag and knelt down. "Please Gaia help me in my time of needed," I asked. Gaia is the Greek Goddess of Mother Nature. She is who I always pray to for help when I am in need of blood. Just like I pry to Athena when I need strength in a fight, or Nyx the goddess of night and vampires when I need to move undetected and the last one that I go to for help is Hecate queen of witches when I am trying to work a spell. And like always what I need was provided for me. "Thank you Gaia in aiding me in my time of need. This sacrifice will be repaid in whatever way you see necessary" I said before I placed a chaste kiss on the deer's head between its eyes. I placed my lips on its neck and bit into it taking in its blood as fast as I could so not to be caught. Once the deer was drained I placed another chaste kiss upon its head and stood up and then asked, "Earth come to me and open up and bring your brother home to his final resting place so that his body can continue to provide for others," as soon as I finished the earth opened up enough for the body to seep down into it and then I added, "Thank you Earth you may close now. And thank you for aiding me you may depart my friend."

I took some time to make sure that I didn't get any blood on me because Alice would be able to smell it. Once I was sure I left the tree line and walked to the parking lot. Everyone was walking out to their cars. It didn't take long for me to find where Alice and Bella were waiting for me but they weren't alone. Another tall blond female was standing next to them. She looked just like Alice. Same skin color and golden eyes this must be her sister. I took a deep breath before I continued to walk towards them.

"Alice do you have something with pulling more humans towards this family?" the blond asked.

"She's new Rose and she was fine with us just like Bella so yes I have a thing with bringing humans close to our family. And plus it is only shopping and it will give Bella someone to talk to," Alice said.

Bella laughed at this and then said, "No Alice you are hoping that her style is more like yours so you can dress her they way I won't let you dress me. Jasmine Barbie doesn't sound too good. So don't do anything extreme. She is new here Rose and please try to be nice to her?"

Their conversation stopped once they saw me but I already heard enough to know I really wasn't going to like shopping with them. But I put a small smile on my face and thought you need to do this. You need to earn their trust so that they can help you and you can help Bella. You knew this wasn't going to be easy.

"Hey Alice, Bella," I said as I reached their car.

"Hey Jasmine so how was the rest of your day?" Bella asked.

"It was fine really for me it was the same as any other day of school. But the two confrontations are the only things that were out of the ordinary. So…shopping?" I said with a grimace.

Alice laughed and said, "Oh you and Bella both. Shopping is fun. Jasmine this is my sister Rosalie. Her and my brothers didn't have classes… okay well they decided to skip a few classes to come home for a quick visit. So she is going to come shopping with us."

"It's nice to meet you Rosalie," I said as I extended my hand to her. She hesitantly took my hand. I was prepared for the cool touch of her skin so I didn't jerk my hand back. This seemed to disturb all of them a little. But I didn't say anything. I mean there really wasn't anything that I could say without letting them know that I wasn't exactly human.

We all got into the M3. Rosalie was driving so I figured this was her car, but I didn't bother to ask. I really didn't need to know. I just looked out the window or looked down at my hands sitting in my lap. I really didn't know what to say. So I decided to say nothing.

"Should you call your parents to let them know that you won't be home until later?" Rosalie asked breaking the silence.

"No I don't need to call my parents. They aren't here with me," I said.

Bella turned and looked at me and then asked the million dollar question, "What do you mean they aren't here with you?"

I fidgeted with the hem of my shirt a little. How much should I tell them? The truth would be best at this point. Well as much of it as I can tell them right now. So I took a deep breath and said, "Their dead. They died right before we were supposed to move here."

Alice turned to look at me and Rosalie looked at me in the review mirror. No one said anything and I just looked back out the window to give them time to think. I hate talking about what happened with my parents but I have the cover story down. Car accident. Simple it happens every day. It also explains all of the scars that I have. Which they will see because it is really hard to hide when trying on clothes. At least the ones on my face are little easier to conseal. So I might as well get it all out of the way now and not later. Not that my scars bother me they are a reminder to me for what I have to do. And why I am doing it.

"How did it happen?" Bella asked in a whisper.

I continued to look out the window as I answered, "We were hit by a drunk driver. It was a head on collision. Well the other car hit us just right to flip us and we ended up at the bottom of an embankment. By the time help arrived my parents were already gone and it was touch and go for me. While I was in the hospital my aunt sold the house that my parents had bought and got me a small apartment. She told everyone that I was going to live with her. But once I was out she said that I was on my own. I would be eighteen soon so I could take care of myself. I really didn't care. I thought a new start would be a good thing. So here I am. You guys don't need to worry about me I'm fine."

"How could your aunt do that to you?" Alice asked.

"She didn't like my mother. She thought her brother was wasting his time with her. So I never really thought she would take me in. So it really wasn't all that surprising to me. My family wasn't very close," I told them with a shrug of my shoulders. I really hated this part of the story. Because it was the farthist thing from the truth. But everything will come out in the end.

Alice continued to look at me as she asked, "So the money you have goes to paying your bills and food?"

"Yes for now. But I am hoping that once I graduate I can get a scholarship for college and then the money I do have I can use a little differently. I would be living on campus so I would have some spending money. But this is life so I'm not complaining," I told them. I mean that sound like something a human would say right?

Bella looked at me and then asked, "So when is you birthday?"

"Oh no I am not saying when it is. I hate celebrating it. I use to get so mad at my parents for buying me gifts. All I ever really wanted was just their love. But they would never listen to me. So for once I just want to celebrate my birthday by not doing anything or getting anything. And since you guys don't know then I can get my wish. So I am not telling," I told them.

"You sound just like Bella," Rosalie said.

"That's why we are going shopping today. Bella's birthday is coming up and we are getting her an outfit for her party," Alice said with a huge grin on her face.

Bella groaned next to me and said, "I don't want a party and you know it Alice. I don't want you guys to get me anything either."

"Too bad Bella we already got your gifts. And everything is already ready for your party on your birthday. It could have been worse I could have not told you about it and made it a surprise," Alice said smugly in a sing song voice.

"No, no, no that would have been worse," Bella admitted. She quickly added, "Let's change the subject. Alice how are things with you and Jasper?"

"They're fine. We talked a lot about it. And us being together really just wasn't working any more. He is back for your birthday and then he will head back to school and be back on the next break with Rose and Emmet," Alice said leaning back into her seat.

Bella looked at me and then said, "What have you heard about the Cullens?"

I looked at her confused she couldn't know that I knew who they were so I decided to play dumb and just said, "Nothing, should I know what you are talking about?"

Rosalie gave a laugh and said, "So Jessica didn't tell you the gossip about our family?" I couldn't help it I busted up laughing and so did Bella and Alice. Rosalie looked between all of us and asked, "What is so funny?"

Alice was the first one to stop laughing long enough to say, "She wouldn't be getting any gossip from Jessica or Lauren she punched both of them in gym class and then told them off during lunch." she started laughing again. This time Rosalie joined in.

"I really didn't tell them off during lunch. All I said was that Edward wasn't my type and it's not my fault they couldn't please their guys to keep them interested in them. Like I would ever be attracted to Mike Newton or Tyler Crowley," I said with a small shiver on the last part.

"Wait how did Edward get thrown in there?"

"They were trying to tell me to keep an eye out for her trying to steal Edward from me. Since she tried to steal their guys from them. It really was pathetic on their part," Bella said.

"Wait so you said this in front of Edward?" she asked me with a smile on her face now.

Before I could even answer her Alice and Bella both said, "Yup."

"Oh I would have loved to have seen his face. Wait what am I saying Emmet and Jasper would love to hear this," she said laughing now.

"Okay you can tease you brother later but what were guys talking about earlier with me hearing the gossip about the Cullen's?" I asked trying to change the subject from me.

"Oh we are all adopted. Jasper and I are twins, He was dating Alice. I am dating Emmet. And well you know Edward and Bella are dating. I'm surprised no one said anything," she told me.

"Well I really didn't talk to anyone and I don't put much stock in gossip," I simply said.

"You really aren't like most people," Bella said.

I just looked at her and then asked, "Did you listen to what was being said about them or did you try to get to know them?"

"Okay good point. I tried to get to know them," she said with a smile playing on her lips.

Shopping with them...okay Alice and Rosalie was a nightmare. Never again will I go shopping with Alice and Rosalie…I mean Rose. We went in to every store in the mall. And they had me trying on at least one of everything. Every time I would protest about them buying me something they said I would need it and it was a birthday gift from them and then it was this is from Jasper, or Edward, or Emmet, or their parents. It was all ridiculous. They didn't even know me. And it got even worse when they saw my scars.

They don't bother me and I usually don't cover them up but I find around new people they tend to only focus on it. So I started covering them up but when they saw them and saw they were all over my body and even on my face they really didn't know what to do or say. So I just acted like nothing happened. Like they never saw them.

It wasn't until we were driving back to Forks that anything was said about them. It was Alice this time who said something, "The scars are those from the car accident?"

"Yes they are. It's okay to ask me about them. They don't bother me. They're a part of who I am. I have scars on the right side of my face. The makeup covers them so they really aren't that noticeable. But I really don't care if they show or not. People are going to like me whether I have them or not. These scars don't make me any different than anyone else. It only shows that I have been through something that has changed my life. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's for the worst. But that depends on the person who bears them," I told them. We were silent the rest of the way back to forks until we hit the city limits.

Rosalie looked at me in the review mirror and asked "Back to the school to get your car?"

"I don't have a car so you just drop me off at my apartment it's only a few blocks from the school," I told her.

"Wait so how do you get to school?" Bella asked.

"I walk. It's no big deal," I told her with a shrug.

"Not anymore. We can pick you up on the way to school," Bella said.

"No it's really okay. I can walk you don't have to go out of your way. You guys have already done way too much for me. But thank you. You can stop I am the first one once you pull in," I said.

"Here let me help you with these bags," Bella said as I got out of the car.

"Thanks Bella you really don't have to," I told her.

"I want to and I was wondering what month is your birthday?" she asked a little sheepish.

"Okay since we have the same view point on birthdays I will tell you but you have to promise me you won't tell anyone," I tell her.

"I promise that no one will know but me," she says as she holds up her left hand and puts her right hand over her heart.

"Okay come here," I tell her and she follows me over the calendar I have hanging up on the wall by my desk. And I point to the date. Her eyes get really big and then she grabs a pin and writes Bella's B-day on the same date I just showed her. September thirteenth I look at her and just said, "Really?"

She laughed and said, "Yes," she smiled at me and then said, "Goodbye see you tomorrow," as she walked out the door and closed it behind her. I let out another breath I didn't realize I was holding and locked my door. Not like it was really going to matter if they wanted in here they could get in.

I put away everything that they had brought me today and picked out my outfit for tomorrow and laid it across my chair. I was too tired to do anything else tonight. The little homework I had I would just wake up early and do before school. I walked into my small bathroom and started my shower. Once I was out I dried off and put on a pair of boy short panties and a sports bra. I combed out my hair and put in some leave in conditioner. I was just going to go to bed now. It wasn't like I had anything else that I was needed for at the moment. I walked over to my bed and laid across it so that I could open my window a little to let the night air in and then I fell right to sleep.

Edward POV

What are the chances of coming across two humans at the same school that I can't hear their thoughts? I needed to talk to Carlisle about this. During lunch I really didn't say much because I was trying to figure out the new girl. Everything she did was different. She didn't shy away from Alice and I like most humans did. But then again neither did Bella.

When I heard Alice thinking about inviting her to go shopping with her and Bella I almost lost my control. I just looked at her and slightly shook my head "NO"

Edward what is your problem? She obviously isn't afraid of us so why can't I ask her to go shopping with us?

I just look at Bella's head and then at the new girls and back to Alice. You can't hear her thoughts either can you? She asked. And again I gave a small shake of my head "NO"

Then that is all the more reason why I should ask her. If I get to know her better then we might be able to find out why you can't get inside of her head. It won't just be me and Bella. You know Rose is coming with us.

And with that said Alice asked her to go shopping with them. So I have been sitting at home waiting for them to get back so I could ask them what they found out. They got home the same time that Carlisle did. I was waiting in the living room for them along with the rest of the family.

"What did you guys find out?" I asked as soon as they walked through the door.

"Nice to see you too Edward," Rose said crossly as she went to sit next to Emmet.

"Edward I think she is just another human that likes to keep her thoughts to herself like Bella does. But with what she's been through I don't blame her for having up walls," Alice said as she sat down next to Esme.

"What do you mean?" Esme asked.

"Well she lost her parents in a car accident her family has abandoned her and put her out on her own. She is covered in scars from the crash and says that everything is fine and that's just how life is sometimes. She has only enough money to pay her bills and get food right now and she is hoping to go to college on scholarship," Rose said looking down at her lap. Then she went on to say, "I think there is more but you can't blame her for not wanting to open up to complete strangers. Edward the fact that you can't read her thoughts might be a good thing. I don't think they would be very pleasant for you to hear. She may be all smiles on the outside but I think she is really hurting."

"I don't think that she would have talked to anyone had Bella not asked if we could join her during lunch," Alice said.

"Oh and by the way we talked about what was said at lunch," Rose said with a wicked grin upon her face. Alice started laughing.

"Ha HA HA yes it is very funny. But I would like to see how she reacts to the others. Before you two go saying that I lost my touch," I told both of them.

"What are you talking about? Did the new girl not swoon at the sight of him or something?" Emmet asked. And once Rose and Alice started laughing harder he really got curious, "Wait are you saying that she really didn't?"

"No Em she didn't she went as far as to say that I 'wasn't her type.' but for all we know she could have just been saying that. I think the fact that she said it to Jessica and Lauren was even funnier," I told them with a small laugh of my own.

"She wasn't just saying that Edward. I really don't think you're her type. But then again I don't think she is really looking at guys much. Because every time a guy would look at her or try to say something to her, she would look down or try to walk away," Rose said with a little bit of a grimace. I think she might have been abused by a guy or raped. But I didn't want to pressure her into talking to us because I know how much it hurts to talk about. Edward please just let this go. She needs to have some friends and you know Bella will be a good friend for her to have. Just for once Trust Bella.

I sighed and looked at Rose and just said, "You're right. Okay."

"Okay those silent conversations are really annoying you know that," Em said looking between me and his wife.

"Rose, Alice your emotions are all over the place right now just by talking about this new girl. I really don't get it. What are you two really thinking?" Jasper asked taking the attention off of me and Rose.

"Jazz you would love her. She said some things that made all three of us really think," Rose told him.

"Why do you both feel guilty all of sudden," Jasper asked confused now.

"Jazz she is like you in some ways. Her whole body is covered in scars," Alice said looking at Jasper. Then went on to add, "Well I'm feeling guilty about how I have acted about your scars. She too told us she really doesn't care if hers are seen or not. People are going to like her whether she has them or not. The scars don't make her any different than anyone else. It only shows that she has been through something that has changed her life. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's for the worst. But that depends on the person who bears them," Alice told all of us.

"She has scars on her face also and once she said that and we both really looked at her we could see them. But she never let on that she had any. She didn't even say anything about them until we saw them while she was trying clothes on," Rose said with a shake of her head. Then she added, "And even after we saw them she still didn't say anything. It wasn't until we were driving back to Forks that we even talked about them."

"Well I think we should meet this girl. I mean she has even gotten to you which is something that Bella hasn't even been able to do babe," Em said with a shake of his head. Then he looked at us three and asked, "So what does she look like?"

"Like any other human," I said.

Rose rolled her eyes at me and said, "She's a little taller than Bella. Thin almost too thin for a human. But then again just getting out of the hospital would do that to someone. She has some curves. Raven black hair to her mid back and crystal blue eyes."

"I would say she is just as pretty as Rose or I. And you know that vampires rank higher than humans in looks. She has dark olive skin which brings out her other features in her face. She would be one of the few humans I would say could go without makeup and still be attractive," Alice said with a shrug of her shoulders. Then she looked at me and said, "Charlie will be going to bed soon so you can head over there now." With that I got up and walked out the door.

Bella POV

While I was cooking dinner for Charlie I thought about what Jasmine had said. I don't know what I would do if I was in her shoes. I mean it is one thing to say I can move on but it is another thing to really do it. I mean last year was hard for me and I was only coming to live with my dad and starting over. But if I had to do it with no one by my side. I don't know if I could really do it.

"So how was your shopping trip?" Charlie asked from the living room.

"It was okay. We invited the new girl in town to come with us," I told him.

"Oh and did she go?" he asked.

"Yeah, she came. I feel bad for. I mean I don't think I could do what she's doing," I told him honestly.

"Bells you do what you have to. She is definitely a strong girl. She's not letting the loss of her parents and having to start over stop her. But honey I don't think she wants people to feel sorry for her. I mean think about it Bells would you want people to feel sorry for you if it was you?" he asked me.

"No I would want to be treated like nothing really happened. Maybe I could invite her over for dinner and we can do homework together," I said.

Charlie gave one of his crinkle eyed smiles and said, "That sounds like a good idea Bells. But don't push her into doing something she doesn't want to. Okay?"

We ate dinner in silence and once Charlie put his dish in the sink he said, "I think I am going to turn in for the night see you tomorrow Bells, good night."

"Good night dad," I told him as I finished washing the dish in my hand. Once I was done I headed up to my room. I grabbed my bag of toiletries and went to take my shower. Once I was finished and dressed for bed I headed back to my room. As soon as I opened my door I saw Edward stretched out on my bed waiting for me. When he saw me he gave me that crooked smile I loved so much.

Then he asked me, "So how was shopping?"

"It was interesting. Alice had us trying on everything in sight. And her and Rose both went overboard with Jasmine. I mean she had a point. They spent way too much money and they hardly know her," I told him with a sigh. Then I added, "So what did they tell you?"

"They told all of us her story. But Rose thinks that there might be more to it then what she told you guys," he said pulling me closer into his chest.

"Does Rose think she was lying to us?" I asked concerned.

"No she just thinks that she didn't tell you guys everything. That maybe it is too hard for her to talk to strangers about everything. She also asked me to let the fact that I can't read her thoughts go and just let her be," he said with a sigh.

"I agree with Rose on the last part. Well actually on the whole thing," I told him around a yawn.

"Sleep Love we can talk about this tomorrow," he told me as he gently kissed the top of my head.

Alice POV

I looked at Emmet and Jasper and I can't believe that they are going to spy on Jasmine in the middle of the night. "Guys come on give her some privacy. She is sleeping by now," I tell them.

"Oh come on Alice you know she won't see us. And we are the only two that haven't got to see her. I only want to see what she looks like and then I will be right back," Emmet said.

"Hey I am only going to make sure he doesn't doing anything stupid," Jasper said.

"You're both are only going because you want to know what she looks like," Rose said walking into the living room.

"Rose baby that's not it at all. You like her. I want to see what won you over because whatever it was has to be big. Bella is the nicest human I know and you still don't like her. But this new girl is okay in your book?" Em said with a shake of his head.

"Fine you want to see the new girl let's go see her. But you are only going to look through her window and then you're done," Rose hissed at him.

"That's fine with me. That's all I was going to do anyways," he replied with a roll of his eyes.

"This is a bad idea. This is a very bad idea you guys," I kept saying on the run over to Jasmine's apartment. But no one was listening to me. When we got to her apartment we went around to the back where her bedroom was.

All of us stopped right where we were. Her bed was up against the wall that held the window. And with the moon light shining through and landing right on her we were able to see every scar that was on her body. Including the ones that were on her face.

"That's her?" Jazz asked in a hushed tone.

Rose and I just looked at each other and nodded neither one of us trusting our voices right now.

Jazz looked at us then back to her and said, "Those are not just from a car crash. I don't care how bad the crash was. There is more to her story then what she told you guys. And who knows if she will ever be able to tell it. But those scars are from someone who has had to fight to survive." He then looked at me and said, "I think you were right about two things 1) we are a lot alike with our scars and 2) this was a bad idea to come here."

"Who could do something like this?" Emmet asked to no one in particular.

"There are a lot of sick people in this world Emmet and I think she just got the brunt end of it," Rose whispered.

We just watched her sleep for a while trying to figure out how she really got those scars. We were getting ready to leave when she started talking.

"What do you mean my life is in danger?"

"Is she talking to us or in her sleep?" Emmet asked.

"Mom what do you mean I'm different. That I'm special. This doesn't make since."

"She's talking in her sleep, but whatever she's dreaming about is upsetting to her," Jasper said hoarsely.

"Mom what do you mean I have to do this on my own. That you and dad won't be here to help me. I don't know what I need to do? How can I do this on my own?"

"Guys we better go now she is going to wake up soon from this and we don't want her to see us," I told them.

After that we all ran straight back to the house. We didn't say one word to Carlisle and Esme about where we went. But I couldn't stop thinking about what she had said. There was something about her that was telling me she needed our help. But what help could we give to a human?