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Back in Forks

Embry POV

"What do you mean that Victoria will get what she wants?" Edward asked looking at Carlisle.

Carlisle didn't answer, he just kept looking at the notebook that Seth had tossed at their feet. It wasn't until he turned the page that he said anything. "This is very interesting. She knew that this was going to happen but yet she didn't try to stop it form happenning."

Seth shook his head and said, "Carlisle it's not that she didn't want to stop this from happenning. It's that she knows what the final out come will be. Its like being able to look at several different ways of something happenning and then going with the one that works out the best. Oh...its like that Nicholas Cage movie where he knew the out come before it happened because he tried it first and then changed it."

"Are you talking about the movie Next?" Edward asked anoyed by all of this.

"Yes...thats it! Jasmine has seen several different out comes of what is going to happen. If she would've stopped everything from happenning then things would end in a way she didn't want..."

Seth was cut off by Tanya saying,"So what you're saying is she is only going for the best outcome for herself."

"If that was the case then she never would have let Dumbass here do what he did to Bella," Jacob said pointing to Edward.

"Then what is she doing?" Carmen asked.

Sam shook his had and then said, "She wants the future with the best outcome for everyone. The only thing that she knows is that she doesn't want the outcome that shows her being a complete monster. And I think in that future all of us are dead. So none of us want that out come either."

"That is only part of the out come and not all of you would be dead. But the world you would live in then would be no better then what the Southern Wars were like. Only ten times worse and she would be the one in charge of everything going on..." A voice said coming from the tree line.

Everyone turned to look in the direction the voice was coming from. But we couldn't see anyone. "Okay are vampires now able to hide themselves from being seen?" Quil asked.

"That would be interesting to see Quil but none of them have the ability to do so. But witches on the other hand do. Jasmine will be able to do this once she is fully recovered form this last set back. Her powers will be stronger then they were before," the voice said a little closer then the last time we heard it. Almost as an after thought the voice said, "She wont be to happy with that."

"And why is that?" the one named Eleazar asked.

"She was already very powerful before this last thing happened. But gaining a new power and then also having every gift increas in strenght tenfold," the voice stopped. But when we heard it again it was coming from right next to Carlisle, "She has gotten quite good at this little spell."

I thought that vampires weren't supposed get surprised but now we knew that, that isn't true. Because as soon as the first word was said Carlisle dropped the notebook and was on the same side as the pack. He was looking at the spot where he was origanaly standing. When I turned to look back their was a small womean stand there.

"I'm sorry Carlisle I didn't mean to spook you like that," she said with a small smile playing on her lips. Which made me think that she knew exactly what she was doing and that she got the reaction that she had wanted.

"Nyx you knew exactly what you were doing. But pleas explain what your involvement in all of this is?" Carlisle said looking right at the women.

She gave a small laugh and then said, "Is that any way to talk to some who has help you in the past?"

"Okay I am so confused right now. If you are not a vampire then how do you know Carlisle? And how were able to snick up on all of us?" Esme asked walking over to Carlisle.

"In answer to you question I know Carlisle becasue I was there when he was turned. I hleped to show him a different way to live this life. I am not a vampire but vampires come from me," she said.

"Okay that makes no since at all. Your not a vampire but vampires come from you?" Leah said.

"What are schools now-a-days teaching you. Do they not go over the Greek Gods at all?" Nyx says as she goes to pick up the discarded notebook.

"What does that have to do with anything that is going on right now?" Charlie askes.

"If you know what has happened in the past then you can make sure it doesn't happen in the future. Knowing as much as you can is a very powerful tool for anyone to have. And those who can see the future have a responibility to make sure that things happen in order to keep evil from winning. No matter how subjective what they might see is," she said but as she stopped talking she is looking at Alice.

We all turn to look at Alice but when we do she is looking off into space. When she comes too she looks back at Nyx and askes, "Is that what is going to happen?"

"No child that future has already been diverted. But that is one of the ones that Jasmine was shown. You can see now why she would try so hard to stop what she has seen. And that isn't even the worst one."

"What did you see Alice?" Edward asked.

"Wait you didn't see it as she did?" Esme asked.

"No he didn't. He doesn't need to know the extent of that vision. But Alice now you know some of the things that Jasmine has had to face. And understand why she made the choices that she has," Nyx said.

"I know, and I can understand some of them now. But I still can't believe that she just let all of us walk away. I don't understand how that could work out for the better?" Alice said.

"Because it might not of have been what was best for her, but it was what was best for Bella. For Jasmine right now Bella will come first."

"And what does that mean?" Charlie asked confused.

"Jasmine may have all of this power, but it means nothing if Bella is not safe. You see they were born on the same day at the same time. Another witch cast a powerful spell on the day that they were born. The spell binded Jasmine and Bella together. Everything that happens to Bella will happen to Jasmine."

"Yeah we saw that happen first hand. That is one messed up spell. I don't know how Jasmine has been able to deal with it," I said rubbing the back of my neck.

"You let Bella slice her arm open twice?" Edward yelled in outrage.

Same POV

When Embry mentioned seeing the conection between Bella and Jasmine I couldn't hlep but think of seeing Bella take the razer blade to her wrist on the beach. And then the knife to her forearm in Billy's livingroom. I know that I should have been blocking my thoughts so that Dushward couldn't see anything. But then why should I spare him. He was the reason why Bella even thought about trying to end her life in that way.

He didn't seem to have wasted any time in moving on from Bella once he left Forks. It made me even wonder if he ever really care about her.

"That is none of your concern Sam," he hissed at me.

"It is when it comes to this fight Edward," I growled back at him.

"You want to lecture me on this when you have done the same thing?" Edward questioned back.

And that's when I knew that Tanya was his mate. But if he was comparing me to him he was wrong. I couldn't say anything but only stair at him.

Alice was the one to say something in my defence, without really knowing what our conversation was, "Whatever you are trying to pull Edward I know you are wrong. You knew that Tanya was you mate when you started dating Bella. You kept that little pice of information to yourself and let us all believe that Bella was your mate. I dought that Sam did that to anyone."

"You knew that Tanya was your mate and you still dated Bella?" Esme asked aghst.

Edward didn't say anything. He just glared at Alice. Tanya was the one to answer, "Yes he knew.

"Edward how could you do that to Bella. Why did you lie to all of us?" Esme asked. It looked like she was going to cry but the tears never fell.

Present time Polo

Jasper POV

The sight we were meet with was Jasmine with her hand around a vampires neck. I started to move forward but I felt Bella's hand tighten on my arm. I just looked at her. She shook her head and then turned her gaze back to Jasmine.

"What is your buisness here? And don't lie to me," Jasmine asked. Her voice was cold as ice.

"My lady I was sent to look for a human," the captured vampire said averting his eyes from Jasmine. As soon as his eyes locked on Bella and myself he added, "That human."

"Who sent you to look for her?" was the next question out of her mouth.

"I don't know her name my lady. Just that she is looking for that human girl and her firends," he said.

"No one here is to be harmed by your hand. If they are then it is your life. Do you understand me?"

"Yes my lady."

"Good now I am going to let you go. You will sit and not say a word until I tell you too," Jasmine told him. As soon as she said that, she let go of his neck and took a step away. Once he was released he did what he was told. I just looked on in shock. What the FUCK just happened?

"Jasmine are you okay?" Bella asked from my side.

Jasmine didn't say anything she just started pacing back and forth in front of the new vampire. I turned my head slightly so that I could look at Bella but also keep an eye on Jasmine and then asked, "Bella what is going on?"

She only looked at me and said, "I don't know. Her thoughts are moving to fast for me to keep up with. And they are going in and out of other languages. So even if they were making since I wouldn't be able to tell you anything." She took a deep breath and then asked, "Can you get a good read on her emotions?"

"No their all over the place too. But here is another question for you. Where is Paul at? He was out here with her when we went into the house. So where is he now?"

But before Bella could say anything I heard the others coming back. As soon as they came into sight I was able to see that Paul was with them and in wolf form. I wanted to go over to him and rip him a new one for leaving Jasmine a lone but then I say that Emmett and Rose were walking in front of him. Emmett caught my eye and just shook his head.

I looked back at Jasmine and she was just looking at Paul. No one said anyhting. I couldn't take the silence any longer so I asked, "Jasmine are you okay?"

She turns to look at me then at Bella and then all hell breaks loose. "Do I look like I am Fucking alright Uncle?"

Before I could give a response she was yelling again. "I just fucking confessed someone. And do you know why the hell he got confessed?" She pointed to the new vampire.

All I could do was shake my head "No." She then went on to say, "Because my dear uncle...you couldn't keep it in your pants. Did you both forget the little fact that I feel everything that Bella feels."

I just looked at Bella and then back to Jasmine. It wasn't until Bella started laughing that the silence was broken. We all just turned to look at her like she had lost her mind. Which maybe she had reached her breaking point. Once she was able to stop laughing. She said, "Well that's nice to know. And I think everything that Ang and Ben have or could have thought of doesn't have to happen this time. I think THIS serves as the perfect retalleation for you."

"This so isn't funny B. Do you know how wrong this is. I mean really I do not need to know everytime you and my uncle FUCK. I am happy for you. I really am. But..."

Bella cut her off by saying, "Just look at it this way. It was our way of inadvertently jump starting your ass. Had I have known something like that would have gotten your ass up. We most likely would have done it a hell of a lot sooner."

"Oh no. It wouldn't have worked. THIS has the Godesses' writen all over it. And Bella can you please tell me what the Fuck Paul is doing here?" Jasmine yelled the last part at Bella.

"Paul is here because you needed him. I am done with just sitting on the side lines not doing anything. So I made the call. You know I did the right thing. You are just going to have to deal with the fact that Paul is here. You have to talk to him. You can't keep pushing him away. Pushing him away is slowly killing you. I know why you're doing it. But we both know that inorder for this to work you have to give on somethings. And this is one of them," Bella yelled right back.

Jasmine looked at her and started shaking her head before saying, "No, no! You don't get to make that call. Bella yes I understand what you're saying. And I know what my actions are doing. But did you really stop to think about what bringing Paul here now would do to me. I just fucking confessed someone for no reason. I have no control over this new power. You really thought it would be a good idea for him to be here?

"I was already worried about accidentatly confessing one you guys; now I have to worry about HIM. And IF I confess him what happens to the rest of the pack when he's phased. Because I sure in hell don't know. So now PLEASE tell me how you and everyone else here thought that this was a FUCKING good idea?"

No one said anything. And honestly I didn't know what to say. I was still back on the part that my neice was yelling at me for not being able to keep it in my pants. Because there was no way in hell that she was telling me that she woke up because I just had sex with Bella.

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