The pretty girl with long red hair entered the attic of her cosy home and looked around for some of her childhood toys that the younger members of the family might enjoy as they were staying at her home in Potter Manor for Christmas. As she rummaged through an old chest, she noticed a dusty envelope on the floor if the chest. She picked it up with her gentle hands. The front of the envelope read: To Ginny. Slowly, she unfolded it and read through the letter that had been written so many years before. Unshed tears stung her eyes as she thought about how many people had perished during that war; and how it had directly affected her family when Fred Weasley had died. As she heard someone calling her name, she quickly wiped her eyes so nobody would guess that she had been on the verge of tears a few moments before. She put the letter back into the envelope and placed it at the bottom of the chest once again. Mum will find it eventually twelve year old Lily Luna thought to herself as she ran downstairs to play with her cousins.

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