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Bella Swan gets a place at her dream school, but the circumstances are less than pleasing. She knows she won't be accepted. But what happens when she's paired with the Principal's son, Edward Cullen, and he hates her? Will her feelings of hatred stay? Or will the feelings of love take over? What can she do when the boy she loves, doesnt love her back?

This is a Bella/Edward story. Characters are All Human and definetely Out Of Character.

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I looked up at the massive academy and took a deep breath. My hands were shaking and my heart was travelling 100 miles a minute. I couldn't do it, I should turn around and go home again. I shouldn't even be looking at it.

I didn't belong at NADA; it was an academy for pumped up rich kids that had their parents to squeeze money out of. I, on the other hand belonged at my old school, good old Yates High.

I'd always wanted to act, and it was my dream to attend an amazing school like the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. But I soon got used to the idea that it would never happen, and if it did it would be for the wrong reasons.

I didn't feel that my mum boasting to the Chairman - when he was in hospital after a mild heart attack - about how excellent and brilliant I was at acting stood as a good or rational excuse. Her boasting got me an audition and now I'd been accepted.

The fees had been completely cut because of my mum's care with Mr Nelson and I knew it wouldn't go down well with every other student here.

I shook my head, I didn't need to have friends here. I would go in, do my work and then go home.

I flung my ten dollar bag over my shoulder and opened the heavy wooden doors. As I followed the signs to the Principal's office I noticed that all heads turned towards me.

I ignored it as they took in my appearance with speculative and judging eyes.

I tried to look nice for today. I'd let my hair dry by itself and so the gentle brown curls flowed just past my shoulders. I didn't wear make-up, though I couldn't help wishing I had when I caught sight of my face in a glass window. My brown eyes were red and my face pale white after getting no sleep last night because of worrying. I'd tried to dress nice too, I'd picked out the best clothes I owned. I wore a red and black checked shirt dress and black shoes.

I looked around myself as I stumbled through the corridors. Pictures hung all over the walls of the great sized school. I read some inscriptions in passing, I noticed they were all past pupils who were known worldwide.

Lockers filled the corridors too, but they weren't like my old school. These lockers weren't covered in graffiti and they didn't have flyers stuck around the edges. They were sliver lockers that looked like they had been cleaned every five minutes since the school opened. In fact the whole academy looked exceptionally clean and sophisticated. It was very posh and so were its students. As I passed they took one look at me and then they stuck their noses in the air.

As it was the middle of the semester and I was the only new girl, they knew exactly who I was.

"That's the new girl…" someone whispered as I passed.

"She's the girl who got in for free…"

"That's the charity case…"

I blocked out the voices and wrapped on the Principal's door. A tall man opened it and smiled at me.

"Hello." He said politely, opening the door wider and inviting me in.

"Hi…" I replied as I walked in and took a seat across from his desk.

He took his seat opposite me, "I'm Mr. Cullen…" he said giving me his hand.

I smiled as I shook it, "Nice to meet you… I'm Bella Swan…"

"Oh, I know who you are, Bella…" he smiled placing his hands on a pile of papers.

I watched as he started to flick through them and I took him in. He had blonde hair, styled so that it didn't construct his view by falling down his face. He was pale, with deep green eyes and very red lips. I bit my lip as I stared at him, "It's a really nice school you've got here…" I said kindly.

"Why, thank-you…" he replied.

I couldn't help noticing the difference in our language. I spoke like a common New Yorker… While this man and I'm sure the students too, spoke as if they had elocution lessons as a child.

"Here we are…" he said in an unnecessary cheerful tone, "This is your timetable and locker number… This is a set of rules… Take a look at them tonight, if any rules are broken we have a no tolerance system… You will be expelled…" he said as I put the papers neatly in my bag.

"Yes sir… Thank-you…" I said as he stood up, I followed suit and lifted my bag.

"I'll show you to your class…" he said kindly.

He walked out the door and I noticed as the students parted like the Red Sea for him, they smiled at him and frowned at me.

I walked behind him, trying to keep up with his long legs. We arrived at two double doors and he stopped and turned.

"Here you are…" he smiled. "This is the Drama room on your timetable, I'm sure you'll meet someone who can show you around for the rest of the day…" he said as he began to walk back down the long corridor.

I doubted it. I shrugged, took a deep breath and opened the door. The Auditorium was massive. There was a stage just right of the door and to the left were at least 300 seats. They went up the aisle like cinema seats, each one had a desk and light attached to it. Just left of the door before the seats, there was a table. A man who looked to be in his early thirties sat at it, his hair was black and curly, and he wore small glasses. He looked at me and smiled.

"Hi, you must be Bella?" he said.

"Um, yes…" I nodded, not making eye contact. I couldn't take my eyes off the sea of students staring at me with disgusted eyes. Nearly every seat was filled, each one with a boy or girl who were judging me before getting to know me.

I felt self conscious and nervous. I felt my teeth bite down on my lower lip as I took them in.

"Well, I'm Mr. Smith. Please take a seat… You haven't missed much… All we have been doing is workshops on getting to know each other better, we start the real work today…" he said.

I nodded and scanned the place for a seat. I spotted one at the very top, I started walking towards it. If I sat there no-one could stare at me.

As I made my way toward the seat I tried to ignore the snickers and giggles from the other students. I sat down and stared straight ahead.

"Okay…" the man said, I watched as he walked onto the stage and took in his students, "Today is when you find out about the rest of your two years here. Up until now we have been participating in workshops, getting to know each other better. We have a new student here beginning today. Her name is Bella and she's transferred from Yates High." He said, ignoring the laughs as he said the name of my old school. "Now, during the rest of this year your work and time will be split into three sections…

"One: Your theory work. You will have a file, filled with notes, you learn the notes, you do the test, and you pass. It's as simple as that.

"Two: Your individual performance, each of you will be given a two page extract from a play chosen by me. You will learn your lines, work on your performance and an external moderator will come in to witness and mark it.

"Third: This is the most important one. You will be partnered up with a person of my choosing. You will choose a play or book from a hat and you will choose an extract based on what you could both do the best. You will work on it with your partner in the audition rooms, after an intense few months you will then perform it. Not just in front of the moderator and me, but in front of the rest of your classmates.

"Now I have made a list of partner's, there will be no swapping, no complaining. Got it?" he said walking back to his desk and lifting a file block.

"Right. Marie Down and Richard York, Grace Kelly and Damen Picot, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen…" he continued down the list but I blocked him out, my eyes were searching for my partner and he wasn't hard to find.

I looked a few rows down and spotted the boy who I was supposed to act with for the next few months. He was surrounded by the most popular and gorgeous girls in the school and I knew in that moment that he was 'the ruler'.

He wore a blue checked shirt and jeans and his bronze hair was incredibly messy on his head. He looked at one of his friends that sat on either side of him, "Great, I get the charity case…" he mumbled under his breath.

His friend laughed, "Look, you're the principal's son… You can get changed… You don't have to stick with that for the next year…"

Edward nodded and looked back at the teacher.

So he was the Principal's son? Well he wasn't as nice as his father. My guess was that the power had gone to his head as soon as he came here at the beginning of the year. And how dare he criticise me for getting into the school without fees, when he gets everything he wants just because he's related to authority! I felt the anger building up inside me, my shyness slipped away as I stared at the back of his head.

"Now…" the teacher said as he finished the names. "Like I said, NO go backs, you get one partner and that's final. Now the bell is just about to ring so I'll see you back here in fifteen minutes…" he said as he packed his bags.

Everyone began talking and suddenly Edward jumped out of his seat and down the steps, two at a time, to get to Mr. Smith before he left.

I watched as the teacher and Edward had their discussion. Edward still had his back to me, so I still hadn't seen his cocky face yet. I hoped that Mr. Smith said no, because then he'd be stuck with me. I watched with amusement as Mr. Smith frowned and shook his head. He was getting angry, and he said a final word.

Edward shrugged and began turning around.

I felt my breathing stop and my brows raise as I took him in. In truth he didn't need to be the principal's son to get what he wanted. His looks would get him anything. His bronze hair was messy and tousled, his eyes a deep green colour, deeper than his father's, deeper than anyone's. His lips were shaped into a frown but they were still smooth, gorgeous, sensual and surprisingly sweet. He didn't look like an asshole, if I'd passed him in the street I'd say he was kind and considerate. His long, muscled arms were moving with authority as he walked up the steps, back to his seat. His body was perfect, the shirt sat perfectly and his jeans weren't halfway down his bum like at my old school.

As he reached his seat he frowned and shook his head at his friends. I felt the sudden need to laugh so I pressed my lips together to stop myself.

Suddenly he looked up at me, his eyes narrowed and he had the same look of disgust in his eyes that all the other students did, except now he really hated me.

He turned his head away from me as he sat down and he began talking and complaining to his friends.

"Hi…" I heard a girl's voice. I didn't respond, she obviously wasn't talking to me…

"Um… You're new here right?" she said, closer to me now.

I turned to look at her in shock. She was a small girl, she had tiny clean features, her hair was short and black and her eyes blue. Her face was friendly, bright and open.

She smiled at me and held out her hand, "I'm Alice…" she said.

I shook her hand, blinking rapidly, "Hi, I'm Bella… I'm sorry I didn't think you were speaking to me…" I apologised for my earlier ignorance.

She laughed, "Don't worry about it. I can see where you're coming from, it must be hard…" she said looking around the wide room, "You looked so scared when you walked in…" she gazed back at me.

"I was," I answered truthfully, "I'm not accepted…"

"I accept you…" she said solemnly.

I smiled, "Thank-you… It's nice to meet someone so… Kind…" I said, my eyes travelling to Edward.

She followed my gaze and sighed, "Yeh, you're really unlucky…" she said.

"Why? Is he bad?" I asked her.

She shook her head, "No, he's an amazing actor. Everyone here would think you're lucky to have him as a partner. But for you, it's unlucky. He prefers the posh girls, the willing girls… If you know what I mean… And he doesn't like new comers, people who don't like him or charity cases…"

I felt a stab of pain at her words and I frowned, "Oh God no!" she said, her hands flying in the air, "I didn't mean it like that! I don't mind that you got in for free… I believe if you have talent you should be allowed to show it the best you can… No matter how much money you do or don't have…" she smiled, and I calmed down.

"Thanks…" I sighed, "So, you think he'll be rough on me?" I asked, looking at her from the corner of my eye.

She glanced at me and nodded.

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