That little pink plus sign was so mocking!

Why did this have to happen to me? I had my life planned out, next year I was going off to Yale studying journalism. I've wanted to go to Yale since I was a little girl and the best part about it is that I received a full scholarship to attend.

How could I have been so stupid! I mean we only ever had unprotected sex that once. I'm not a slut or anything; I don't go and sleep with random guys. The only guy I've ever been with is my boyfriend Jasper Whitlock. We've been together since we were sixteen. I meet him when he transferred to our small school in Forks from Texas. On his first day he bumped into me, causing me to drop all of my things, as I bent down to pick everything up he said in his southern accent "Here let me help you with that darlin'." From that day on we've been basically together.

I can't believe I got myself into this mess if I had just ignored that southern charm and kept focus on my studies I wouldn't be here. Don't get me wrong I love Jasper but I wanted so much more out of life then getting knocked up at 18 and being stuck in a small town for the rest of my life, I had bigger plans than that. Jasper knew of my plans to go to Yale, he supported me. He said that we could just do a long distance relationship. He was planning on going to the University of Washington and studying History.

What do I do? Do I call Jasper? No! I need to go to the doctor maybe it's just a faulty test, yeah that's it, the test is wrong. Once I get the doctor to confirm that I'm not pregnant my life can go on as normal.

I frantically search my room for my cell phone to call the doctors; suddenly I hear my phone go off, without looking at the caller id I pick up.


"Hey Darlin', are you doing anything for the rest of the day?" damn it why did Jasper have to call me right now. I just needed space to sort through what could possibly be happening.

"Um, I was thinking I might get a start on that English assignment" I didn't really need to start it, but I needed to be by myself right now.

"But Bella, it isn't due for two weeks and we both know that you have no problems with your English assignment. How about we can go down to La Push and enjoy the beach?" Why does this boy have to know me so well?

"I think I'll pass I'm not feeling too well today. I don't want to risk you getting it. I'll ring you tomorrow and we'll plan something. I've got to go. I love you. Bye" I hung up straight after that, not allowing him to reply. I love Jasper but I just need to think about this by myself. I could be completely wrong and the test wasn't correct.

While I had my phone I quickly rang the doctors and made an appointment for later that day.

Luckily when I arrived at the doctors it was basically empty. Doctor Bell called me straight away, taking me to an exam room.

"So Isabella, what can we do for you today?" Doctor Bell asked me while reading through my file.

"Um...I think I might be pregnant. I took a home test and it came up positive, but I wanted to be sure."

"Alright, let's see if we have a baby on the way then. I'll just get you to go and fill this cup up for me and then we'll take some blood tests." Doctor Bell handed me the cup I needed to pee in.

Once I had completed my business she got me set up to take my blood. I've never been good with blood but I didn't faint this time, thank god.

While we were waiting for the test results she did routinely tests like my blood pressure and heart rate. Just as she finished a nurse brought in the folder with my results inside, or should I say my future.

"Well, congratulations are in order it looks like your about 5 weeks pregnant" Doctor Bell informed me. Hearing that news sent me over the edge, I started sobbing my heart out. My life was over I would never get out of this town; I would be stuck here forever.

"Isabella, Isabella, honey look at me this isn't the end of the world you have options if you want them. Here take these pamphlets, really think about your decision. If you decide to keep the baby come and see me in a few weeks and we'll have an ultrasound done ok?"

I took the pamphlets and just walked out I couldn't deal with this. My education was so important to me. I worked so hard to get my scholarship to Yale and now it's gone down the drain all because of one mistake. I have to tell Jasper, oh god what is he going to say. I need to ring him as soon as I get home.

This is my first Fan Fic...I'm not normally a writer but people have encouraged me to have a go because I read so much. Send any reviews telling me what you all think. Sorry if some of the information about pregnancy and america schooling a wrong. I've never been pregnant and I live in Australia our schooling is different.