They wasted no time going back, Ludwig driving almost as bad as Feliciano in his effort to get them back home. Gilbert and Roderich stayed quiet the whole ride home, glancing at each other worriedly from time to time.

Three days later, they finally made it home.

Ludwig agreed to stop by the house long enough to shower quickly and change clothes, though Gilbert could tell his brother loathed to do it (understandably- - -he knew he'd be in the same position if it were Roderich they were talking about, though he loathed to think of such things when they just got together again). As he switched shirts quickly, he could hear his brother pacing the floor below him, muttering frantically in German as he waited for his older brother.

Stepping out of his room, he nearly falls over Roderich, who is about to knock on his door it seems. They freeze, staring at each other, before Roderich clears his throat and gestures to the lower level. Gilbert can still hear Ludwig's muttering and pacing.

"We should leave soon." Roderich finally gets out into the strained silence.

"We should." Gilbert agrees, but neither make a move to leave, just staring at each other once again. Roderich opens his mouth to speak again, but Ludwig beats him to it.

"Bruder, are you done yet?"

"Ja." Gilbert calls down. "Me and Roderich, we're coming."

"Hurry, please." As Gilbert moves down the hall, Roderich grabs his arm.

"We still have to talk." He reminds Gilbert. Gilbert sends him a strained, tense smile in return.

"Later." Gilbert says. "When we have more time, and are not so stressed out or worried."

They rushed to the hospital, meeting Elizabeta in the waiting room. She gave Gilbert and Roderich a small smile before turning to Ludwig, motioning to the hallway.

"He's in room 211, Ludwig." She said. Ludwig nodded once and went down the hall purposefully, Gilbert, Roderich, and Elizabeta following after him. When they came up to the door, Ludwig froze for a second, almost as if he was steeling himself for the worst, before pushing open the door.

"Veee~~~, who is it?" Came from the room as the door opened. Feliciano was sitting in the hospital bed, face turned to the window.

The small Italian had clearly seen better days. He had a bandage wrapped three or four times around his head, and his right arm seemed to be in a cast. Under the blanket, his legs were crossed as he sat (Indian style, criss-cross applesauce, went through Gilbert's mind), and the elder German brother had no doubt they were bandaged as well, probably more so than his arms would be. He had minor cuts on his neck, and Gilbert was sure that if (when) he turned to face them, there would be cuts on his face as well.

For a moment, nobody said anything.

"For the last time, fratello," Feliciano sighed softly, "it's ok- - -"

"You are injured." Ludwig cut him off hoarsely, making Feliciano freeze and turn to face them. "That hardly counts as 'ok', Feliciano."

"Ludwig!" He gasped excitedly, face breaking out in his characteristic smile. It looked almost painful to see him attempt his usually bubbly and painless expression on his face- - -as Gilbert thought, there were multiple cuts on his face, a few of the covered in bandages. Beside him, he felt Ludwig wince slightly.

"Feli, what happened?" Feliciano tilted his head, thinking.

"Vee, well, I was driving really, reeeeeally carefully, like you told me to, and when I was driving someone hit me."

"Do you know who did this?" Ludwig asked firmly. Feliciano shrugged helplessly. With a sigh, Ludwig rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"What color was the car, Feliciano?" Feliciano seemed to think seriously for a few seconds.

"Veeee, Ludwig?" The younger German brother made a noise of acknowledgement. "I really want some pasta!" Ludwig sighed, rubbing his forehead.

"I'll get you some pasta when the hospital releases you." He said tiredly, closing his eyes as if he had a headache. Feliciano cheered happily, then winced as it aggravated his arm a bit.

Gilbert knew he didn't imagine the small, relieved-filled smile on his younger brother's face as the Italian began his pasta rant.

Roderich sat on the sofa. Across from him sat Gilbert (who completely ignored Roderich's lecture on how sitting on the coffee table was completely inappropriate). For a few seconds, they merely stared at each other, examining the other thoroughly.

"Where do we go from here?" Roderich asked softly. For a few more seconds, nothing was said, and silence reigned again.

Then Gilbert pulled Roderich forward, wrapping his arms around his waist. Slightly startled, but mostly relieved and excited, Roderich wrapped his arms around Gilbert as well, closing his eyes tightly.

"Let's start over." Gilbert muttered under his breath. Before Roderich could ask, Gilbert pulled away slightly and, tangling his hand in Roderich's hair, forced him to tilt his head back so that Gilbert could kiss him properly.

Neither noticed the flash of light from the window.

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