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Chapter numero uno (BPOV)

Whoops, I'm sorry, I didn't'see you.

Oh my goodness! I didn't even see you there! I'm really sorry!

How long have you been standing there? I didn't even see you walk up!

Woah there, I didn't mean to sit on you, sorry.

It always came out like that, somehow. The person was 'sorry' and would say something about not even seeing me. But I had always been there.

I was used to people running in to me, sitting on me, skipping me when they passed out something, I was used to it all. It was like I had Harry Potter's invisibility cloak around me at all times.

I didn't speak much. I walked quietly. I kept to myself. So maybe that's why no one ever noticed me, or so I told myself. But I knew in the back of my mind they didn't notice me because they just didn't care.

Isn't that a little worrisome? No one caring?

Being quiet and attentive as I was, I heard things. Gossip, secrets, and all the stuff in between. I heard Lauren Mallory tell Jessica she slept with a married man. I heard Angela tell another girl she had a crush on Ben Cheney.

But sometimes, I heard things I'd rather not. Sometimes I heard things about me.

I heard she can't even speak.

I heard she's a witch. That's how no one notices her when they walk into a room.

I bet she's a freak in the sack.

And that one was my personal favorite. All of them were lies, but the latter just made me giggle. I'd never even kissed boy, let alone had sex with one.

But there was one person who I never heard the end of.

Edward Cullen.

Edward was not popular by any means. He was just the resident mysterious boy. But he was gorgeous. Drop dead, gorgeous. Word on the street is, girls like that more than the yuppies they used to date. Which makes Edward the most envied guy around here, so naturally, also the most gossiped about.

Edward showed up about six months ago from b-f-n (bum fuck nowhere), Alaska. No, that really wasn't the town's name, but I can't remember the actual name right now. His sister was immediately invited into the in-crowd, with the Hale twins and Emmett McCarty. Edward just kind of stayed to himself. Sitting with them at lunch, but not socializing with them.

Everyone skipped over him at the beginning, shrugging their shoulders at the new kid. That is until the rumors started flying around. And no one really knows how they got started.

I was sitting in English on a Monday morning, just waiting for the bell to ring. When I heard the first rumor.

"…he got into a bar fight! Jessica saw him!" I just had to roll my eyes at the stupidity of my generation. Was there no hope? I shook my head looking over at the window and saw Edward Cullen walking to class.

He looked awful. He had a huge black eye and looked as if he was limping. I looked back at the dumb girl wondering if there was just a little bit of truth in her words.

But a part of me suspected Edward wasn't into drinking. A part of me suspected we had it all wrong. Though that could just be me not jumping to conclusions. It seems I was the only one around here that knew how to keep my nose out of other people's business.

But that was about a month ago and since then the rumor mill had been busy spurring out new headlines. It had ranged from Edward being a drug cartel (though he was not Hispanic) to Edward being on the run from homeland security.

The rumors did not shock me, it was the fact that people were so ignorant they believed anything anyone told them. It was unnerving. I just wanted to yell at them for judging him. I wanted to scream it in their face they were wrong. That they knew nothing about him. I wanted to stand up for Edward Cullen.

And that made just a little nervous. I usually ignored the other rumors about people, so why didn't I do that now? I had a sense it was because all the other rumors were true. Lauren Mallory was a slut and Angela made goo goo eyes at Ben all the time.

But what if the rumors were true? What if I was the one jumping to the conclusion that Edward was a good person?

I valued truth. I appreciated truth. Because when everything got confusing, when no one knew what to do, or who to believe they looked for truth in the matter. It seems people these days look for whatever makes it interesting instead of what's right.

I wore a ring on my left hand, ring finger. I was not married nor engaged but the ring had some symbolism to it. The ring said triple dare. It was given to me by mother before she got sick. She told me to live my life like it was a triple dare. And so far, I had been failing.

I wasn't quiet before my mom got sick. I wasn't nervous before my mom got sick. I was normal. I yearned for the past and pushed away the future. I just wanted to go back to the times before I secluded myself.

Once I even tried to be outgoing. It was around ninth grade about a year after my mom died and I kept telling myself it was time to move on and grow up. My mom would have wanted me to be happy.

Anyways, it was at lunch when I saw a group of girls laughing and having a good time. I had this deep urge to go have fun with them, so before I knew it I found myself walking towards their table. Adrenaline guiding my feet forward, even though my mind screamed to retreat.

When I finally reached their table, they all looked up. I stood their for a moment before I said, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

They all looked at each other reading each other's eyes it seemed. They looked back at me without a word spoken between them. Without permission I sat down at there table. And not ten seconds after I sat down, they all stood up and just left.

So yeah, that didn't go over so well. And since then I've kept to myself. Much like Edward Cullen seems to do.

Have you ever just wanted to be someone's friend to find out their story? Just because you thought they were interesting? I wanted to be Edward Cullen's friend just to see what it was that made him tick. And I felt horrible about it.

I was walking to fourth period, which was Trig, a class I breezed through, when I ran into someone.

And that was a first.

Since the beginning of time, or so it felt like it, people had ran into me. But here was me, running into someone. I immediately said sorry looking up at the person.

And the God of Fate has a sense of humor.

Edward Cullen looked down at me with something in his eyes I couldn't recognize. Anger? Curiosity? Pity? Amusement? I didn't know.

"It's quite alright," Edward said.

I stood there for a moment, dazzled. His voice was kind and soft. There was no hard edge to it. But what got me most was that when he was done speaking, he smiled a small smile and walked off.

And it was glorious.

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