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Bella's POV:

It's been two years since little EJ was born and everything had fallen into place. We had a chance to live a happy normal life, well relatively normal anyway.

We had grown stronger and happier together as a family should, nothing could stand in our way now. Our family had proven that against all odds that if you stick together, love and cherish one another than you can beat anything and that thought alone bought a smile to my face.

Just as I was pulling out of my thoughts, I felt strong arms wrap around my waist before his gentle lips met the skin of my earlobe as he whispered soft words in my ear, "Are you all right love? You seem quiet."

A short sigh left my lips before I quietly replied, "I'm okay Edward just lost in my thoughts."

"That seems to be happening a lot lately Mrs. Cullen," Edward whispered teasingly in my ear, trailing his lips down the column of my neck and earning a low whimper from me.

"I... I'm just s...so happy we're tog-ether and our family is sa... safe," I stuttered as Edward laughed gently into the crook of my neck.

"Well that makes two of us love," Edward replied, twisting me around in his arms and capturing his lips with mine. I would never get bored with those soft firm lips not even after twenty-three years of marriage. The way they moved with mine was enchanting and I couldn't ask for anything more.

"We'd better get going Edward it's nearly time," I stated lovingly as I hesitantly broke our mindboggling kiss.

Edward took my hand and started running to the place were we got married those twenty-three years ago. We had returned to Forks, but sadly not for a long period of time. We had come here for one reason, our beautiful daughter Renesmee and her fiancé Jacob were going to get married today.

You should have seen the way Edward reacted when he found out that Jacob had asked for Renesmee's hand in marriage without asking him first. Let's just say it didn't go well.

Flashback ten months ago…

It was a chilly day in January. Edward and I were sitting on the couch under a large red blanket watching Romeo and Juliet, unlike the rest of the family who thought that today would be a perfect day to hunt even though they'd only hunted two days ago.

Sometimes I felt like they were hiding something from us, but I pushed it aside. I knew our family would never keep secrets from one another unless it was a life or death situation.

I sighed heavily at the thought. Sometimes it felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I worried about EJ's development, among other things, on a daily basis. EJ seemed to be growing much slower than Renesmee had, but Carlisle always tried to reassure me that this was because EJ is mostly vampire.

It was around two in the morning when Renesmee came dancing into the house with the biggest smile on her face. She was quickly followed by Jacob who was grinning ear to ear.

"Is everything okay?" I asked as I watched the love dance between their eyes. It was almost like the way I looked at Edward. My voice seemed to startle Renesmee and Jacob out of their blissful state. They went suddenly stiff after realizing that I was close by which meant Edward was as well.

"Mom," Renesmee squeaked quietly, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

"Answer your mother Renesmee Carlie Cullen," Edward demanded in the parental tone he used when he was worried about where their thoughts might be leading us.

Suddenly Renesmee straightened up and looked me dead in the eye. "Well if you must know, Jacob proposed to me tonight while we were hunting near the most beautiful waterfall."

Silence seized the room the moment those words left Renesmee's mouth. All I could think about was my baby girl getting married and before I could control myself I was leaping across the table pulling both of them into a fierce hug.

"I'm so happy for you both," I exclaimed.

"Thanks mom," Renesmee breathed in relief.

Before either of us could turn to see Edward's reaction a low growl filled the air behind us and I heard Renesmee's breath catch in her throat as Edward snarled and turned to Jacob.

"A word outside," Edward demanded through clenched teeth as he made his way toward the front door. Then he noticed that Jacob hadn't moved a muscle. "Now," he growled, pulling the door off its hinges.

Of course, to Renesmee's dismay Jacob complied. Edward's so called 'word' with Jacob lasted twenty- two minutes and thirty-seven seconds. In that time Renesmee managed to pace the floor over three thousand times while failing miserably to calm her worries.

When Jacob and Edward returned, the house was deadly silent for a couple of seconds. It only took moments for Renesmee to settle into Jacob's arms and sob out her fears.

Edward on the other hand seemed much calmer as he approached me. I couldn't find it in myself to greet him with open arms through. My mind was racing forty miles an hour. If Edward wants to get in the way of our daughter's happiness than he'll have to go through me, I decided.

"I'm sorry Bella," Edward whispered before turning to face Renesmee who was clinging tightly to Jacob.

"I'm sorry Renesmee, I overacted. Jacob and I have talked it through and you have your mother's and my blessing to go ahead with the wedding. We love you very much and only have your happiness at heart," Edward apologised, the regret of his earlier reaction showing in his tone and every move.

"Oh daddy," Renesmee squealed, reminding me of Alice as she pulled herself out of Jacob's arms and raced toward her father. Watching father and daughter embrace made my heart clench in happiness and I knew if I could cry, tears would be falling down my face without hesitation.

End of flashback

Sometimes, this family can be so messed up, I thought as I pulled out of my musing and picked up speed.

Edward seemed to like this new speed. A big smirk appeared on his face as he clenched his hand tightly in mine and we ran past the welcome to Forks sign.

"We're here," I muttered excitedly as I took in the overgrown trees and bushes. Not much had changed in the years that we had been away. Forks had remained the place where we fell in love and where it rained a lot. Edward didn't need to reply to share his thoughts with me since our emotions were so entwined that his smile and soft kiss on the hand answered all my musings.

Our bond stayed strong as we approached the Cullen's old home. Esme and Carlisle had been here for a couple of days to sort out the house and the woodlands surrounding it. Apart from the decorations that surrounded the house nothing seemed to have changed. It looked like a memory from a dream. It appeared that Renesmee had asked Alice to try and make her wedding as similar to ours as possible even the lights were the same.

"It looks amazing," I said happily as we approached the flowered arches that lead the way to the aisle.

"I agree my love. I couldn't want anything more for our daughter. I'm going to make sure Renesmee gets the perfect wedding day," Edward assured me confidently as he turned to look deeply in my eyes.

"How did I ever get so lucky Edward? If you told me twenty odd years ago that we would be married and have the most perfect daughter and son in the world, I would have never have believed you," I muttered releasing a breathless laugh. My life had become one that many people dream about. All the love that surrounded us made our lives the kind you read about in fairy tales and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Before I could blink I was being scooped into my husband's arms as our lips connected. It took forever for us to disconnect our lips from each other's, but when we did the sweetest words filled my ears and I felt like my heart could beat all over again. "I'm the lucky one love."

Three hours later

The vows were beautiful and the wedding was perfect. My daughter was now Renesmee Carlie Cullen Black. Seeing our daughter's eyes light up as she walked down the aisle on Edward's arm was one of the most amazing and mind blogging moments I have ever had. My daughter was finally whole! She had finally taken that massive step that connects us to our mates forever and I couldn't be more proud.

Of course EJ and I were part of the wedding. I was there to carry our little miracle down the aisle with the rings. EJ made such a good ring bearer, I thought with a smile as I felt a gentle tugging on my arm.

I looked down to see EJ sucking on my sweater as we shared our mother and son dance. Much to my amusement Renesmee and Edward both insisted that EJ and I join them on the dance floor for their father and daughter dance, leading me to this perfect moment with my son. It was a memory that I would cherish forever.

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