Title: Waiting

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own Monochrome Factor. Who would believe if I said so? No one!

Summary: I was waiting, I was waiting for a long time… A little drabble of Ryuko's POV involving the happenings in chapter 50. Beware of the spoilers… (and why isn't he on the list of characters?)

Words: 205


I was waiting, I was waiting for a long time, in the back of his mind. For the time he could take it all. My memories, my power and my place in the world. Now it ends.

I was incomplete. But no longer. Hiryu take care of that, now that child is free.

For the longest time I waited for him, and finally he is ready to accept me… and himself.

Shirogane… I trust you to guide him. To at last correct our mistakes. Kou… I know you will protect him, for he is me and I him. There is no difference any longer. Shisui, I'm sure you will find a way to forgive yourself, because you are right. It was our fault also, my fault, for not seeing what was in front of my eyes.

I believe in you my friends. I believe in Akira, too. I know he's already making a difference. Because power and knowledge isn't all. He will understand it too soon.

Now I fade and join. Akira and me, Ryuko, will no longer be two but one. As it was planned by me long ago since the moment of my death.

My waiting ends now.

And for a new beginning… blessed it be.