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Shine On

~ Chapter One ~

By: Hikari Maiden

Sora Kitazawa stood at an intersection, a tiny box of vanilla beans for Najika Kazami in his right hand and an umbrella in his left. Nervously, he watched the lit DON'T WALK on his side of the intersection. I wish the sign would hurry up and change to WALK.

The sign changed and he began to hastily make his way to the other side of the intersection. I'm going to be late.

Suddenly, someone screamed, "Watch out!" and an abrupt, lengthy screech pierced the air as Sora felt his heart skip and begin to pound as he turned to see an eighteen-wheeler slide towards him. Dread flooded his emotions as his eyes widened and Najika Kazami was the last image that flashed inside his mind.

He felt an unexpected set of arms wrap around his waist from behind and pull him backwards. "Urgh…! Come on!" Eyelids squeezed shut, and teeth gritted, the person pulled with all her strength.

He fell backwards and she gasped and felt her own heart skip and begin to pound as her eyes widened and she tried to catch him, but she fell on the ground and he fell on top of her.

Under him, she grimaced and moaned, "Ow…" I didn't mean to knock him down. I meant to save his life and to save him from a load of injuries. She choked and spoke in a strained voice. "Can't…breathe!"

He heard her under him and he quickly sat up beside her and he stared down at her with concern. Did I hurt her? "Are you all right?" He helped her sit up.

She grinned up at him. "I'm fine when someone taller and with a slightly stronger build than me is not on top of me."

He chuckled as he stood and he helped her up. "You're silly. What's your name?"

"Lacia Francine. Nice to meet you."

"Sora Kitazawa is my name. It's a pleasure to meet you." She reminds me of Najika-chan.

Lacia noticed the demolished vanilla beans and the demolished umbrella and tears came to her eyes. "Oh no! I demolished your vanilla beans and your umbrella!" I'm such a moron!

His amber eyes kind, he told her, "Someone precious to me taught me something special: One is able to replace items, but one is not able to replace people and animals."

She nodded. "I forgot all about that rule. It's dear to me." Oh! He seemed in a hurry to get somewhere! I'm keeping him! "You seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Don't allow me to keep you." I'm an idiot!

He picked up the trashed box and the trashed umbrella. "Thank-you for risking your life to save mine."

"You're welcome." She watched as he hurried off.

Hikari Maiden: I don't want Sora Kitazawa to die. I want someone to come along and save his life. He lied to Najika Kazami because he is in love with her. He so badly wanted to be her 'Flan Prince' and he so badly wanted to make her smile. He realized he had to let her go and tell the truth because she would consider her 'Flan Prince' dead when he still may have been alive. He felt himself the bad person. He felt he had to live up to everyone's great expectations. He felt it his punishment for all the hurt he caused. He felt he caused his younger brother to hurt when he couldn't protect him, or their mother. He felt he hurt Daichi when he lied to him. He felt he hurt his father when he begged him to lie to his own son. He felt the hate all his fault. Najika Kazami seemed to be someone precious to him, like his only light in a cold, dark world. Consider me weird all you wish, but I had two Psychology classes and I enjoyed both. If it's anyone who should notice these things, it's someone who has taken Psychology classes and has enjoyed them.