A Past Love Returns

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Philae - Egypt - Fourteen years after THE MUMMY

Isaac Horus Asclepius wiped his forehead as he and the other archeologists, including Evy O'Connell and her cousin Harry Potter as they stood there with the stupidest grins on their faces. It was weird when her son stood right behind them with another grin that rivaled the two cousins.

They were both scary brilliant.

Harry because he was the one that had originally found the antechamber. The Island had originally thought to have been built by Ptolemy II, but when the underground cavern was discovered to be dating even before Seti the First 's reign over Egypt… it was an amazing find. And Evy because… well, she was Evy.

Harry grinned at his cousin as he threw a rope down into the cavern. He saluted his cousin and swung down, the manacles of Horus gleaming on his wrists. He'd originally found them in Hamunaptra all those years before but had only taken to wearing them in the last few years. Of course, they were updated with an anti-wear charm and anything else that he could think of that could be added to them. (1)

"Harry!" she called out as she heard him land even though she really couldn't see anything on account of the bright Egyptian Sun.

Harry frowned as he landed in the underground cavern/temple. He could see OLD heiroglyphs - belonging to the Old Kingdom. He walked carefully around the area and spent the few minutes walking around the room, finally getting out a lantern and lit it.

"Harry!" he heard his cousin call.

"What?" he called back as he delved into his and Haru's memories - it had hurt worse than the Cruciatus when the memories merged during the Year of the Jackal two years before. Ever since then Ardeth claimed that he carried himself in a royal way, Harry blamed that on Haru's upbringing. He also blamed Haru's old weapon master and younger brother for the fact that he rose every morning before sunrise to run for at least five kilometers. For the rest of the day until he'd gotten used to it, he'd been miserable. Not a good thing when he'd been teaching Medjai and magical students about the types of magic as well as Ancient Egypt - from the point of view of an Egyptian Prince.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, Evy?"


"You're not coming down here with the bun in the oven. You will not endanger my niece." he swore. After the difficult pregnancy that Evy went through with Alex, it had taken her a little while until she and Rick tried to get pregnant again. Their second child - Lily Emma Sitre O'Connell, age 11 - was currently at the Karnak School of Magic where Harry taught off and on for the last ten years.

The school was now considered to be the best in Africa, followed closely by a school in Kenya and another in Mozambique. Hogwarts was still considered to be the first out of Europe with Durmstrang as a close second.

"Yes your highness." she said teasingly. "But you'd better tell me everything."

"Evy, there's O.K. glyphs down here."

"What?" she demanded as she mock glared at her stomach. She'd been feeling sick before Harry got sick of not knowing and did a spell that confirmed that she was pregnant with what she insisted was a girl and Rick insisted was a boy - Harry didn't have the heart to tell them that it was twins.

"Isaac! Come down here with the camera!" he ordered.

"Coming Boss." Isaac teased and Harry shook his head. Isaac seemed to be one of the few in the world... As soon as he found out that Harry was being called "Your Highness" by Evy he started calling him "Boss". Nevermind that Evy was usually the one in charge.

Isaac swung down in a graceful manner that reminded Harry painfully of his past lover Imhotep. Never mind the fact that his light eyes or his shaven head, Isaac was a younger, hotter version of his past lover. Plus, the two began dating about six months ago.

He stole a kiss that compared with the heat outside in the dessert. Evy interrupted them just as Isaac began to thrust their hips together.

"Isaac… glyphs…pictures…" he gasped between broken kisses.

"But I want to…"

"Isaac Horus Asclepius you had better be taking pictures." Evy ordered.

"Who's the royal now?" Isaac asked as he set up the camera, it was magical so it had night vision and could get the pictures that Evy desired.

"Hey, don't vilify the mother of my niece or nephew."

"Or? She's preggers?" Isaac asked as he set the camera to take still photos of the hieroglyphs and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend of six months from behind.

Harry nodded and then leaned into Isaac's embrace, especially his rock hard abs. He had something with Isaac that he never had with Ginny - or even Imhotep in his past life. Those two relationships had ended in two different types of tragedy but tragedy all the same. "Got tired of her being sick and so I got out my wand to figure out what was going on." he said as Isaac leaned down and started sucking on his neck.

"Isaac, love, if we keep doing this I'm going to end up doing something in my pants that is a little embarrassing."

"That's …what…magic…is…for." Isaac said as Harry turned his head and began to kiss him back.

"If she catches us-"

"How?" Isaac asked when Harry turned around and the two tripped and Harry landed on him; continuing where he left off, going down his lover's neck.


Harry frowned as he pushed himself up onto his elbows, "Isaac?"


"Isaac? Are you alright?" Harry asked, concerned as he looked into his lover's eyes.

"You were Haru, the future Pharoah. Harry, I killed you." Isaac said two hours later in their tent.

"No you didn't, you were bewitched in our past life." Harry insisted as he sat down on the wooden chair across the small table that was around a square meter in area. He put his hand over Isaac's right that was on the table over a tablet where he'd written down what he remembered, a few dozen pages even with a dicta quill doing the writing.

"And that makes everything alright? Harry… that bitch ….and you… damn it Harry I loved you in our past life."

"And I love you now."

"So we both remember, why now? Why us?"

Harry shook his head, "I don't know."

"But we're going to find out." Isaac vowed before he stood up and Harry stood next to him.

"Isaac?" he asked with a seductive grin on his face.


"Will you take my orders?" he asked in Ancient Egyptian as he transfigured their clothing into something they both would have worn back then.

Isaac frowned but soon remembered what Harry was referring to, something a little naughty but had potential as they were both horny. "Yes."

"Will you take me?" he asked as he jumped up into his lover's arms and wrapped his legs around his powerful waist provocatively.

"My Prince-"


Isaac groaned as Harry began to suck on his neck in a place that made his semi-hard erection painful in a matter of seconds.

"My Prince's wish is my command." he said huskily as he lowered Harry to the bed.


Meela, the reincarnation of … the mistress of Seti I and insert other names here such as home wrecker, lover thief, all around bitch that makes Bellatrix LeStrange look nice… smiled as she blew the sand away from the cocoon encasing the remains of her past …lover. She looked over it lovingly as she swept her hand over his head - reactivating the spell - and grinned.

She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Harry lived, Isaac lived, Ramses the Great lived.

She would regret it.


I'll repeat for the last time - I did say something in the 1st one, chapter 13 or 14 - anyway if you watched the cartoon it's like the Manacle of Osiris but he wears them on both wrists. I may not have mentioned that. Anyway, if you want a visual go to Google and type in Manacle of Osiris.

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