A Past Love Returns

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Chapter 9

Ahm Shere

They rode for several more hours over the blazing sand and blistering heat. Until they reached the statue of the four kings.

Imhotep couldn't help but grin in his mind when he heard Haru's comment.

"Who is this heir to think his ka will return to all four of his statues? Foolish heir, he could have been great but he was greedy."

They went to the Blue Nile next, the second to last stop before they reached Ahm Shere.

Haru sat at the edge of the water, giving a prayer of thanks to Osiris and Ra for their gifts. He was not overly loud with it but everyone was so quiet in their awe of the Ancient Prince that they heard every word.

Then Haru sent a prayer to his own patron God - Horus.

A tattoo of stylized wings stretched across his upper shoulders, to meet at the juncture of his neck and body, appeared as he gave his prayer.

He then bowed to the Nile and Sky in a way that no Prince or Pharoah would have ever done to anyone. Yet, Haru bowed the deepest he could while standing. Showing his true respect for Osiris and Horus.

The Nile flared and a man with an eagle's head and a man with green skin and all white clothing appeared and nodded to the Master of Death before vanishing.

'The gods do favor me, perhaps immortality doesn't suck as much as I thought it would.' he thought as he stood and stepped away from the shore just as Lok-na found Alex's sandcastle clue and tried to kill him. Only stopping when Imhotep called from the river where he stood waist deep.

"He wants to kill them." Haru told Alex softly. "They did naught but try to save their son. On the sixth day, are they killed. That Priest must know we are close. It is the only reason they would dare stop. We are closer to the Pyramid and the Oasis than I know."

"But why would they want to kill my parents? They just want to save me?"

"And stop the Scorpion King. This is… not your fault young one." Haru said softly and they watched as Lok-na and his men held them back from Imhotep as Imhotep killed Rick, Evy, Isaac and Ardeth…. At least Ramses would be safe and he knew that Isaac was immortal. Unfortunately, they could not say the same for Evy, Lily, Rick and Jon.

"But why do they want to hurt my parents?" Alex repeated.

"Men do strange things in their quest for power. We must remain on guard… this will be difficult, young one." Haru explained as Lok-na walked over to them and they began walking – making their final journey to Ahm Shere.

He had to admit, the oasis was breathtaking but that illusion of peace was thin and Haru knew that it was only a matter of time before the protectors of the Oasis came out to play.

The pigmies came out that night. As did Rick, Ardeth, John and Evy with their guns and Ramses with his blade and Isaac with his magic.

It was an impressive sight and Ramses relished in the battle that he'd not been able to partake in for over a thousand years. These opponents met his blade with their own and honor was shown on the battlefield.

Lok-na tried to kill Alex, Ramses killed Lok-na before Ardeth could get there.

"Go to the Medjai! Stop the army should my brother falter!" the Prince of Egypt proclaimed to his many times descendant.

Ardeth nodded and ran off, leaving the Prince to deal with the supposed wrath that Rick O'Connell might have when he discovered that the Medjai had run off in the heat of the battle in order to warn his fellow Medjai about Anubis's army and where it was due to arise from the depths of the Underworld.

The battle was soon over and Alex hugged his parents and family while Haru was kissed by his beloved and wrapped in a manly hug by his younger brother who'd been worried that he'd only just gotten his brother back to see him die at the hands of an enchanted ex-lover.

They had to move when the sun started rising.

"The Bracelet..." Alex said weakly as he tried to stand up from where he'd fallen.

Haru glared at the sun, he murmured a prayer to Ra, asking for help against Anubis - who had made the magic within the bracelet. He grabbed Alex's arm and felt the power of the Ancient Gods assist him in teleporting within an area that he previously had not been able to.

They appeared in the Golden Pyramid and the bracelet snapped off Alex's forearm.

The teen threw it as far as he could away from himself.

He turned to his uncle/cousin. "Thanks Uncle Harry... or is it Haru still?"

Harry shook his head in amusement, "I can live with you calling me Haru. Horus knows, my brother calls me that in favor of the name I'm using in this incarnation."

They sighed and watched as Evy and Rick came to the end of the path.

Haru saw Meela come and he apparated to his cousin. He would protect her unborn children.

It seemed Meela saw his move coming and went after the one he was not guarding.

"Jonathan!" Evy cried out, holding one hand to her stomach in a gesture of protection for her children.

John coughed, "Bad luck ol' mum." He said grinning weakly, moments before death and Ramses and Isaac thanked the Gods for such a quick death. Least his family be forced to see him in pain before he died.

Haru looked at his cousin, he'd lost too many people that he cared about.

Meela was going to pay.