It does not take much to set Win off. A lot of things made him agitated, even though he rarely showed it. Like for instance, Myron's obscure dream of the picket fence and barbeques. Win did not have what could be considered a normal childhood. People in his class rarely did. Myron did not have to suffer through a childhood with parents who barely tolerated each other and a house that was constantly empty.

Myron pictured his childhood when he looked to the future. Win could only grimace. He worked too hard to get away from his childhood memories.

He watched the amazed look on people's faces when they saw him with Myron. It was understandable. The moment he entered his dorm room at Duke and noticed Myron, he barely gave him a second thought. He was a blue blooded as it could get he certainly did not waste his time on an all-American boy from the 'burbs. But you had to hand it to Myron. He was persistent. And it was this persistence that led to their everlasting friendship.

It was not because of their background, however, that made people stare. It was their personalities. It was their views, their hopes—their morels that set them apart. But that never seemed to matter between them. They may disagree but they each understood that they were firmly set in their ways. Hours of debating would not change that.

Like it or not they were firmly set in their ways and that meant they were firmly set to be together. One would never go on without the other.

That's just the way it is.