Gilbert lay on the couch, relaxing with the sounds of a hockey game in the background and the smell of pancakes in the air.

"Merde," Matt-his Matt, he reminded himself- cursed quietly. Gilbert, with an enormous effort, lifted his torso off the couch, peering towards the kitchen to see what had upset his Birdie.

"Fuck," Gilbert whispered, eyes widening. Matt was hopping up and down, clutching his foot where he had apparently stubbed his toe, but that was not the focus of Gilbert's attention. Oh no, he was focusing on something a bit further upward…

Matt was wearing nothing but an oversized hockey jersey that barely covered his thighs, and when he lifted his leg upwards to clutch his foot Gilbert was treated to a very nice view of his vital regions.

"Merde, merde, merde!" Matthew blinked back tears, marveling at how he'd lived through wars, winters and heartbreak and yet a simple toe stub still managed to bring him to tears.

"Need an icepack or something, Birdie?" Gilbert's arms were- quite suddenly- around Mattie's waist, and he was breathing onto his lover's neck. "That looks like it hurts."

"I'll be fine," Matthew blushed, still not used to this much contact. "Once I finish the pancakes, that'll take my mind off-

OH SHIT, THE PANCAKES!" He turned around to help the now-burning cakes, but his face met Gilbert's chest instead of the horrendous smell issuing from the pan.

"Gil, I need to get to the pancakes! They're burning!" He mumbled into the tee-shirt that was blocking his vision.

"Well, they smell like Arthur's cooking, so eating would probably not be the most awesome idea…" Gil removed one hand from Matt to turn the stove off. "And you had said you needed something to take your mind off your toe…"

Mattie looked up to see a feral grin on Gil's face. "G-Gilbert…"

"Shhh-" Gilbert pulled his head closer to silence him, and as their lips met, he grabbed the bottle of maple syrup from the counter. Backing up, he broke the kiss to murmur- "And I'm sure we can find plenty of awesome ways to use this syrup, right Birdie?"

Matt's blush was all the answer he needed.