Huzzah! So here's the only other Fanfiction based on the Freedom Series by Anne McCaffery. Hope you all enjoy it. There will be some interaction with the main Cannon characters, but not much. I've had this idea circling for a while now, and I'm just finally getting it up and onto the net. Enjoy and please please please review it for me!

How the hell had she gotten here? Where the hell was here? The girl tried to sit up, but found she barely had the strength to open her eyes. She wasn't a weak girl by any means. She knew she wasn't. She couldn't have played on the Senior girl's Rugby team if she was. But it was such an effort to do something so simple. Finally forcing herself up, she looks around the field that her and almost thirty others were in. There were large pockets where there weren't any people at all, almost like they had been evaporated. Giving a soft shudder, she takes another look around. No one else was awake. She was the only one up right now.

Forcing herself up to her feet, she starts to take stock of herself. No real serious injuries. Some scratches, bruises she didn't remember having before, but other then that she was okay. Looking down at her clothes, she starts to remember what had happened. A large ship had landed outside of her town and herded her and all her friend, and enemies into the first deck, where she had had barely enough time to lie down and find a spot before passing out. And now she was here...where ever here was, with girls and guys she trusted with her life, and girls and guys who she couldn't trust further then she could throw them.

Suddenly she turned frantic. Looking at the people laying near her, her heart starts to slow down from it's frantic beating. Her brother was safe, her best friend who was like a sister, as well as her boyfriend, and various others of their group of friends were there. Madeline finally stood up, and walks over to the river, washing her cup out. She was dressed in skinny jeans, a blue top that had seen some better days, converse, and upon a small search, she found she also had her small pocket knife, and her lock blade on her. Giving a small sigh of relief, she goes over to the crates, watching over everyone as they started to wake up. Some where dressed the same, in some sort of coverall, and some of them were still in their school uniform. Others, like her, had been visiting that day, and were now in clothes that had seen some better days.

Her group of friends were the first ones to really wake up, and she could hear her brother starting to freak out when he couldn't find her. "Mike, over here! Need a hand with these supplies! They'll have to be distributed!" She said loudly. Mike's head popped up and saw her, a grin of relief covering his face. She could hear him waking the others up, and walking over to her with them in tow. The others in the field also started to rouse, and Madeline directed him to the river before the rest of them started to demand supplies. By the time everyone was up and had enough water to drink, Madeline was ready to kill someone. No one was listening, and they were pretty much all teenagers. The Adults had all tried to resist and had been taken elsewhere. So they were one chicken shit outfit to be had.

Vanessa stood a top the crate with her boyfriend Dave, and they were the first ones to see the large group of people approaching. "Madd! There's some people coming towards us!" She said to her, and Madeline looked in the direction she had been pointed out. Immediately, she started to bark out orders. Those in their group that had been cadets started to actually help out as they collected some axes, not that they'd be real effective if these people held better weapons, and others grabbed knives for close range fighting. Most of the women wound up going behind the crates, the first aid kits, or what passed for a first aid kit being doled out to them, they would be the medics. Vanessa, and Madeline where now standing up on top of the crates, Dave having gone down to help organize them.

The group of people, looking more ragged then they did, burst through the hedges, and Madeline yelled at the top of her lungs, "HOLD YOUR POSITIONS OR I'LL KILL YOU MY SELF!" A lighting from her perch, she walks through the men assembled before her, and walks towards the group of people now standing there regarding them. Vanessa stood a top of the crates, still not trusting the others from their drop, and to join Madeline in walking forward were her brother, her friend Dan, and her friend Krista. Her brother stood directly behind her, watching the equal group of 4 walking towards them. The woman was tall, almost as tall as the grey...toned...Catteni walking towards them. Madeline, and Michael's knives were out in a flash. Krista and Dan both took a step away from them as Mike moved up to stand next to his sister.

"Who the hell are you!" Was Madeline's first question once the group of four was near enough to them.

"We could ask the same of you. And since we've been here longer...It's courtesy to answer."

"Like hell I will answer first. Puts us at a disadvantage, and we need all the advantages we can get here." Madeline sneered at the shorter man who had spoken to her. "Who the fuck put you in charge anyway?"

The woman gave a short laugh. "How many times did you get that question since we got dropped here Sarge?"

"Too often if you ask me Bjronsen. And never from a teenage girl that I could more then likely blow over."

"HEY! I'm standing right here thank you!" Madeline said, somewhat offended. Mike had kept quiet. After all, it was better off to let one person take the flak for stuff like this then all of them taking it.

"We know that. Look, I'm Sergeant Chuck Mitford, this here is Kris Bjornsen, Jay Greene, and Zainal. He's a Cat sure, but he got dropped with the rest of us. And we usually get to the droppees before they get eaten."


"Eaten. There's nightcrawlers here that will eat anything on the ground. I'm assuming you found parts of the group where nothing was left?"

Madeline just gave a nod. She figured that if she opened her mouth, she'd disgrace herself, and puke. From behind her, she could hear some rustling, but ignored it for now.

"Now will you give us your names?"

"Madeline Richer, Chief Scout. Michael Richer, my brother, Scout. Krista Lalonde, and Dan. The rest behind us are from, or were from the Catholic High school in Cornwall ON, Canada. What drop number are we?" For now, she determined she was going to ignore the Cat.

"You're part of the third drop." Chuck said, looking at her. "You in charge of them all?"

Madeline gave a laugh. "HA! Like I would want to be in charge of half of them. No, I just happened to know most of them, so I took charge. I don't want it, so you can gladly have it."

The woman, the other man, and the Cat all gave a short laugh, while Chuck's face turned to one of chagrin. "Well you win some and you loose some Sarge."

"Shut up Bjornsen."

"Shutting up Sarge."