You found Me: The eyes of the Family



Part One

Author's Notes: Before I finally finished the story Enemy Of My Enemy, what if Alice was never to find Jasper but found Willow after Season Seven in Italy?

Willow was on lay offs to Italy and all the slayers would restless as Kennedy was on the side trying to make arrangements as the airport was shut down because someone called in a bomb. However, if there was a bomb then there should be a lot more security around here. Buffy saw Willow's eyes wandering. "Are you okay?" Buffy asked and Willow told her best friend that she was fine. Willow told her something wasn't right and she didn't know what it was. "It's New York, what could be off?" Buffy asked and Willow then told her about not that much security plus no specifics instructions. She did point out that she heard that no other planes would allowed to touchdown. Buffy took all this in and she agreed with Willow.

"Do you think it's Demon-related?" Buffy asked and Willow shook her head in a big no. "Somebody wants to get my attention." Willow said and Buffy gave her a look then was wandering if Willow was evil.

"I'm not evil Buff…Somebody wants to get my attention. A woman somebody." Willow said and added, "She doesn't want to hurt anybody, just wants my attention." Willow said and Buffy responded, "Anything I could do." "Keep Kennedy occupied." Willow said and Buffy jokingly said, "However will I do that….It's not that I think Kennedy and you are so wrong together." Willow gave her a look wandering, why is it that she's hearing this for the first time?