You found Me: The eyes of the Family



Part Three

Author's Note: The song is from The Fray You found Me

Alice knew that Buffy needed an actual someone to chase after because Alice didn't need a lot of time to get Willow wanting her, she needed twenty minutes from meeting Willow.

But in the end everyone ends up aloneLosing her the only one whose ever knownWho I am who I'm not who I wanna beMy way to know how lost you will be next to me

"All this for twenty minutes with me. I mean despite the patriot acts law which you broken, I mean this is the biggest display of affection since…" Willow said and Alice responded, "Tara." "I was suppose to find someone and I didn't. I just missed Jasper, the thing about my vision that they are suggestive and I missed him. You had moments, you had mornings and nights. I had….You've had kisses and I'm hoping to get my…." Willow cut her off and gave Alice a spine crashing kiss. Kennedy was no where to be found. They stopped and Willow looked at Alice's eyes, she got her sunglasses. "Thank you." Alice said and Willow then said to her. "I'm going to Italy and…" Willow said and Alice responded, "I all ready have my ticket, I knew I could hook you."

So they decided to leave separately and Willow bounce to Buffy. "How was it?" Buffy asked and Willow found bad that it was so good then Kennedy came over to be with her girlfriend. Willow's eyes said get away from me when looking at Buffy but I love you when kissing Kennedy and then left.

"Why did you play along?" Willow asked and Buffy responded, "When you love someone, you know that they aren't supposed to be with the one they are with, they should be with you. You will do anything for them and cover for them until they see who they are really suppose to be with…" Buffy touched Willow's arm and Willow knew that Buffy was also in love with…Faith.