John and Alex crawled out of the school window. I watched them grasping on to each other as they were sliding down the roof. I could never understand them. The teachers were flipping out and called the principal. The students however would occasionally look up and continued on walking home. They were used to this scenery.

The principal came by my side and saw what was happening. Luckily the both of them made it and landed safely on the ground. After that, they ran off campus. I wasn't sure why they did that in the first place. Possibly wanting to get attention from the girls, but school was over for the summer and John and Alex were far from school grounds.

John O'Callaghan was one of the dudes who were interested in taking risk. Alex Gaskarth was the same. Both of them together equaled mayhem. I wasn't sure if they knew me. Well, they probably knew me from their classes since we had Physics and Psychology together. They always sat in the back while I sat in the front along with my best friend, Cassie. I always heard them snickering at the each other and throwing paper planes. I even remembered one time they did a presentation for Physics on projectiles. Their projectile: a vibrator. Target: the V. My Physics teacher was so fed up that she even tried to get them out of her class, but she failed. The principal told her that they needed the class for their credits. I thought she almost threw herself over the bridge. At least she wouldn't have them anymore in class next year unless if she was the one who was going to teach Chemistry, which was a required class for senior year.

Aside from the school aspect, both of them were chick magnets. All the girls at the school loved them, even though they were known for breaking hearts. I guess one night with one of them was worth it… to the girls at the school, anyway. As for me, I was not really attracted to both of them…okay maybe a little to John, but not to Alex. Alright, Alex was not bad looking either. He would always give "I know you want me" looks to girls and their panties dropped. If this would happen outside of school, for sure those girls would drop more than their panties. Alex gave me those looks during our Homecoming assembly, but failed miserably. I couldn't be tricked. Maybe he was staring at the girl beside who was wearing the extremely short skirt and a tube top. Then again, the girl who was sitting by me slept with him that night. He was infamously known to sleep with girls and leave them the next day. John was more subtle than Alex when it came to this kind of subject. He would befriend the girl first, then fire. They both had different techniques to get girls, but I would never fall for any of them.

I walked out of the school, knowing that the teachers were still asking me if I knew who crawled out of the window in September. I kept telling them "no," but they thought I was an accomplice to John and Alex's scheme. Why would I want to help two dudes I didn't even care about? Luckily, the security and teachers gave up and started asking other students. Alex and John didn't even know me so why would I be an accomplice? I rolled my eyes at that thought and continued walking home. Finally school was over so I could escape from this madness called high school.

As I walked home, I saw Alex flirting with some girl who I've never seen before. She went to those super expensive private schools that made students wear uniforms. I could tell that the girl was interested since she kept hiking up her skirt every time Alex flashed a smile at her. I wasn't sure how Alex did it. He had her around his finger. John was flirting with another girl who was from our school, since she had this whole punk-rock look to her that they probably wouldn't allow in private schools. They were both beginning their summer with their first of many summer romances. It was wrong, but so right to those two. They probably hooked up with every girl in this town except Cassie and me. She has a boyfriend so they wouldn't lay a finger on her. Maybe I should find a boyfriend.

Alex saw me walked by. He just gave me that look again. Was he trying to get two girls in one take? My panties weren't dropping so he gave up. Wow, that was a complete fail for him. John smiled and continued talking to the girl. Not anyone or anything about them could ever change these feelings towards them. It would take A LOT to change my feelings towards Alex and John. A LOT.

So here's the first chapter. I think more people from other bands will come in the story, but for now it's all about John O and Alex! This whole story is inspired by the song "Easy" by We Are The In Crowd. If you haven't listen to this song yet, you should! Review this chapter, please!