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[Alex's POV]

"She's with that asshole again!" I screamed through the phone. I didn't care if John was going deaf with my constant yelling. I just couldn't believe that Adriana went back to Jack again. From what I've learned now, she was indecisive on who she wanted to be with.

John sighed. "I saw them walking from the park to possibly her house," I grunted. "I think they're official, man."

"No," I disagreed. "How can she sleep with me last night and then decided to be with Jack instead? Is he better in bed than me?"

"Umm…" John trailed off. "I almost forgot to tell you one more thing. They never slept together."

My eyes widened. "What? I thought that day when she collided into you…wait. She was lying the whole time?"

"I don't know man, but that was the thing she told me. You got to move on."

I bit my lip. "We'll see. See ya later."

"See ya," he hung up the phone.

I stood up from my bed and walked out of bedroom. I forced the other people who were left at the house this morning to clean up the mess. Hopefully they didn't miss any spots. I sat down on the living couch and stared at the blank television. Last night was so amazing, but now everything was back to the way it was. My original plan of making her jealous completely back fired. Now I was the one who was jealous. A part of me wanted to storm to her house and beat the shit out of her man, but another part of me wanted to do something else. Maybe that was better.

I lay on the sofa, looking through the blank ceiling. This whole summer I wanted Adriana to be mine and right when I had her around my finger, Jack came along. That son of a bitch. He should move back to whatever place he came from. I might not fight Jack or argue with Adriana for now. I wanted to savor these last weeks of summer, but when September came around and the school bell rings, hell would break lose.

This game was not over yet; it just started.

[John's POV]

That was it. This was over. Jack and Adriana was officially a couple. Alex was alone and I was no longer in the middle of this anymore. I officially backed out of this soap opera and threw in the towel. After weeks of drama and weirdness, this whole madness (for now) was officially over. Alex called me and asked me what happened to Adriana. I told him what I saw earlier in the day. Jack and Adriana were holding hands possibly going back to her place. Alex was in shock and realized that the girl of his dreams played him. Karma was a bitch to him, but he deserved it. I learned my lesson and now I was different. I was not going to use a girl to satisfy my pleasures…unless if I was completely wasted, but that was a whole other story. All in all, school was going to be interesting in September, especially with all of this crap happening. Hopefully I wouldn't be caught in the middle this time. Hopefully Alex wouldn't do some stupid crap, but I was going to prepare for it.

After all, if he didn't get what he wanted, he would do anything in order to get it back.

[Adriana' POV]

After looking back this summer, the plan on breaking Alex's heart was accomplished. Here I was with Jack after sleeping with Alex. I have done the same thing he has done to other girls. I used him. I stooped to his level without even realizing it. I felt uneasy and not really sure why I was here with Jack. I didn't deserve him. He deserved way better than me. I used him, too. When Alex was hurting me, he was there, but when Alex came back around, I left him. I was almost the girl version of Alex. At the park, however, Jack confessed that he would always be there for me and that he didn't hate me for everything I've done to him. This guy gave his heart to me and I accepted it. I didn't really know if Alex knew I was with Jack now. There was a possibility that John told Alex about it since he saw me with Jack. I didn't care now. All of this was finish. Now, I could focus on enjoying the rest of my summer. I wasn't worried about senior year. Maybe there would be gossip spreading around about me hooking up with Alex during the party, but who cared. I was like the rest of the girls now and happily dating someone I truly adored. Alex was nothing but a phase in my life that I regretted going through. He played me and I fell for it.

The necklace with the ring that Alex gave me was still around my neck strangely enough. Eventually, I would give this back to him, but for now I removed it and kept it inside my jewelry box under the countless necklaces I had in there. It was so weird how this whole thing began with attending a baseball game. If I never attended that game, would all of this mess still happen? There was a big possibility that it wouldn't happen, but who knew? Maybe this was bound to happen. It was a test to see if I could resist the manwhore. Obviously I didn't, but I escaped from him. He was no longer in my life now. I haven't seen him ever since the party. Deep inside, that worried me. Did Alex have something up his sleeve? Was he planning a scheme?

I needed to let go of that thought. For now, I was with Jack and I needed to enjoy life with him for once. If Alex did have something up his sleeve, he better be careful.

I was ready for anything.