Authors Note: This is going to be a Faberry Fic, starting off with their friendship, and most likely leading to something more further down the road. This is an idea i've had for a fic for a while, spent a few days tweaking it and I really hope you enjoy it!

Laughter could be heard echoing throughout the halls of the Hummel home; Glee Club was holding a movie night in Kurt and Finn's basement bedroom. Burt Hummel sighed, any other parent would be agitated with the random loud singing and shrills of laughter. But a small smile crept across Burt's lips, he was glad Kurt, for the first time since grade school, his son had friends. Sure they were an eclectic

group; his freakishly tall, somewhat goofy future stepson, a goth, a boy in a wheelchair, a pregnant celibate and her bad boy baby daddy, two boys who barely uttered a word, cheerios, one of them a dark haired girl who he had to admit slightly intimidated him and a blonde who didn't seem to be coloring with all the crayons in her box, a self proclaimed diva, and a short dark haired girl he wasn't even able to begin to describe. But they were his boy's friends, and that's all that mattered.

"Guys, guys!" Rachel proclaimed, attempting to take control of the situation, as usual. "Regionals is in two weeks, if we are going to beat Vocal Adrenaline we need to devote every second of our lives to


Mercedes caught Quinn's eye roll and laughed. "Girl, we practice all week long, let's just have a night to relax and actually enjoy each others company for once."

Rachel sighed, but nodded. Watching as everyone went back to what they were doing. Mercedes and Kurt went back into their in depth discussion about shoes; Puck and Brittany had their hands on Quinn's stomach, feeling the baby kick, Brittany looked surprised every time and told Quinn that sometimes her stomach did the same thing when she ate tacos, Rachel was pretty sure Puck's eyes were brimming with tears as he felt his baby daughter move around. Maybe he will actually turn out to be a decent father, Rachel thought to herself. Her attention turned to Santana, who was surprisingly flirting with Finn in a corner, Artie, Tina, Matt, and Mike were actually paying attention to the movie. Rachel sighed, even in a room full of the only people she could consider friends, she felt like a loser, an outsider, unable to relate.

"Babe." Puck said, getting Quinn's attention. "I'm going to outside and call my mom, let her know what we're doing." Puck stood up, bending over and patting Quinn's stomach once more. "Be good for your mom, don't jab her bladder, no one here wants to deal with that mess again. "

Quinn blushed as she recalled not quite making it to the bathroom last week, embarrassed Puck felt the need to remind everyone. But she couldn't help but smile, she loved when he talked to their daughter, and she found him being such a momma's boy quite endearing. After he left Quinn noticed Kurt holding back a laugh as he thought back to last Tuesday, the sight of Quinn attempting to run, but only managing a fast wobble, from the choir room to the girls bathroom. "Oh stop it Hummel, don't think anyone has forgotten you peeing your pants on the first day of seventh grade."

The entire room burst out in laughter, except for Kurt who turned several shades of red. "Touche, Fabray." the laughter abruptly stopped when loud yells could be heard coming from outside. Concerned Quinn and the rest of the Glee club headed to the door that lead out to the a side street. The gleeks got out there just in time to see two dark figures run around the corner, and to see Puck fall to the ground. "Puck!" Quinn shouted as she ran over to him, as fast as her top-heavy body would allow.

The rest of the glee club followed, shocked to see Puck covered in blood, the contents of his wallet scattered in the road. Finn had his cell phone out, calling for ambulance while Mike and Matt attempted to put pressure on the many stab wounds that covered their friend's upper body. Santana held Brittany close to her, trying to shield the innocent girl from the awful sight in front of them.

"Quinn?" Puck cried out, his voice raspy, blood streaming from the corners of his mouth.

Quinn knelt down, determined not to cry, determined not to let him see how scared she was, how shocked she was at the blood turning his grey t-shirt a crimson red and slowly pooling on the pavement around him. "I'm right here Puck. It's okay, you're going to be okay." She softly stroked his cheek, forcing herself to give him a reassuring smile, trying to pretend as if she didn't feel the moisture of his blood pooling around her knees.

Puck struggled to lift his arm up, despite everyones pleas for him to keep still. He placed his hand on Quinn's stomach. "Thank you, for letting me be her dad, for not shutting me out and doing it yourself, even though it was only for a few months it was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced, loving her, taking care of you, and in turn taking care of her."

Quinn couldn't bat away the tears any longer, they flowed freely from her large eyes, some landing on Puck's arm. "No. No. Don't you dare, don't you dare say goodbye to us." Her voice raising. "This isn't it Puck, you will have a million more chances to love her, and to take care of her, and to be her daddy."

Puck struggled to form words, everything seemed harder all of the sudden, harder to think, harder to breathe, harder to struggle against the darkness he so badly wanted to give in to. "I lo... love you girls." His voice was quiet, raspier than before. "You will love her enough for the both of us. I..I wish I could just feel her one last time."

It was as if the baby growing inside of her knew, knew her father was desperate to feel her presence. She gave a firm strong kick, causing Quinn to nearly fall over.

Puck smiled as he felt his daughter swift movement. At that moment the pain was gone, the pain he felt in nearly every part in his body had vanished, the sounds of his friends frantic cries were gone, Finn's pleas to the 911 operator to get the ambulance there quicker were silenced. He heard nothing, he saw nothing but Quinn's face peering over him, until that too vanished into darkness.

A pained cry escaped Quinn's lips as Puck's hand fell lifelessly from her stomach, making an audible smacking noise as it landed in the blood that surrounded him. His eyes, once full of mystery, curiosity,

and mischief were now dull and void of anything, the brightness in them gone.

Rachel knew he was gone as she watched, unable to move, unable to breath, the sound of his last raspy breath echoing in her head. She watched Mike try and find a pulse, before turning to the rest of the club shaking his head. She watched horrified as Quinn, in complete denial, attempted CPR. She watched her push Mr. Hummel away as he gently tried to pull her off Puck's body. She cringed at the pain in Quinn's voice as the blonde desperately screamed about why the ambulance was taking so long, continuing to do chest compressions. Her heart ached as she watch Quinn collapse in exhaustion on top of Puck, her hands gripping his leather jacket tightly. His red blood mixing in with the white of her dress and the blonde of her hair.

The sounds of sirens echoed through the neighborhood, too late. They were too late. After the police and ambulances arrived everything seemed to happen so quickly. Police officers ripped Quinn away from Puck, fighting and screaming the entire time. Crime scene tape was put up as police questioned the still shocked kids, and covered Puck's body with a white sheet. None of it seemed real. It felt as though she was in a movie, she wished more than anything cameras would appear, a director would be heard yelling cut, and Puck would lift the sheet off, and do something Puckish, like attempt to scare Quinn with the fake blood.

But there were no cameras, blood wasn't fake, the sheet wouldn't be lifted, and she would never be able to laugh at Puck's jokes again. Parents began to arrive to collect their terrified children. Rachel realized she hadn't called hers. She didn't know how. She didn't know how to put into words that Puck was gone. The boy who had surprised her with his sweet singing voice and guitar skills in glee club, the boy who actually bought her a slurpee instead of throwing one on her, the boy who had stuck up for her not two days ago after she had been egged, lay dead less than twenty feet away from her. Puck had been murdered. Puck, the bad boy, with a surprisingly sweet side had died right in front of her.