in which Shiki has a retarded dream and proceeds to bug Eri about it

Eri scanned the crowds by Molco, tapping her foot impatiently.

She was late! Eri pouted and folded her arms across her dainty chest, feeling slightly put-out. Shiki was never late for these kinds of things. Why, even if they were fighting, their collective love for the Prince, at the very least, could keep them together until wounds were healed, like a surgical glue.

Shiki and Eri were moon and sun, respectively (nobody could mistake the gorgeous sunlight for that of the dowdy moon), but they did everything together. They laughed together, they fought together, they cried together. Togetherness was everything, and it had reached a point where things could not properly be enjoyed until contact with the other girl had been achieved. Like Mechas, they were nothing more than severed mechanical limbs until they combined.

That's what they were, Eri decided. Two Mechas, one green and one pink, united against evil and bad fashion sense. That could be an anime.

Eri stomped her boot heel and ground it into the pavement, bored. She and Shiki were an unstoppable team. But being late for the game was poor team spirit, and Eri's yellow swatch was ticking down the seconds until the Prince would arrive...come on, hurry up...


She snapped her head up, bubblegum hair swishing like a curtain of silk. Finally!

Shiki came, charging over the sidewalk, clutching Mr. Mew like a football. She bowled through several of the other fangirls who had begun to collect around Molco, and stopped to catch her breath.

"Hey, Shiki! You're late!" Eri tapped her on the forehead.

"You...would not...BELIEVE...what I've been through...!" She gasped, beads of sweat sliding over her flushed cheeks. "God, okay, so there's this car, and I get hit, right? Instant kill! And so I'm dead, and I'm walking around, and then this total hottie comes up to me and he's like, 'Screw you,' and I'm like, 'Okay!' And we made beautiful fusion together, and pistol-whipped like, a bazillion tattoo frogs, and he puts on his headphones and walks off so I have to follow him and..."

"That's nice, Shiki..."

"...then we wake up under the bus thingy and we meet this totally ripped skater kid and his super-cute partner, and they're like, the comic relief on wheels, but then we have to polish Hachiko but then a demon dog comes out and then we kill it and this prostitute with bat wings makes Neku try to strangle me with his psychic powers – he's psychic, did I mention that? - and then..."

"Shiki, the Prince will be here any minute now, I'll listen to your dream later..."

"...I wake up in this random sewer and we go and fight a thirtysomething dude in a suit and then ride a ghost elevator and fight him AGAIN, twice, except the third time we beat him ANOTHER hot guy kinda falls out, and he's like, 'I'm composer, chicken-biscuit,' INSERT SUGGESTIVE GIGGLE HERE, and Neku was not pleased, but the gigglehead had secretly glued us to the floor and..."

"Now is really not the time Shiki – is that the limo-?"

"...and he whips out a gun and shoots us all and THEN, we like, come back to life and I MISSED YOU-"


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