Aurora, Illinois

The lights were flickering on a suburban side street. Inside of a tall white house, two daughters were sleeping in their own rooms. Their parents were sleeping quietly in the master bedroom. There was a fat Persian cat sleeping with one of the daughters, the younger one. The lights in the house began to flicker, though none of it's sleeping occupants noticed. Celeste, the cat, shot straight up out of her sleep and started hissing, though no one could hear her. The dead bolt on the back door of the house squeaked as it turned, leaving the door unlocked. Three leather-clad intruders quietly stepped in the house. One of them was a wavy-trussed brunette woman, probably in her early twenties, and the other two were very attractive men, one had slicked his black hair back and the other had shaggy blonde hair. The three of them split off from each other. The woman headed for the youngest daughter's room. Celeste was hissing and spitting and it finally awoke the dark haired girl.

Lexi was small, people often wondered if she even broke 5 foot tall. Even for her height she was small, her waist looked like it could be snapped in half by just about anyone. Despite her tiny waist, she was still very well endowed. Her breasts were full and perky. Her hips were smaller, her hipbones poked out. She had pin straight black hair that, despite being layered, came down to the small of her back. She opened her eyes when she heard Celeste hissing. Her grey gaze looked almost silver when it caught the little light that seeped into her room from the moon. She went to pet Celeste who immediately sprang up and bolted into the closet. Lexi thought she heard footsteps.

"Mom?" She tossed her covers back and got out of bed. She had a dark blue tank top on and pair of white boy short panties. She slowly made her way to her bedroom door. She was sure she heard footsteps this time.

"Cassie? Is that you?" She called for her sister, who was 18 and only 2 years older than Lexi herself. "Cassie?" Lexi slowly opened her bedroom door and screamed.

Somewhere in Wisconsin

"There's a whole mess of demonic omens down in Illinois, in Aurora," Sam said as he perused the newspaper.

"Aurora? That's only a few hours from here, want to go check it out?" Dean asked his brother without taking his eyes off the road.

"It's the closest lead we have. And I mean, there's a MESS of omens. They've been surrounding the area for a couple weeks and now they've moved in heavy," Sam elaborated.

"Anything strange going on in Aurora?" Dean asked.

"Not that I can find. Just the omens," Sam sighed.

"Well it's worth a look," Dean acquiesced.

When Lexi awoke she was somewhere dark and dank. Her face hurt, it felt bruised and swollen. She tried to feel for the swollen spots but she realized her hands were bound behind her. She was tied up to a chair.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Lexi muttered. The last thing she remembered was opening her door. There had been a woman there. A woman she had never seen before. Something had been off about her, other than the fact that she had just broken in to Lexi's house, but she couldn't remember what. And then nothing. Darkness. Someone had probably knocked her out.

"Mom? Dad? CASSIE?" She called out to the darkness; the only response was the echo of her own voice.

Lexi started crying. Had she really just been kidnapped? For what? Sure, her parents had a good amount of money, but there were plenty of people in her neighborhood with even more money. Did they take Cassie too? From now on, whenever Celeste thought something was wrong, Lexi would listen. Her brain was jumbled and confused. Was anyone ever going to come down here? What if she had to go to the bathroom? Her stomach rumbled; she hadn't eaten in awhile. Was someone going to feed her? Lexi didn't really care, that was the last thing on her list of priorities.


Someone was descending stairs somewhere nearby. Someone was coming down for her.

"Good morning Sleeping Beauty," It was the brunette woman, but she seemed different somehow. Lexi chalked it up to a traumatized memory.

"Sorry I had to bruise that pretty face," The woman continued when Lexi didn't respond. That was about when she realized she was still wearing the clothes she had been sleeping in. Her captor was running her fingers up and down Lexi's bare thighs and she whimpered.

"Ooh, that was cute, do that again," The woman whispered in Lexi's ear, but she didn't make a peep.

"Oh fine, play hard to get. You're lucky he wants you in one piece or I'd make you whine," The woman chuckled and flicked her tongue over Lexi's earlobe. "He'll be here soon to inspect you."

As soon as the woman left the room, Lexi started crying and she couldn't stop. Some psycho nymphomaniacs or something like that had kidnapped her. For the first time in her life, Lexi was terrified of what her first sexual encounter would be. Her tears clinked as they hit the ground, turning into small shining crystals the moment they fell from her cheeks.

The next time Lexi awoke it was because of a searing sensation in her arm. She screamed as she opened her eyes. There was a man she had never seen before crouched next to her, in one hand he had a knife, in the other he carried an apple. There was blood on the knife and her forearm was dripping warm red fluid.

"Good morning Alexandria," The sinister man said. He had long silver hair and when he stood she realized he was about 6 foot tall. He started to cut a slice out of the apple.

"How do you know my name?" She asked, noting that she was still in her pajamas. How long had she been down here already?

"Oh Lexi, I know just about everything there is to know about you," He grinned and popped the slice of apple in his mouth.

"Why are you doing this? Is it money you want? Please, just let me go, I'll get you money. I swear I won't tell anyone anything," Lexi sobbed her crystal tears.

"Oh sweetheart, it's got nothing to do with money. It's all about you honey," He smiled and caressed her cheek with the flat side of the blade of his knife.

"Me? I'm nothing… no one special. Please, let me go, please," She pleaded.

The man bent down and picked up a few of the small crystals that were falling from her tear-streaked face, "Oh I think you're plenty special, Lexi."

"I-I-I don't know. Is there a bathroom? Please?" Lexi begged him.

"No dear, I think, until you start cooperating, you'll just have to stay tied up," He smiled.

"Cooperate? What? What do you want me to do?" She asked, confused.

"Work for us of course," He grinned, cutting another slice out of the apple.

"What, what do you want me to do?" Lexi asked. Clearly, she wasn't being held for ransom.

"We just want you to do as I say, without question," He smiled and dangled the slice of apple in front of her, "Are you hungry?"

"No. Tell me what to do, please just untie me!" Lexi screamed.

"Alright, but if you try anything," He waggled the knife in front of her face.

Lexi nodded, his point very clear.

"We have a little test set up for you, come," He said as he untied her. He looped his arm around her tiny waist and steered her into another dark room in this basement of god knew what. It took every fiber of her being not to rip out of his grasp.

"LEXI!" Her sister was in much the same situation that Lexi had found herself in. Cassie, the perfect beautiful bubbly sister, was tied to a chair in her pajamas. It was clear she had not been untied in however long the girls had been kept here. Her normally shining soft blonde curls were tangled and wild. Her face was bruised and swollen, as Lexi imagined hers was too. Her pink sleep shirt was torn near the neck and her white shorts were speckled with blood. Cassie's legs were cut; some wounds were scabbed over, some were fresh.

"What did you do to her? Let her go! If this is about me, let her go!" Lexi screamed. Her heart was pounding like thunder, her blood was pumping quickly, and her skin felt like it was on fire. She tried to calm herself down, if she tried anything, fuck what they'd do to her, what would they do to Cassie?

"Oh Lexi, I can't. You see, this is your test. I must be certain you will do everything I say. Obliterate her Lexi," The silver-haired man demanded.

"What? NO!" Lexi screamed.

"Oh Lexi, are you sure?" He took a bite of his apple before tossing it, mostly uneaten, into some dark corner.

"Fuck you! I won't hurt my sister!" Lexi yelled.

"Then I guess I will," The silver-haired man replied coolly before backhanding Lexi, sending her sprawling to the floor. The silver-haired man, wait, was he a man? His eyes had turned black as he strolled casually to Cassie. He slid his knife into the tear in Cassie's shirt and ripped it all the way down, exposing her torso.

"Lexi, please!" Cassie screamed, forcing Lexi to look back at her just as their captor plunged his knife straight into the oldest girl's chest and ripped it up to her throat.

Lexi awoke and she was tied up again. Her legs and chair were damp. How long had she been here now? When was the last time she'd even seen a bathroom? How long had it been since she'd eaten? She couldn't help but cry again, and again, and once more. Her sister was dead, and she hadn't done anything to stop it. God knew where her parents were. Whatever had kidnapped her was not human.

If Lexi had been a cruder girl she would have said that shit had hit the fan. But of course, it could only get worse.

One of them that had broken into her house, not that Lexi knew it because she hadn't seen either of them, had entered her holding cell, as she called it. He was grinning and his eyes were black. He was tall and he looked like, in his heyday, he had been very well built, but now his body was aging and getting flabby. Was it even his body? Lexi couldn't stop crying.

"Wh-Wh-What do you want from me? Please just let me go…" Lexi whimpered.

"Boss says I get to have fun with you, ya know, to persuade you to cooperate," He grinned. His accent was unfamiliar to her.

"Oh god please no…" Every muscle in Lexi's body tensed, but then she saw him pull a straight razor out of his pocket and she relaxed a little.

"It's almost a shame to mar that beautiful body you've got here," He grinned and crouched down next to her. "But at least it will be fun."

He slid the razor down her forearm. Lexi flinched a little, but didn't make a noise. He drew the blade back up her arm, making a parallel gash. Lexi bit her lip, the look on his face spoke of frustration. He wanted to hear her scream and plead but she wouldn't. Whoever was in charge here wanted her alive, so she didn't think this man, was he a man? would kill her.

"Oh come on, you won't even squeal for me?" He asked as he traced the razor down her inner thigh and back up her outer thigh. Her blood was dripping on to the floor and still she did not even whimper. He switched sides and started making horizontal gashes down her other arm, and he finally noticed the scars she already had.

"Oooooh, I see. You're one of those, you're enjoying this aren't you?" He smirked at her. He stunk like rotten eggs.

"N-N-no, but I'm not-not a pansy. I can take a little pain," She fixed her eyes on the ceiling and held her breath.

"Seems like you dish it out too," He said running his fingers over the scars on her wrists. He lifted her shirt up and saw scars across her stomach and on her hips. He chuckled and let her shirt fall back down.

"I think I'm gonna have to have a talk with the boss about this one," He said, shutting his razor and leaving her bleeding and alone in the darkness.

Lexi awoke wondering what hell she would be put through this time. She heard the sounds of struggle upstairs, screams and heavy thuds. Sounds of wood splintering, and then she heard gunshots. Four gunshots and then everything else went silent.

"Oh god oh god oh god," she whimpered. She heard the door open. "Oh god oh god oh god, please, just let me go."

"No need to be formal, you can just call me Dean," A male voice called from the shadows and Lexi snapped her mouth shut.

A very handsome man, maybe in his mid-twenties was coming towards her. He had short blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket and a dark green t-shirt. His jeans were torn and his black boots were scuffed. He had been wearing a very smug here-to-save-the-day grin until he saw Lexi tied up in the back of the room, covered in dried blood with a black and purple face.

"Oh my god, are you alright?" Dean asked as he rushed to her side.

He was followed closely by a tall, like gigantic, shaggy haired brunette man, probably only a few years younger than Dean. He had the most adorable hazel eyes and Lexi could not grasp just how tall he was. He was wearing a carhartt coat over a grey plaid button down that was open, revealing a black shirt with some band logo on it. Lexi was too out of it to figure out what band it was. His jeans were dark and looked much newer than Dean's, well, she assumed that was his real name.

"Please, just, don't hurt me anymore," Lexi begged trying to keep from crying.

"No, no we aren't going to hurt you," The tall one said.

"We're here to rescue you," Dean pulled out his switchblade.

"Oh for the love of god! There's nowhere else to cut!" She screamed.

"Calm down, please, we aren't going to hurt you," The tall one repeated.

Dean moved behind her with the switchblade and cut the bindings on her wrists off before cutting off the ropes tying her ankles to the chair. The tall one took off his jacket and wrapped it around her.

"Can you walk?" The tall one asked.

Lexi tried to stand but her legs quavered and gave out beneath her, luckily the shaggy-haired man caught her. She didn't know when the last time she had stood up was, let alone the last time she had eaten. The world was spinning around her. "No," she whispered, her vision tunneled in as the tall one scooped her up and they started carrying her out. She was really leaving? She was afraid to get her hopes up, but she prayed they were taking her home… sort of.

"What's your name?" The tall one asked her.

"Lexi, who are you?" She asked, shutting her eyes.

"I'm Sam, and yeah, that's Dean. How long have you been here Lexi?" Sam asked her. She flinched when they got out into the sunlight; she hadn't seen light in days, well she assumed it had been days. It was too bright. She was thankful when Sam deposited her in the backseat of some old muscle car. She was too scattered to know what kind of car it was. Sam took off his over-shirt too and covered the lower half of her body with it.

"I, I'm not sure. Do you… Do you have any water?" She asked.

"Yeah, of course," Sam responded as Dean slid into the driver's seat and started the car. Sam handed Lexi a bottle of water and she downed the entire thing before falling asleep to the most beautiful sound she thought she had ever heard, Metallica.