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Fairfield Sanitarium

"Seriously, you two are sickening," Dean chided, disgusted as his little brother kissed Lexi on top of the head when she got out of the Impala.

"I know," Sam responded, making it fully apparent that he did not care.

"Sorry," Lexi whimpered, her eyes down cast.

"Just, knock it off," Dean ordered as he propped open the trunk of his inexplicably gorgeous muscle car with a shotgun. With one fluid motion he pulled Sam's bag out of the trunk and tossed it to him. He slung his own duffle over his shoulder. Normally he would have given their tag-a-long a duffle bag too, but she was useless when it came to heavy lifting, so he gave her a flashlight instead. "Man the flashlight."

"Yes sir," Lexi said, coming from anyone else it would have sounded sarcastic, but she seemed quite serious.

"And be quiet," Dean continued with his orders.

"Of course sir," Lexi answered respectfully again.

"And stop calling me sir," Dean managed to bark in a hushed voice.

"Yes… um Dean," Lexi blushed.

"Stay behind me," Sam added, sounding more than a little worried.

"Ok," Lexi acquiesced again. She was glad she didn't have to carry anything heavy. Her back was still aching, though the throbbing in her head had gone down thanks to an amazing invention known as aspirin. She slowly bent and straightened her arms, feeling out the stiffness in her elbows. She wondered briefly why she was so beat up when Sam and Dean seemed just fine. Then again, they were pretty much awesome… and she guessed they were used to getting thrown around by demons.

Dean heaved a sigh as he looked up at the dark dilapidated insane asylum in front of them. He was getting really fed up with skulking around ramshackle old buildings that looked like they would cave in at any minute. Couldn't, just once, the demons hole up in the playboy mansion? Would that be so hard to do? It seemed like their type of place after all.

Sam on the other hand, knew that the Fairfield Sanitarium was shut down in 1931 due to lack of funds, mostly thanks to the depression. He wondered momentarily what had happened to its residents and even felt sorry for them a little. Sam also knew, thanks to Dean for once, that there were four demons in there, lacking a ring leader, and two basically innocent teenagers. One was guaranteed to be an elemental, most likely a replacement for Michael, and the other was a sibling. Both of the Winchesters also knew that their best bet for an entry point was a busted in window around the other side of the hospital. The window was, luckily enough, on the ground floor and big enough for Dean and Lexi to get in, guaranteed, probably Sam too. Dean was thorough when he scouted the place, and aside from breaking down a door, it was their best chance of getting in, so Sasquatch would just have to think small and squeeze on in.

Dean slid the shotgun that was propping his trunk open into his awaiting duffle bag before shutting the trunk. He signaled for Sam and Lexi to follow him as he made a wide circle around the building, working his way towards the back. Sam fell in step easily; the marine-based training their father had put them through had paid off. Skulking around in the night came as easily and efficiently to the Winchester boys as riding a bike was to most people.

Lexi on the other hand was doing her best to be quiet, which ended up distracting her from where she was going, so there was a lot of tripping. And every time she tripped she would impulsively apologize. Dean was forced to tell her to shut the hell up at least three times before she finally stopped apologizing.

"Ok seriously, Lex, no talking once we're inside," Dean said as he brushed broken glass off the windowsill. He put his hand on the frame and vaulted in, making it look easy.

Lexi stood there, dumbfounded, looking from the window to the ground repeatedly. She opened her mouth to utter something but shut it quickly, heeding Captain Dean's orders. Before she knew what was happening her feet were off the ground and she was rising higher. She pulled her legs up as she was lifted over the windowsill. After clearing the window she stretched until her feet were firmly planted on the floor inside. She turned around just in time to see Sam vault through the window with only slightly less ease than Dean.

Sam moved past Lexi as Dean raised his hand in a signal to move forward. He would have been surprised that there weren't any demons on the first floor, but Dean was fairly certain that they, or rather Lexi, had cut the head off the snake. The demons that were left here didn't know what to do without their leader. Demons are fucking morons, Dean thought to himself as he rounded a corner that put him in front of the stairway to the basement. Sam automatically moved to cover the other side of the double doorway leading to the stairs. Dean held his arm out in front of Lexi, as if to restrain her and protect her simultaneously.

After the brothers peered through the dark, cracked glass of the small windows set in the double doors they exchanged one of those nods they had. One that said more than anyone who wasn't a Winchester could understand. Dean set his bag down quietly and pulled out two cans of spray paint, tossing one to Sam. Faster than Lexi would have thought possible they painted a huge circle, spanning the length of the door, with a star inside and some weird squiggles. Once they replaced the aerosols of paint back in their duffle bags they exchanged another one of those telepathic nods and Dean kicked one of the doors, now swinging thanks to rust and broken latches, open. Sam ducked away behind the corner and Dean did the same, pushing Lexi back up against the wall.

Lexi was about to ask him what they were doing, but of course, she wasn't supposed to talk, so she kept her mouth shut. Sure enough, not a minute later they heard steps on the stairs. Dean handed Lexi his bag as the footsteps approached the top of the stairs. She took it but didn't hold on very long; the weight of it made her elbows protest in pain so she set it down quietly next to her right as the door started to open. Dean was gone in a flash. Lexi peeked around the corner carefully. There was a scrawny man, maybe twenty-five years old with shaggy blonde hair, and Dean had his hand over the demon's mouth and his arm around the demon, restraining it.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas," Sam started muttering. The more he spoke, the more the demon writhed, until, eventually, Dean let go. Right as the eldest Winchester's hand uncovered the possessed man's mouth black smoke flew out of him, up to the ceiling. As if on cue they heard more footsteps, faster and greater in number this time.

"Lexi get back!" Sam hollered as he burst through the door, already firing at someone, no, something Lexi corrected herself.

Dean was not far behind him, running down the stairs unloading on the two demons that were heading up the stairs.

"Oh shit," Lexi heard Dean mutter under his breath.

"Lexi, KNIFE!" Sam called with a little more wit than Dean had.

"Oh …shit…" Lexi repeated as she fumbled for the knife strapped around her waist. She yanked it out of the sheath and tossed it in Sam's general direction. "Oh shit!" She whimpered loudly and darted out of the doorway, afraid to watch.

Though she couldn't see it, Dean's eyes nearly popped out of his head as the knife sunk into the demon's shoulder. "Nice," he commented before Sam yanked the blade out and slashed it across the demon's throat. With a flicker like a light bulb going out, the demon fell backwards down the stairs.

"Sam, go!" Dean hollered to his brother, Lexi wasn't completely sure as to why. But, passing Ruby's knife to his older brother, Sam complied.

From the top of the stairs Lexi peaked down in time to see Dean drive the knife home, right into the second demon's heart. Lexi couldn't help but to notice the dark green lifeless eyes as the older man, maybe mid-30s, fell back, dead. She thought it sort of looked like he had swallowed a bug zapper as he fell. The way he lit up, she could see his skeletal structure and it made her shudder. But she swallowed her disgust and, snagging Dean's duffle bag, she darted down the stairs with all the grace she had learned as a child. She tried to follow Dean as he searched the rather expansive basement for Sam, but she kept losing sight of him. Dean burst into empty rooms that looked like abandoned operating rooms. There was even a door that led to nowhere. This place was, outside of the demons, fucking creepy on it's own.

Kicking in a set of double doors that led to, what Dean could only guess was, an old cafeteria; he found his brother. And, go figure, Sammy was caught in a demonic chokehold…again. Why was he ALWAYS getting choked? Dean rolled his eyes as he uncapped a flask of holy water. That was about when he noticed the other person, well the other living person, present in the room. While most of the room was strewn with old rotting tables; the middle was mostly empty, tables upturned and tossed aside. Instead in the middle there was one lone chair. A girl, probably a few years older than Lexi, was tied to it with dark black bindings that were made of…something. Dean didn't get a decent look before hurling holy water all over the black-eyed woman in the room. Sam gasped for air when the demon's hold on him broke, seconds before Lexi burst into the room.

"Oh goddamnit," Dean bellowed as Lexi entered the room. He thought she knew to hang back.

"Nice try Winchester," The blonde haired woman spoke before flicking her wrist, sending Dean flying backwards. "Oh and you've brought me just what I need for our little ritual."

"I… oh...," The words got caught in Lexi's throat before she turned around and ran right back out the doors she came in through.

Dropping Sam and Dean, the demon whirled around and followed in Lexi's footsteps. Sam spent a second trying to breathe before he got to his feet.

"Motherfucker!" The Winchester's heard the howl from the other side of the doors. Dean was the first out the door though Sam wasn't far behind him.

When Sam pushed the double doors open he wasn't entirely sure how to react. He stepped back so he wouldn't run into Dean who was standing just on the other side, and was he laughing? Directly in front of Dean was the black-eyed blonde-haired demon they had been chasing. Not three feet away from the demon Lexi was looking very proud of herself.

"You're a quick one Lex," Dean said with a grin as Sam finally realized what was going on.

Next to Lexi on the ground was Dean's bag, wide open, a spray can of paint sitting right on top. Sam turned his gaze from her to the floor under the demon. In a messier scrawl than either Sam or Dean had ever seen work was a Devil's Trap on the ground in bright red.

"Did you…?" Sam was astounded.

"Yeah, you've been drawing them everywhere, it wasn't too hard to remember," Lexi answered with a blush.

"Wow, Lex…Nice job," Sam complimented her, his eloquence still out of reach.

"We'll congratulate your girlfriend later Sam, right now we have a demon to deal with," Dean chimed in sensibly. "So," His focus shifted to the imprisoned demon in front of him, "What sort of ritual were you talking about?" Dean couldn't help but think to himself that this girl would be sort of cute if she wasn't all black-eyed and murderous.

"Why would I tell you?" The demon spat back at him.

Dean sighed and pulled Ruby's knife out of the inside of his jacket, "Because if you don't, I'll have to use this."

"Oh no, a knife, I'm so fucking scared," She rolled her black eyes just before Dean quickly drew the blade across her forearm. The wound sparked and flickered just like the other demons had.

"Oh, I uh,… yeah," Lexi muttered almost inaudibly before weaving past Sam and Dean back into the cafeteria.

"Um, sorry about all this. Hi. My name is Lexi, that was Sam and Dean, we're here to save you, or kill demons or both, I don't know," Lexi said as she made her way to the girl in the middle of the room; she couldn't have been older than twenty.

"H-hi, I-I'm M-Mary," The girl whimpered. Her cheeks were tear stained and her arms were covered in dried blood. Lexi couldn't help but suppress a shudder as she got closer, remembering what it felt like to be in Mary's shoes. She had dark eyes and a deep brown skin tone. Her hair, though normally would have looked like fine black silk, was tangled and matted. Lexi thought she looked Native American.

"How long have you been here Mary?" Lexi asked as she moved behind the chair and started working at the knots in the familiar black bindings.

"I-I'm not sure, I think only a day or two. H-Have y-you seen my family?" Mary asked, her watery eyes filled with hope.

"Not yet, we haven't looked everywhere though," Lexi yanked a knot out of the black bindings on Mary's hands. "Do…do you know what this is? This rope? They used the same kind on me…"

"They took you too? How did you get out?" Mary asked through her sniffling.

"Sam and Dean saved me too," Lexi answered as she pulled another knot out of the binding.

"Thank God for them then. No…I don't know what it is but I know that it suppresses me…my abilities, otherwise I would have lit those fuckers up," Mary practically snarled.

"Yeah… I know the feeling," Lexi pulled the bindings off Mary's hands and started to work at the knots around her ankles when they heard an unearthly scream that sent shivers up Lexi's back.

The Winchester boys sauntered back into the room sans demon.

"Yeah, the demon, all taken care of, thanks for asking. And I think I got the gist of the ritual they want to perform too," Dean announced before he took his knife to the bindings still left on Mary.

"Yeah, some kind of conversion ritual," Sam elaborated a little before turning his attention to the recently freed captive. "Are you alright? Do you need a hospital?"

"I'm fine, just a little beat up. I need to find my brother. I know he's here somewhere. I-I…" Mary's eyes swiveled to the floor and didn't move.

"Don't worry we'll find him," Dean said, his voice full of confidence and hope. Only Sam could tell he was just putting on a show for the sake of this girl. Truth be told, they were all worried about finding her little brother.

"He's close, I could hear him," Mary finally said, moving past the Winchesters and out the double doors. "Tommy! Tommy! It's me, can you hear me?" Mary called loudly.

"Mary?" A weak response came from a few doors down the hall. The boys quickly bolted past Mary who brought up the rear with Lexi.

Dean turned the knob on an old office door but it wouldn't budge. From the other side they could hear Tommy calling for his older sister. Dean stood back before driving his boot into the door just under the handle, it splintered and gave way easily. Mary's torn up legs suddenly seemed to work again because she bolted between the two Winchesters and was at her brother's side before anyone really registered her moving.

"Oh thank god you're okay Tommy!" Mary gasped as she hugged her bound brother before taking a step back. The ropes on her kid sibling weren't black like the ones used on her. She touched her finger to the one wrapped around his right ankle and small flames jumped from her fingertips, incinerating the ropes before going out all on their own. She repeated this with each one of the bindings on him.

Tommy, who had to be about ten, leapt to his feet and threw his arms around his big sister once he was free. "Where's Mom and Dad?" Tommy asked eagerly.

"I um…I haven't seen them. I think we should go stay with Uncle Max on the reservation for awhile," Mary told her little brother. His eyes seemed to lit up at the mention of his uncle. "Can we please get the fuck out of here?" Mary asked, her attention turned to the Winchesters.

"I was just thinking that," Dean responded

Mary and Tommy hopped out of Dean's Impala and launched themselves through their uncle's front door. Thankfully Mary's relatives were already aware of her abilities. In fact her uncle and his wife were the ones who helped train her powers, which was why she had control over them. The siblings mourned the loss of their parents, but they still had family.

Once the two were inside with the intimidating looking Uncle Max, Dean pulled off, realizing that he had quite a drive in front of him. They were at least a hundred miles from their motel. Lexi yawned, despite sleeping all day she was still exhausted.

"So this ritual," Sam started when he realized no one else was going to bring it up. "If the demons gather one of each of the six elements, they can um… sort of suck the magick out of them."

"What?" Lexi's eyes opened fully at this.

"Yeah, there's this demonic ritual that will actually kill all six of the kids involved and put the powers of one of them into whoever performs the ritual," Dean elaborated.

"And if that demon was telling the truth, which it sounds like she was, they intended to take the powers out of a shadow elemental," Sam continued.

Lexi however, looked rather clueless, she had no idea what they were trying to tell her, "Um… oooookaaay."

"They were going to kill six kids like you so they could manipulate umm… six more kids like you. They wanted to use you like weapons but they couldn't get anyone to cooperate so they had to find a way to make you, by manipulating the darker emotions in you… I think," Dean explained, trying not to sound too intelligent, that was Sam's gig.

"I mean, we've seen how strong you are, and Mary was so precise, if they had six of you at their disposal, it'd be a wrecking crew," Sam said.

"Ok, but they're dead, so we won right?" Lexi asked, hopeful.

"No, those demons we killed were just working for someone with a higher pay grade," Dean answered her.

"So now what do we do?" Lexi questioned.

"Ugh, we get some sleep," Sam told her, his eyes shut though he was still awake.

"Then we go to Texas," Dean said with a hungry smile.