Description: Akatsuki is dead. Or so everyone thinks. Hinata finds an Akatsuki member. They make a deal. They will make her stronger as long as she doesn't tell and be their eyes and ears in the world. But if someone found out...

Hinata walk down the streets of Konaha. Her father disowned her like he always threatened to do. This was her 3 month in a row that she hasn't gone on a mission higher than C-rank. She was a Chuunin. No matter how hard she trains, no one would notice how strong she got. Not even Neji, who was pretty observant. She thought that if she became a medic nin, she would at least get some recombination. But no. Sakura would always be the one noticed. Even her mistakes were praised for crying out loud! And so her she is. Walking down the abandon streets of Konaha, down the district that nobody noticed. It wasn't a bad district. In fact, it was well taken care of. It's just the fact that it is where the resting homes are. She chose this area because she thought that the elderly people would need help. She was correct, and there was an added bonus to living here; she got to hear about Konaha in its early years and the elderly women and men knew quite a lot of inside gossip on modern day people. She just learned that Naruto has successfully gotten back Sasuke. He wasn't even due back in Konaha for a few weeks now! Looking up in the moonlit sky, she noticed something weird. A head of blue hair was on a roof, and it looks like there is blood in it...Hinata raced up the wall and found out that the blue hair person was a woman and she had a wound near her stomach. Hinata healed it as best as she could and raced the woman inside her apartment. Once inside, she put the stranger on her bed, healed the other wounds along with the stomach wound. She noticed that the stranger had a small fever that would get worse if not taken care of. So, she stayed up and took care of the woman.

It was early dawn that the woman woke up. Hinata also woke up. She was sleeping on the couch when she heard the blue haired woman move on the bed. Slowly, Hinata worked her way to her bedroom. When she got there, the stranger had a look of a deer caught in the headlights of a speeding car. Hinata slowly asked if she was okay. The woman asked who she was. Hinata replied that her name was Hinata Huuga. The woman then asked her what day and time it was. Hinata calmly replied what she asked. Hinata then asked the woman's name. She replied that her name was Konan. Hinata noticed that Konan was a bit jumpy. Hinata then asked what Konan was doing last night that caused her to get wounded like that. Konan looked around, closed the shades, locked the doors and cast a jutsu so that anyone listening wouldn't hear a thing.

"Can I trust you with what I'm about to tell you?" Konan asked.

"Yea, why?" Hinata asked.

"Do you know of the Akatsuki?" Konan was now acting quite jumpy. She kept thinking that she needed a person on the inside and Hinata would be a good person as any. If not, she would kill her.

"Yea, everyone knows of them. Why do you ask?" Hinata had no idea what she was getting into.

"I'm one of the members." Konan was waiting for a scream.

Blinking, Hinata replied "But all of the members are dead, right?"

"Sigh, no, we faked our deaths, Hinata, and I was wondering if you would be our eyes and ears since it is too dangerous for us to be out." Konan was getting ready to kill Hinata.

"If I agree, what would I get in return?" Hinata was planning to join whither or not she like what Konan would give her. Konan, however, was not expecting that.

"...I guess we could train you." Konan really had no idea what to give her. Luckily, Hinata knew that having the Akatsuki train her, even if just one trained her, she would get stronger and at least someone would notice her. And so, her answer was, "yes, we have a deal" And like last time, Konan was not expecting that.

"What, you mean you agree?" Konan tackled Hinata in a hug.

"Yea, I don't have anywhere to go, so what do you need to know?" Hinata asked, fully knowing that she was betraying Konaha.

"We need to tell the others." Konan started pulling Hinata out of the apartment and into the early dawn's light. They jumped from roof to roof until they got to the western side of Konaha. Then they started jumping from tree to tree for about five minutes. Then, Hinata dodged a kunai that was aimed for her head. Konan then commanded her to stop.

"Guys, you are setting a bad example to our information gatherer. Come out now and introduce yourself." Konan demanded to the empty area. Soon, there were a total of 11 people in the area, including Hinata. The first one to introduce themselves was a man with red hair and board, sleepy brown eyes. His stated that his name was Sasori. Next was a man, with long blonde hair in a ponytail and his left eye covered with his bangs. He also had pretty blue eyes. He said his name was Deidara. Next was a light blue skinned man that towered over her. His name is Kisame. After Kisame, a man with black hair in a low ponytail who Hinata has heard of. He was none other than Itachi Uchicha. A man with dark skin and a mask over his head was after Itachi. His name was Kakuzu. His partner, Hidan, was a silver headed man with pretty violet eyes. Zetsu, a man whose skin is half black and half white and a Venus fly trap attached to his shoulders, and Tobi, a childish man with black spiky hair and a orange swirly mask, went after Hidan. Pain, Konan's partner, has orange spiky hair and gray ringed eyes. Now, Hinata is being questioned by Pain.

"Your name and rank." Pain commanded her.

"H-Hinata Huuga, rank Chuunin." Hinata stated.

"Why do you want to be our little spy in Konaha?" Itachi asked.

"Well, um, no one notices me and I'm tired of it." Hinata replied.

"If no one notices you, why should we have you be our spy?" Itachi pressed on.

"I know that your brother has been captured and will be due here 3 weeks from now." Hinata blurted, embarrassed by all the attention she was getting.

"Where did you hear that?" Kisame asked.

"The old women in my apartment building" Hinata replied.

"How did they get this information?" Pain asked.
"Hmm, I believe that they have a grandchild in the retrieval group." Hinata replied.

And Cliffhanger.