Hinata spent the rest of the morning with Deidara not doing much. They mostly spent the day browsing the market and walking in the park questioning each other and anwsering questions about themselves to pass the time. By the time that they decided to depart, around noon, Hinata was fairly sure she was friends with Deidara. But she still had her doubts about betraying the village.

She hated when she had to choose between what is right and what is good for others. It is one of the reasons why she refuses to fight Hanabi. If she did what is right, aka fighting her sister, she will become the Hyuuga leader, however, if she did what is good, aka refuse to fight her sister, Hanabi will have a better future, instead of the life like their uncle, forced into having the Caged Bird Seal put on him.

Hinata just sighed, returning home, and got ready for her training session with Konan.

'I wonder what items I'll be faking?' Hinata thought, putting her hands into her pocket. It met with a piece of paper, however, one that wasn't there before. She pulled it out and read it.

It was from Deidara, and it said that she will meet Konan where she meet all of the Akatsuki. Once she was done reading it, Hinata burned it, leaving no trace behind. Hinata now snuck out of her home, out to the forest where Konan took her the first time.

Opon reaching it, she found Konan leaning on a tree. Konan pushed away when Hinata came to a stop.

"Glad you could make it. This shall be where you train for a while. It may move to a more secluded spot as you get better." Konan said as Hinata nodded. "Ok, when shall we start." Hinata said softly.

"Well, we already know you have good chakra control, but you can't hold it very long. That can become a problem later on long recon missions. We can't have you faking items right away if you don't have a long control with your chakra, so that is where we shall begin." Konan said while taking out a pitcher of water. "Hold out your hands and mold your chakra into a bowl shape. Your chakra should prevent the water from dripping down, but for how long I wonder?"

Hinata did as she was told, and when the water was poured, it held for three minutes. The second time, it lasted 30 seconds longer. For most of the time, she held it for three and a half minutes, every now and then for four minutes. By the end of it, Hinata could last for four and a half minutes.

Konan dismissed her before sundown, reminding her that if she does this for an hour every day, in ten weeks when they meet again, they should be able to begin the training and to meet Deidara and Sasori here at noon. As she turned to leave, Konan stopped her by saying words she barely heard, "I'm proud of you." Hinata smiled and jumped a way, anticipating the next day when Deidara and Sasori will teach her.

When she returned home, she took a shower, practicing what Konan taught her. When she was done, she retired into bed.


In the morning, Hinata ate breakfast and helped at the hospital until an hour before noon. She returned home and changed into training clothes and had lunch. Again, she snuck out of her home and into the forest. Sasori was the only one there.

"Um, W-Where is D-Deidara?" Hinata asked. Sasori just sighed, "He is late because he forgot that he had to work till one. Your a Hyuuga, correct?" Hinata just nodded, not knowing where this is going. "Well, until Deidara is here, I want you to try to beat me. Don't worry, I'll go easy." Sasori brought out a puppet, and brought it to life. Hinata was so shocked, she barely dodged when it tried to stab her with its sword. Hinata did what she could on the brink of panic.


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