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"…" = Speaking

'…' = Thinking/Inners

CAPITAL FONT = Yelling/Anger

Chapter 1: Mission Assignment

Tsunade paced back and forth across her office waiting for the team she had called. Of course she knew they would be late because of their Squad leader but she was still restless. Just as she was about to call Shizune for some sake there was a knock on the door and a puff of smoke from the window.

Tsunade mentally smirked before calling out, "Come in!"

In walked Team Kakashi with said Hatake fully visible at the window once the smoke cleared.

"I've called you here for a mission-" she started before she was interrupted…

"About time Granny Tsunade!" whined Naruto Uzumaki, the Kyuubi demon fox jinchuuriki.

"NARUTO!", yelled Sakura Haruno-her own apprentice-as she whacked him on the back of the head, "Don't interrupt the hokage!"

"Heh heh, sorry Sakura…" Naruto responded sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

The third member, Sai-also known as Sasuke's replacement and a former Root Anbu serving under Danzo-simply smirked at the two's antics.

Kakashi chuckled under his breath before his face became serious as he turned to the hokage, "You were saying Hokage-sama?"

"Right, the reason I have called you here is for a mission. The reason why I chose your team specifically is because this mission involves the Akatsuki, whom you have some experience with. Therefore it is classified as an S-rank mission. Your objective is to release this bomb, throw it into the Akatsuki base and get as far away as possible. The reason why we choose now to do this is because all the Akatsuki members will be gathered at one base for a couple of days-for a meeting and reports of their mission progress and such-and this is our chance to get rid of them."

"What exactly does the bomb do m'lady?" asked Sakura curiously.

"Aah! Yes well it is going to send the Akatsuki to another universe where hopefully they cannot return from, if you don't get far away you could be sucked into the alternate universe as well. Another reason this is an S-rank mission. It is up to you to choose to accept it." Tsunade replied with a calm face while inside she was worried about any of them getting hurt.

"We accept hokage-sama" said Kakashi calmly-taking the scroll and bomb-before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

The other members bowed once to the hokage before walking out and heading home to pack for their mission.

In a matter of hours they met up at the gate and headed off.

At The Akatsuki Base…

The Akatsuki wandered about the cave and mingled, bragging about their new jutsus and mission status.

"Deidara-senpai, Deidara-senpai! Is Tobi a good boy?" Tobi suddenly screamed clinging on to his senpai.

"No Tobi you are a very very bad boy, un! Now go pester someone else, yeah!" Dei replied annoyed by his kouhei.

Everyone laughed at poor Dei's misery while some of the more stoic ones simply smirked in amusement.

"What are you smirking at Uchiha? Un!" asked Deidara with anger.

"Hn…" was the only reply from the stoic man which caused the blonde to get even more pissed.

"Alright, calm down. We are here for a reason people! Get to sleep in your old rooms with your partners for today. We'll start the meeting officially tomorrow!" yelled Pein over the noise.

A groan was heard from the blonde terrorist while a scream of joy was heard from his hyper partner. Everyone else chuckled once more at the blonde's misfortune before heading to their rooms for the day.

At the Sound (Oto) Base…

Orochimaru smirked as his capsule and team walked into his throne room

"S-s-sasuke…I think you might like this-s-s mission…s-s-s-since it does-s-s involve your brother Itachi…" Oro said while smiling evilly.

Said Uchiha perked up from his position against the wall and actually paid attention for once.

"You, your team, Kabuto and mys-s-self will be going to inves-s-stigate the Akats-s-suki bas-s-se where the annual Akats-s-s-suki meeting will be held. For now it-s-s-s jus-s-st a s-s-scouting mission but it might change to combat hence why mys-s-self and Kabuto are coming along…" Orochimaru explained.

"Hn" Was the young Uchiha's reply.

While the rest of his team replied with a "Hai Orochimaru-sama" and a bow from Karin while Suigetsu and Juugo simply nodded.

Team Hebi once packed set out with Orochimaru and Kabuto trailing a safe distance behind.

Back to Team Kakashi…

The team hopped from tree to tree, they had been traveling for more than five hours with a stop every 2 hours. They were about half a mile from the base and slowed down to conceal their chakra before speeding up again.

An hour later they had arrived and set up camp for the night. Naruto was on guard duty first while Sakura and Sai set up a fire and went hunting for food.

Tomorrow they would attack…

Team Hebi and Sound…

They had arrived at the base and set up camp to scout tomorrow since they were all tired from the long journey. Orochimaru had made them conceal their chakras a long time ago just in case because who knew how many people had come to attack the Akatsuki during this gathering…

In the morning for the Akatsuki…

All the members sat calmly discussing their mission progress, how much money the Akatsuki had and what they would do next. All of a sudden Hidan got up and said he had to go to the bathroom. He walked off towards the door to go do Nature's duty when a scroll-like thing flew in.

"What the fuck is that?" he said aloud to no one.

Smoke started to spill out of it as his eyes widened in recognition.

"Shit! We're under attack! It's a fucking bomb!" he yelled attracting the attention of the other members still in the conference room before he started coughing because of the smoke.

"Damn smoke" he said in between coughs before everything went black.

The smoke slowly crept into the rest of the base as slowly the other members all started coughing and faded out as well.

In the morning for Team Kakashi…

They had everything planned out. They had done practice simulations five times to assure nothing would go wrong but they were not expecting the surprise that awaited them.

Kakashi had given the signal so Sakura put some of her chakra into the scroll-like bomb to activate it and threw it as hard as she could into the base.

Faintly she could hear a male voice yelling before she turned to head back to where her team waited for her so they could get away.

As she reached the team her eyes widened in shock along with the other two original members of team 7.

There standing before them was Sasuke-with Team Hebi, Orochimaru and Kabuto-who looked equally shocked to see them.

Both groups looked at each other for a few minutes as time stood still.

All of a sudden smoke started to filter out of the base as the groups seemed to realize where they were.

Team Kakashi gasped as they realized they had not left the area and had gotten absorbed in to the smoke from the bomb.

Sakura, Naruto, Sai and even Kakashi all started coughing-while Sound seemed to be doing the same thing-before everything went black…

In the morning for Sound…

Team Hebi along with Orochimaru and Kabuto approached the entrance to the base when Sasuke froze.

"What's wrong Sasuke-kun?" said Karin in a sickly sweet voice.

Then they saw them.

Across the clearing on the opposite side stood Team Kakashi.

The two groups stared at each other for a few minutes as time stood still.

Then they realized where they were. Sasuke's head shot up when he heard his old team gasp and raised an eyebrow in question.

Soon he saw they were coughing and he found himself along with the other Oto nins coughing as well.

The last thing he saw was his old team disappear into the smoke as everything went black…

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