Author's Note (3 June 2010):

Well... it looks like Yullen week has fallen through this year but I'm going to keep posting stuff for it. This is Kanda POV after Allen either dies or gives in to the Fourteenth. It was hard making Kanda seem a bit desperate and upset and tragic and begging while still being somewhat in character, so he is a bit OOC but I think I did okay. I know this is repetitive but that's sort-of the depressed-out-of-his-head sort of idea I was going for. I was also gonna go for fourteen sections but that would be WAY too much. I'm happy with this one. Now, on with story; disclaimer is on my profile, and read and review! Thank you.

Smile for me. Show me that fake mask, that false smile. Show me the small, naive, innocent, smile. Show me the bright wide grin, or the sad upward twinge of the mouth. I'll do anything, just smile for me one more time.

Cry for me. Sob heavily against my shoulder. Cry silently, face turned upwards. Scream and wail and clutch me tight, or cry tears of joy, happiness, love. Cry for the strength to save, cry for the death of one you barely know, cry for the twisted world, the doomed fate of us all. Just cry for me one more time, show me your tears just once more, and I'll never fear again.

Scream for me. Scream in anger, in pain, in frustration, in desperation. Scream at the hopelessness of this for. Scream for those you couldn't save. Scream at the pain that monster causes you. Scream because everyone else is gone now and you can show all the bottled up anguish and hatred and negativity. One more time, reveal those emotions you only ever showed to me, and let me believe that I'm an important part of your sacred existence.

Fight for me. Be that naive savior, martyr, and throw yourself in front of me. Take my blow; try to protect me, even though I'd heal so much faster. Try to repay the act from our first mission and let me yell and berate you for being such a brain-dead bean-sprout. Prove that you are strong to me, even though I really did know that from the beginning. Save the innocent, defend the weak, fight alongside a comrade once more. Fight, defend, protect, just one more time, so I can feel at ease.

Dream for me. Hope and pray and wish of a better future. Dream of a world where all is well, and there is no pain, and humans are kind, and innocence is unnecessary; a world where those who are gone have returned, whether from death or the darker path. Dream and watch as those hopes disappear, contorting into the nightmare of reality and our true futures. Dream, and again try to sacrifice everything to change nightmares into our aspirations and desires. Please, please dream for me so I can be free from the agony of my wishes and what could've been.

Play for me. Press out that haunting melody I only ever hear in the distance, barely distinguishable. Coax out of the piano the song that saved us all but torments with the reminder that you have a monster within, a monster that may have stolen away all the love from the one who raised you. Hope desperately for that song to lose meaning but thank that gift because without it, you would've lost more. Play the song you never let anyone hear that drifts along at the edge of hearing, floats in the subconscious from the moment it rescued. Play a little more so I can know that despite all the torment, your beauty is there.

Live for me. Stay by my side and live once more. Be the one I bickered with, fought with, protected, hated, loved. Just please, please live for me. Even if it's years too late, even if you've lost yourself, even if all is gone, couldn't you live for me again, just one more time, one last time?