CH 1 Summary: Gohan comes back from the club to find an innocent little brother.

Chapter 1-The Start

Gohan is on his way home after a long night at the club, it was late, about 2 a.m. Goten, his little brother, who is 10 at this time, is home waiting for his big brother to come home. Their parents are out of town for three weeks or so because the Ox King is very sick, so Chi-chi and Goku decided to stay over at his house till he recovers.

Gohan doesn't usually party at clubs and stay out this late. But since Chi-chi wasn't home, Gohan couldn't help himself but go out and party with his friends. This was his only chance to get out of the house without having a curfew.

He ran towards his house trying hard to avoid the rain, and saw that all the lights in the house were on. Gohan opened the front door and looked down at Goten/

"What are you still doing up at this hour Goten, isn't it way passed your bedtime buddy?" Gohan sounded like a bum, still drunk and still dizzy.

"I was waiting for you to come home Gohan, it was starting to get real late and you usually come home early. I was getting worried that something bad might have happened to you" Goten had a sad tone to his voice and also a fear because he thought Gohan was going to get mad at him for staying up so late.

"Hey, come on, you know your big brother can take care of himself." Gohan was about to explode in anger because he didn't want Goten to see him like this. He wanted to yell at him and slap him, but he loved his brother too much. So he took a deep breath and calmed himself, "okay Goten, let's get you to bed, you must be tired."

"Yeah...Boy am I ever!"

Goten left to go in his bedroom and Gohan followed behind him to tuck him in, even though he was already 10, but Gohan felt like it was his job. After all, he was his adorable little brother who he loved dearly.

"Why do you smell funny Gohan?" Goten said as he covered his nose. He was talking about the smell of booze coming from Gohan's body. But he was too little to know what that was.

"It's nothing Goten. Some cologne spilled on me, that's all." Gohan wanted him to go to sleep because he so tired and buzzed. "Now go to sleep little bro. You want me to take you to the zoo tomorrow don't you?"

"Yeah! Oooh…Oooh I wanna go to the zoo, I wanna go to the zoo!" Goten said excitedly.

"Then it's time to sleep. Goodnight." He tucked him in and kissed him on his forehead and took off to his own room to hit the bed.

There lay Gohan, in his bed, he wasn't buzzed anymore, he just couldn't fall asleep. The thunderstorm didn't even show a sign of slowing down, and the noise of the thunder rumbling and the rain drops falling was annoying him. He also had a huge boner in his boxers that he needed to take care of. I guess every guy gets one when they are drunk he thought. Gohan decided to go under his covers and rip off his boxers revealing his 8.5 inches. He started to stroke his dick nice and easy, moaning with each stroke.

"Gohan, you still awake?"

Gohan's heart skipped a beat hearing Goten's voice. He got scared cause he felt like he was caught committing a crime. But Goten didn't know what Gohan was doing because it was dark in the room. Gohan came out from under the covers and turned on the lights.

"Yeah Goten, what is it?"

"I couldn't sleep because I'm scared of the storm. And there's a boogeyman under my bed," he cried as he ran toward his older brother and jumped on him. Goten was sitting right on top of Gohan's boner. This made Gohan's head spin. "Can I sleep with you tonight Gohan?" Goten didn't even mean to ask, as he knew that Gohan wouldn't deny him.

A super saiyan that's scared of a boogeyman, that's the first, Gohan thought.

"Ugh…Yeah sure, hop in buddy," Gohan quickly said in the usual Son way, with his hands on his dick, so Goten wouldn't be able to feel his boner.

"Yay! You're the best Gohan!" Goten yelled with excitement.

"Ugh...hehe…don't mention it, hehe"

He got off of his brother's lap and went in the covers beside Gohan. "Why are you naked?" Goten saw his brother naked when he went under the covers.

"'s a teenager thing. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get older." Gohan thought how was he ever going finish his unattended dick? "Okay Goten, now go to sleep. It's way passed you bedtime now." Gohan decided to finish the job in the morning because he was too lazy and tired to get out of bed.

"Okay...Goodnight," Goten said in a sleepy voice. "You're the best brother anyone can ha...zzz."

He fell asleep.

Gohan whispered, "you too too. Goodnight and sweet dreams." Gohan kissed him on his forehead. Goten loved to get kissed when he goes to bed.

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