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CH 10 Glimpse: He saw future Trunks making love to Gohan, in the most passionate way ever.

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Chapter 10 – Memories Rekindled

"So where are we going?" Gohan shouted to Piccolo, who was in front of him leading the way to an unknown place. Gohan was a bit skeptical about leaving, not because he didn't trust his old mentor, but because he didn't want to leave those two twerps behind. But then he thought about it and realized that it's the weekend and they probably won't wake up till noon, especially after last night.

"Just follow my lead Gohan!" Piccolo turned his head back to Gohan and shouted out. Then he looked straight ahead as if he can see the destination from afar and said to himself, "I promise you, you'll enjoy this Gohan." They continued to fly for a couple more minutes until they finally landed in the middle of the forest. There were many boulders and trees surrounding them.

"Where are we Piccolo?" Gohan asked, even thought this place seemed familiar to him, as if he has been here before.

"You don't remember do you? I figured you'd forget since it has been over 20 years." Piccolo explained.

"Wait a minute, so I have been here before. I had a familiar feeling about this place."

"Yes Gohan. It is the same place where I trained you as a child when the Vegeta first came to Earth."

"Oh yeah, now I remember. You kidnapped me after my dad died." Gohan asked again, "so why did you decide to bring me here?"

Should I tell him right now, nah I think I'll wait.So instead, Piccolo said, "follow me." He led the way to a cave near the waterfall.

Gohan thought it was beautiful. The cave had a large opening, so there was just the right amount of light to see. "Wow this is a beautiful place Piccolo."

"Yes it is. Isn't it." Piccolo chuckled.

"So why'd you bring me here?" Gohan asked after hearing the chuckle that came from Piccolo.

Piccolo could smell the pheromones radiating off of Gohan. He couldn't stand it anymore. He needed Gohan, just this once. Just so he can finally know what it feels like. Before Piccolo could answer the question, he had a little flashback about the day he realized how badly he wanted Gohan.


Piccolo was keeping watch at the lookout. It was a horrible year due to the androids that were created by Dr. Gero. So all the Z-fighters came up to the look-out to train, in hopes of defeating the androids. Suddenly, he heard some noises coming from the time chamber. He can hear things from far distances even if it's in a different dimension. He decided to go see what was going on, to make sure Gohan was alright. After all, Gohan was only a teenager and he was training with Trunks, future boy who had a bit more experience when it came to fighting.

Piccolo opened the door to the hyperbolic time chamber and saw no sign of training on the battle grounds. But he still heard a noise, sort of a moaning noise, coming from the bedroom section. He made his way to the bedroom section as quiet as possible.

When he got there, he saw what he least expected to see. He thought Gohan might've had a bad nightmare, or future Trunks was reminiscing the terrible future he came from. But this! This wasn't even on his mind.

He saw future Trunks making love to Gohan, in the most passionate way ever. Gohan was on his back, his legs were spread open, and future Trunks was fucking him in a way that made Gohan moan in pleasure.

Piccolo was shocked and quickly made his way out of the time chamber and sealed the door again. He went back to his spot to keep watch, but his mind kept drifting over to what he saw. Gohan looked to beautiful. He knew that he it was wrong to think about Gohan that way, because he is former student. But he decided that day that he will get Gohan on his knees one day!


"Well Piccolo?" Gohan brought Piccolo out of his trance.

"I uh-I wanted t-to show you so-something." Piccolo knew that it's now or never. He had to take this chance, even if Gohan rejects it, he needs to know that he at least tried. So without and more delaying, he ripped off his clothes revealing his huge penis that was still not at full length yet.

Gohan was speechless, his eyes and mouth were wide open. Piccolo is freakin' huge, he not even hard yet!

"So Gohan, what'd y'you say? Do you want me Gohan, because I am damn sure that I want you begging me for mercy!" Piccolo didn't know where that slight rage came from, maybe it's his Namekian hormones that are to blame.

"P-Piccolo…I don't know what to say," Gohan said still getting over the shock of the big length that hung from Piccolo's muscular body. But he couldn't control himself, a naked Piccolo was making him horny by the second. So instead of using his head above, he listened to his lower head and approached Piccolo.

The sight of Gohan approaching Piccolo started getting him harder, because Piccolo knew that meant he was gonna get to pound Gohan once and for all. Gohan was finally close enough to Piccolo, so he reached for his penis, which was starting to get harder by the second. Gohan still had his eyes wide open, he couldn't even get his fingers to encircle the entire cock.

Piccolo moaned slightly at the touch. When Gohan heard this he started to slide his hand up and down the large shaft. Piccolo grabbed Gohan head and locked his lips fiercely with Gohan's. He snaked his tongue inside of Gohan's warm mouth, man did he enjoy the taste of Gohan. The kissing was starting to make Gohan erect again. It was getting painful for him though, because his dick was basically abused like four times yesterday. Piccolo started pressing both muscular chests onto each other. The friction down there only made both males more turned on.

Gohan started gasping for some air so he started to push Piccolo away, only a small distance so he can breathe. But before Piccolo could continue his assault in Gohan's mouth, Gohan told him, "Piccolo! I need you in me right now!"

Piccolo nodded and ripped Gohan's clothes off. "Get on your knees boy!" Gohan was enjoying the dominant side of Piccolo, and he where this would go so he did as he was told, like a little puppy obeying his master's command.

The sight of Gohan on all fours, with his smooth, creamy colored butt made Piccolo erect to the fullest. He down so his face was close to Gohan's pink little entrance. Piccolo started licking the entrance to prepare Gohan, because he's gonna need one hell of a preparation if Piccolo wanted to enter his small little hole.

Gohan instantly was moaning when Piccolo hot, slippery tongue came in contact with his hole. He next felt a finger enter him and stared feeling his inside as if it was searching for something.

Piccolo soon went from one finger to two, then to three, until all of his fingers were going in and out of Gohan's hole. "Piccolo, hurry!"

"Gohan, you'll have be prepared cause I don't want you in pain." Piccolo calmed Gohan down, by taking his free hand to stroke Gohan's dick. When Piccolo realized that his whole fist was able to go through, he took hand out and started to spit on his dick to get it all lubed up.

"You ready boy!" Piccolo yelled, he wasn't really asking, it was more of a command.

"Yeah! Hurry Piccolo!"

And with that, Piccolo slowly slid in to Gohan little hole. When Piccolo entered further into him, Gohan screamed out in pain. It hurt his so much, Piccolo was just too big. "Oh my Kame! Piccolo! It hurts! Stop! Stop!"

"Shhh..just stay clam Gohan, you'll enjoy it once you get used to it."

Piccolo still went further inside despite the cry of pain coming from poor Gohan. After a good minute, Piccolo was finally able to go all the way in. He stayed in that position until Gohan's yells turned into moans of pleasure.

Gohan thought he was gonna pass out, and he almost did when the head of Piccolo's dick hit his insides, he started to see black spots in his vision. It felt like if Piccolo went even further in, his dick would come out of Gohan's mouth. Soon Gohan wanted to be pounded like a naughty boy by his old mentor, so he started to back up against Piccolo's groin. That was an indication for Piccolo so he started to come out of Gohan and quickly ram back in.

Gohan moaned with each hit, he still felt pain, but the pleasure was too much. If someone were to stand outside near the cave, they would hear skin on skin, slapping each other; with a moan followed by each tap.

"Piccolo! Harder! Faster!" Gohan was begging Piccolo to pound him till he passes out.

Piccolo started going faster and harder with each tap. He started to moan louder as he felt close to his climax. But he still wasn't done with Gohan so he stopped the pounding. And quickly grabbed Gohan by the waste, and spun him around so Gohan was on his back facing him. Then he scooped up the boy and stood up.

As if a reflex reaction, Gohan instantly wrapped his legs around Piccolo's waist and Piccolo stood up. Gohan buried his head in the nook Piccolo's neck. Piccolo started to lift Gohan up and down and fucked him faster. He started to stroke Gohan's penis even faster. Gohan couldn't handle it anymore; he instantly blew his load all over Piccolo's abdomen. The tightness surrounding Piccolo's shaft took him over the edge as he released his load into Gohan. But he was still pounding Gohan nonstop.

Gohan felt the hot liquid filling him, and kept filling him without stopping. The semen created the perfect lubricant for Piccolo to pound him with ease. But then Piccolo dropped Gohan on the ground and he stoked himself, letting all of his green liquid spray over Gohan's ivory body. Once the liquid stopped flowing from his dick, he fell to his knees from pure exhaustion. Gohan noticed the green liquid and chuckled a little.

" I didn't your cum was green…hehe" With that Gohan passed out. Piccolo realized this and scooped him up and flew him home.

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