A Crack fic I made to get my mind off of the terrible case of Writer's block I've been having. i'm still workin on Stolen Love so dun worry, this is just a lil much needed distraction for me Well~ Here ya go!

Allen: Bambi-chan dusn't own -Man, no matter how obsessive she may be about it.


Lavi: Sure sure. Let's ask Josie!

Josie: No! My name is Josie the Great!

Everybody except Josie: *no comment* ...onto the story...

"Allen, be careful when you move that box ok?" Komui ordered. Allen nodded and picked up the box, which was, surprisingly light. He shrugged and started carrying it to the other side of the science department. Just when he was about to set it down, Lavi popped out of nowhere and yelled, "ALLEN! Whatcha doin?" Startled, Allen tripped and fell on the box, causing whatever was inside of it to break and burst into a cloud of brown smoke. "Oops...Allen you alright...?" Lavi asked, while using some of the papers on the floor to blow away the smoke. Allen walked out coughing and replied saying, "Yeah, I'm fine. Looks like my hair's still normal length so maybe whatever was inside of there was just a smoke...bomb...Lavi...why are you staring at me...?" Allen asked, raising an eyebrow and looking quizzically at his redheaded friend. "A-Allen...you...your...hold on." Lavi left and came back holding a leash and a collar. He put the collar on Allen and attached the leash. "Better! A little doggie shouldn't be running around the order without a leash now should they?"

"What the...dog?...Lavi in case you haven't noticed, I'm HUMAN. Do you see a dog tail ANYWHERE on me?" Allen asked, slightly annoyed. Lavi just grinned and said, "Why yes I do Moyash- I mean Chibi Inu-tan. And it's rite...HERE!" Allen yelped when he felt something behind him being pulled. He slowly turned around and was shocked to see a white, silky tail protruding from his pants. Allen was also shocked when he felt ears, on the top of his head. "L-Lavi! H-how...What...Why a dog?" Allen asked. Lavi just shrugged and said, "Oh well. At least now your even more loyal than before! Hmm...Lemme test something." Lavi looked around the science department for a ball. When he found one he walked over to it and threw it somewhere. "FETCH!"

"Why would I fetch a- BALL BALL BALL!" Allen started running after it, letting his tongue dangle out of his mouth. After biting down hard enough so that it wouldn't fall out, he ran back to Lavi and plopped it into his hand. "ARF!~" He wagged his tail happily, but stopped abruptly when he realized what just happened. "Lavi! Stop laughing it wasn't funny! Come on, I'm going to see Komui to see if he could fix this." He started walking, but Lavi grabbed the leash and started to lead Allen outside. "Nonono, I like you better this way Chibi Inu-tan! Let's go show Yuu-chan how adorable you look now!" Lavi laughed when he heard Allen growl. Oh, this was going to be a fun day~


"Baka Usagi, I never thought I'd say this but, you finally did something worthwhile!" Kanda admitted, picking up his plate full of Soba from the tray that Allen carried. Allen glared at the Japanese teen, but said nothing. 'Stupid dog instincts. I can't even call him a pretty boy...I wonder if he thinks I'm doing a good job? I hope so!' Allen started wagging his tail at the thought and smiled, before he got control over his mind again. "GAH! Being a dog is so stupid! All they want to do is please idiots like you, Bakanda and Baka Usagi!" Allen growled. Kanda was just about to pull out mugen when Lavi turned to him and said, "No need Yuu-chan, look at what I have here~" He pulled out a thin, silver whistle from his pocket and Allen's eyes grew wide. "You wouldn't..." Lavi laughed at that like it was the craziest thing he's ever heard. "Oh, yes I would Chibi Inu-tan!~" Kanda looked at the redhead in confusion when Lavi blew the whistle as hard as he could.

"BAKA USAGI! ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME DEAF-...Hey wait, why don't I hear anything?" Kanda asked, and turned to face his 'best friend'.Lavi smiled and pointed at Allen. Allen was sitting on his hind legs, arms up to his chest, panting and wagging his tail. He looked back and forth between Lavi and Kanda, as if waiting for a command or begging for a treat. "I taught him that!" Lavi said proudly, whistle back in his pocket. Kanda smirked as Allen regained his composure, glaring at the redhead. "I hate you, Master!" Allen slapped a hand over his mouth. 'Did I just call that guy Master? This is getting a little out of control...Gosh! I want dog biscuits so badly! Maybe if I'm really good Master can give me so- WHAT AM I SAYING? Shoot...I'm losing control way too much. I really need Komui...dog biscuits...' Allen thought, licking his lips. Just then his stomach growled, much louder than usual. "Hmm...seems like Chibi Inu-tan is hungry. Would you like some kibble?" Lavi said, amused to see Allen nodding his head hungrily. "Well Rabbit, I've finished my Soba and I'm leaving. Have fun with your new pet." With that said, Kanda stalked away.

"Lavi, can I pleaseeeee have some food?" Allen whined. Lavi replied saying, "Sure, just call me 'Master', be even more loyal than you already are, and never change back to being your boring old Human self!" Allen glared at the redhead,"Not a chance!" He bared his teeth and growled at the boy, then tried biting him. Lavi quickly grabbed the spray bottle that was next to his chair and sprayed Allen's face. "NO! Bad! Don't bite your Master, Chibi Inu-tan! Down!" Lavi kept spraying Allen until he complied and sat down, whimpering because he got scolded. "Since you tried biting your master, no food for you!" Lavi said. Allen was shocked at the thought of no food. Desperate, flattened his ears against his head and looked up at Lavi with big puppy dog eyes that could melt even Kanda's heart. "Nope! That won't work unless I look at you!" Lavi said, with closed eyes. Allen decided to change his tactics. Letting his newly found dog side take over, he started liking Lavi's face, whimpering the entire time. Seeing that Lavi started to react, Allen started licking his ear. After a few licks the redhead finally opened his eyes and looked at him. Allen did his best puppy dog face and whispered, "Please get me some food, Master? I promise to be a good dog from now on." Lavi gulped and nodded slowly, running off to the cafeteria.


"Master, I ran out of food. Go get me more please?" Allen said in a very cute voice. His 'Master' turned to look at him, and wished he hadn't. "More dog biscuits, or will it be kibble this time...?" Lavi said, eye twitching. "Hmmm...both!" Allen said, smiling a very adorable smile. Lavi's cheeks immediately went bright red and he turned around and started marching off towards the cafeteria, for the sixth time that hour. Allen laughed and said, "Maybe being a dog aint so bad!" Just when Lavi came back and Allen was about to eat, brown smoke appeared again and Allen's ears and tail disappeared. Lavi smirked, seeing as the little Moyashi didn't notice, and watched as Allen began choking on the dog food, which he couldn't eat anymore. "Looks like I'm not your Master anymore bean sprout. Now you can't order me around!" Lavi said, ruffling the shorter's hair, then walking away. Allen pouted and silently wished that he had his tail and ears again.

Oh, if only he knew to be careful with what he wished for.

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