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Allen woke up feeling very irritated. He didn't know why, but he had a feeling that the irritation would progress throughout the day. 'And on a Sunday of all days...' Allen thought. He sluggishly got out of bed and noticed he never changed out of his clothes.

"Come to think of it, I haven't had a chance to change since last Tuesday...Wait...Tuesday...OH MY GOSH," Allen yelled, running into the bathroom and hurriedly taking a long shower. He took his time, trying to scrub off all the filth and grime he'd accumulated over the course of five hectic days. After an hour of scrubbing, rinsing, washing and any other adjective used to describe cleaning, he stepped out of the shower, feeling much happier.

"Ahhhh~, much better..I feel so much happier now~" Allen sighed. He grabbed a nice and fluffy towel and dried himself with it, then took a comb and started combing his hair, taking extra special care to avoid his ears. He looked down at his tail, and sighed. 'Might as well...' Using the same comb, Allen started to comb his tail. He then took a brush and started brushing it, and finally combed it one more time. When he finished, his tail was slightly fluffy and silky smooth. Allen smiled, he had gotten used to his tail and ears, and was starting to grow fond of them.

After he put on his clothes and vigorously brushed his teeth(he noticed he had canines now, but he didn't really care), Allen felt this morning's irritation leave his system completely. He wanted to sleep a little more, but walked into the cafeteria to eat.

"It's amazing my stomach isn't growling. I haven't eaten since Tuesday either. I guess Tuesday was be bad luck for me..." Allen mused, ordering his food and going to sit down.


Somewhere else in the order, a certain Komui yawned. Looking through all the potions you gave a certain human-dog exorcist hybrid certainly was tiring. He noticed that one of the bottles had a chemical that repressed the feeling of hunger. "Well, would you look at that? It's no surprise that we haven't heard 'The Beast' growling like it should be, then," Komui said. He didn't linger there for too long, he was busy concocting another plan. He had finally made a cure for Allen's problem and he could give it to him right now, but where was the fun in that? He had to think of a way to give Allen the antidote a little bit at a time so that he wouldn't be cured immediately, and he had to figure out how to get everybody involved.

After a long time of thinking and using the brain power he should be using for his actual work, Komui had devised a brilliant plan. He laughed maniacally and and used the golems to call all the players in his little came to his office. Right when everybody had arrived, a monsterly howl shook the building, and it was promptly followed by a groan. Komui chuckled.

"I guess it's wearing off by now..."


Allen repeatedly started to slam his head on the table and grip his stomach. The hunger was almost unbearable and it was very odd. He didn't feel hungry at all and suddenly his stomach was growling like it hadn't eaten in months. He let out another groan and banged his head on the table even harder. Some finders glanced at Allen with strange expressions, but Allen was too hungry to notice. He stopped slamming his head and stared at the table. 'What's taking them so long? I feel like I'm going to die if I don't eat right now...Ugh, I NEED food...Hmm...I wonder what wood tastes like...I bet it tastes good...put some salt on it...'(1) He was so busy looking at the table that he didn't notice a somebody sneak up on him. "Hey Chibi Inu-Tan!" somebody whispered in his ear.

"GYA!" Allen shrieked. He turned around, clutching his heart, and faced none other than a smiling Lavi. "LAVI! DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT...AND DON'T CALL ME BEANSPROUT! ...I MEAN CHIBI INU-TAN!" Lavi laughed at Allen and he ruffled his hair, "I wouldn't call you that if your reaction wasn't so funny!" Allen huffed, turning his attention back to the table and completely tuning out Lavi. He was trying to figure out how to eat it without gaining splinters, when he noticed what Lavi smelled like. He immediately snapped his head up to stare at Lavi. Said redhead looked at Allen and raised an eyebrow, "Something wrong?"

Allen didn't answer as he was to focused on how good Lavi smelled. 'I smell bacon...and eggs...with pancakes...Oh! Is Lavi made out of them? No, that's not it. He can't be moving if he was made out of food...He just probably had them for breakfast...I wonder if he tastes like them. No, that's absurd! Stop thinking about that, Allen Walker! ...But what if he does? I bet Lavi tastes good...Hmmm...Well Kanda does call him 'Rabbit'. Does he taste like rabbit? I wonder how you cook rabbit, should I grill them? Maybe I should fry them...' Allen thought him his hunger crazed daze. Another growl came from his stomach and his thoughts settled on one answer: Eat him raw.(2)

Allen stood up and grabbed Lavi's arm, bringing it up to his mouth and licking his hand. Lavi on the other hand, yelped and glared at Allen with a slight tint of red in his face. "W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING, BEAN SPROUT?" he yelled, trying to get his hand away. Unfortunately, Allen was holding his arm with his inhumanly strong left hand, so Lavi's arm didn't even budge. Allen paid Lavi no heed, and instead grabbed some salt off the table and sprinkled it onto Lavi's hand. Lavi's super rabbit instincts knew where this was going. 'Dog+Rabbit+Salt=...I better run now...' Lavi thought, getting up and trying to run away, only to fall back down as Allen still gripped his arm.

"Where are you going, Little Bunny? I still haven't even tried any of your tasty bacon flavored flesh!" Allen said in a slightly maniac voice. Lavi noticed his eye was twitching, and he gulped. He knew for a fact that Allen hasn't eaten since Tuesday, but he didn't know if Allen would really eat him. Since he was still gripping his arm, Lavi was pretty darn sure he would.

"" Lavi replied, weakly. Allen clicked his tongue, and then bit into Lavi's hand. Lavi yelped and tried to yank his hand out again, when Allen started chewing.

"KYAAA!" he screamed, like a little school girl. This time, he managed to rip his hand out of Allen's mouth. He held it close to his body and started to run away, Allen chasing after him. He looked back to see that Allen was catching up to him, so he ran even faster, bumping into a bunch of finders in the process. He fell on the floor and in seconds, Allen was on top of him. Lavi gulped and tried to throw Allen off, but he wouldn't budge. Allen smiled savagely as his stomach growled once again.

Just when Allen was going to chomp down on Lavi's neck, his/Lavi's knight in shining armor came to his rescue! ...Ok so it was actually a man in an apron, but to Allen, he was his saviour. Lavi's too, since it meant he wasn't going to get eaten by a hunger crazed Beansprout. Jerry looked over at the two, and completely misunderstanding, he gasped.

"ALLEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO LAVI? SHOULDN'T IT BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND?" he yelled, putting the food down onto a nearby table. Lavi got the meaning of his words, and blushed bright red. "N-No Jerry, i-it's not what it looks like! Allen was just trying to-"


Allen barely made it to the food when he started tearing into it, almost taking a chunk of wood in the process.

"Jeez! You sure do seem hungry! Would you like some more? And Lavi, how else can you explain such a suspicious position?" Jerry asked, delighted at the thought of getting able to make more food and curious about what was going on. Allen nodded and Jerry told Lavi to hold his thought. He ran back to the kitchen and started preparing enough food to feed an army. Allen continued eating and finished in no time. Even though he had consumed a massive amount of food, he was still hungry. So he (not so) patiently waited for Jerry to arrive with more food.

Lavi stayed a little bit aways from Allen, his little rabbit instincts telling him he was still mad with hunger. He started tapping his foot for no reason, his nose twitching a little, making him look even more rabbit-esque than ever. When Jerry arrived and put the food on the table, Allen inhaled it. When he finished, he let out a satisfied sigh followed by a burp. "Oops, excuse me!" Allen said, smiling sheepishly and covering his mouth. Lavi sighed in relief, 'If Allen's manners are back, then I don't think I'm in danger anymore...' He turned to Jerry and said, "Ok well, the reason we were like that is because apparently, Allen will eat anything and anybody in sight, and unfortunately...that was me..." Jerry pat his back and gave him an apologetic smile. He walked back into kitchen and started taking orders from the people in line again.

"So...Lavi," Allen said.


"Why are you here again?" the boy asked, raising an eyebrow. Lavi's emerald eye widened as he yelled, "OH YEAH! I almost forgot, Komui said that he made a cure for your little problem!" As he said that, he pet Allen's ears, making Allen smile and his tail wag. "Arooo~!" He leaned into the touch and felt happy that his ex-Master (since Lavi had clearly stated he wasn't Allen master anymore last Monday) was petting him.

Lavi stopped petting Allen, making him go back to himself. The little dog-boy looked at at Lavi and half-heartily glared at him. "You will speak of this to no one..." Lavi rolled his eye and said, "Suuuuuuure. But yeah, Komui said to hurry up and get to his office." Allen nodded and they walked to Komui's office.


'How did this happen?' Allen thought as he looked around for anybody, Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda, Johnny, ANYBODY. Suddenly, this morning's irritation started to crawl back into his system. He turned another corner and saw that nobody was there either, then looked down and reread the papers in his hand.

"I can make you feel fright,

Or that every thing's all right.

I can make you feel tall,

But remember:

Just don't fall.

Come find me."

Allen sighed at the piece of paper. He couldn't figure out what it meant, and he had to yet again ask himself, 'How did this happen?'


"So Allen, I have the cure right here," Komui said, holding up a tiny test tube of a watery-looking substance. Allen smiled and ran up to grab it, but Komui held it out of his reach.

"Ah-ah-ah! You see Allen, this amount of antidote won't cure you, it would take at least four others to take everything away," he chirped. Allen smiled excitedly and asked, "Ok then, where's the rest?"

"Well, you're going to have to find them! My sweet, darling, lovable Lenalee-chan, Kanda-kun, Lavi, Johnny and myself will be hiding throughout the Order, and you have to come find us!" he said, handing Allen four pieces of paper. Allen looked at them quizzically and Komui explained what they were.

"These are clues as to where each of us are hiding. I don't have one because I'm right in front of you, so why bother hurting your brain thinking? You have to find us and figure out a way to make us give it to you. Once you get them all, your free, the ears and tail will go away, but be careful, they'll find somebody else to use as their host, so your going to have to pray that none of us get them. If you can't get all of the vials by the end of the day, you'll stay a dog forever. That is unless you want to me to forcefully remove-"

"It's ok, I think I'll play the game!" Allen said nervously, waving his arms around in the air. Komui smiled and said, "Well then, Let the games begin!"


Komui had been easy enough to get an antidote from. All Allen had to do was make Komui look behind him and snatch the vile, drinking it before Komui could snatch it back. Now, he was trying to figure out the riddle on the first piece of paper.

"How can something that causes fright make you feel alright? Ugh..this is hard. Maybe I should think of things that make me feel tall, yeah that's it! Ok, shorter people make me feel tall, and they can be scary sometimes...but why would you worry about falling? Hmm..Komui's hair tonic made me feel tall when they shrunk Lavi and Kanda, and you would worry about that falling on you, it's also really scary considering it turned Bookman into a rabbit-cat...but how would it make you feel alright?" Allen muttered, subconsciously walking up a flight of stairs. The next thing Allen knew, he was right in front of the door leading to the roof. It finally hit him.

"AHA! Roofs are frightening, but when you look up at the stars at night they make me feel nice. Heheh, they also make me feel tall because I can look down on everything~! ...But I almost fell that one time. Somebody must be on here!" Allen concluded, feeling proud about his discovery. He opened the door to the roof. Lo and behold, there was Lenalee standing in the middle of it. She turned at the sound of a door opening and saw Allen right there. Smiling, she activated her innocence and flew up into the air and yelled, "Just try and get the potion, Allen!"

Allen stared up at her, but didn't activate his innocence, after all he didn't fight girls unless they were akuma or Noah. He started to think of how to get Lenalee to give him the vile, and Lenalee started to squeal. Allen looked up at her, confused, and Lenalee squealed even more.

"That face is so cute, Allen-kun! It just looked so adorable and D'awww and Kyaa!" Lenalee said, bringing her hands up to her mouth and squealing again. Allen had been told he had a cute face from many of his Master's girlfriends, so he guessed the dog ears just enhanced that, especially if he looked confused or deep in thinking. He chuckled as he remembered that he was able to bend Lavi's will when he used every dog's secret weapon: Puppy Dog Eyes. 'Wait a second...Idea!'

Allen took a deep breath and looked up at Lenalee using his best puppy dog eye face he could make. Lenalee immediately stopped squealing and stared at Allen open-mouthed. Allen kept it up and cutely asked, "Lenalee-chan, can I pwease have that vile of antidote? I pwomise I'll be a good doggie from now on!" Lenalee was powerless to Allen's charm, she squealed extremely loudly and floated down, thrusting the antidote towards Allen, sparkly-eyed(3). He took it and gulped it down, then flashed a smile that was an easy 100 on Lenalee's moe scale. She squealed one last time and glomped Allen, snuggling into his ears and causing him to fall down.

Allen gently pushed her off saying, "Uhmmm...I'm going to go find Lavi and Kanda now...See ya, Lenalee!" He quickly walked back to the door and down the flights of stairs, leaving Lenalee to fangirl herself out. Allen crumpled up her clue, and read the next one.

"I'm in the training room. Hurry up and get over here so I could quit this stupid game and get on with my life, Stupid Moyashi."

Allen's eyebrow twitched, but he was thankful that Kanda was very blunt. He hurried to the training room and saw Kanda in the middle of it, ticked off and slicing dummies like they had eaten his soba. Allen tentatively approached him, and Kanda whirled around to glare at him. "It's about time you got here!" he snarled. Allen frowned, but asked, "Can I have the antidote now?" Kanda smirked, and Allen felt his stomach drop.

"Listen up, I've been stuck waiting here for an hour and a half, there's NO way I'm giving you this cure. You can stay a dog forever for all I care!" he snapped. Allen's mouth went wide in shock, and Kanda just gave him his signature, 'Tch.' Allen tried to think of ways to get Kanda to give it to him, and he thought about trying to use his 'doggy-boy moe charm'. 'Well...worth a shot...'

"But Kanda-saaaaan!~ You wouldn't want your cute, little, lovable friend to stay like this forever, would youuu~?" Allen asked, using a sugary sweet voice and making a puppy dog face. Kanda stared at him, and his eye started twitching. Thinking it was working, Allen started to twirl his hair, when he felt cold metal against his neck.

"Make that disgusting face again, and you die..." Kanda seethed out. Allen gulped. 'I guess Kanda doesn't like moe...and hates affection..' Allen thought. Thinking over other ways, Allen came up with an idea he was sure would work...but it might get him killed too soo...

Allen's hands shot up to cover his ears. It sounded like somebody was wailing, like Komui when he wakes up. Kanda didn't seem to hear it at all, eyes trained on glaring at Allen.

...It was worth the risk.

"RAAAH!" Allen yelled stupidly, throwing mugen out of Kanda's hands and clinging onto him. Kanda shuddered and his eye twitched. "THE HECK ARE YOU DOING, BEANSPROUT?" he exploded. Allen gulped and yelled back, "GIVE ME THE DARN ANTIDOTE SO I CAN LET GO OF YOU AND BURN MY ARMS TO GET YOUR IDIOTIC CELLS OFF OF ME."


"NEVER!" Allen said, clinging harder. With both his eyes twitching and his skin crawling, Kanda grabbed the cure and threw it across the room yelling, "TRY AND GET IT BEFORE IT BREAKS, MOYASHI!"

Allen watched as the cure traveled across the room through the air, and pushed Kanda away to go catch it. Kanda hurried out of the room, scratching his arms and making a mental note to cut off his arms before the Idiot Sprout's stupidity rubbed off on him. The antidote nearly fell, but Allen caught it, just before it came in contact with the cold, stone floor and shattered into a million tiny pieces and would have left Allen to stay a dog forever more.

"Phew...I almost lost that..." Allen said, opening it up and drank it. "Two more to go!" he said, crumpling Kanda's paper and picking up a new one.

"Peaceful and silent,

Or busy and loud.

It's like that, during any time of the day,

So why don't you stop by and play?

Come find me."

Allen thought about this one for a little bit. "Hmmm...this is either Johnny or Lavi...It's Johnny's. Lavi's would be so unreasonable I wouldn't find him in a million years," Allen told himself. He started thinking of places that could be loud and silent, and was left with a few choices.

"Well, there's the lounge, cafeteria, and rooms. I doubt Johnny would be in his room, and he included play. Knowing him, it's going to be chess or something. I'll go check the cafeteria!"

Allen ran towards the cafeteria and when he entered, he looked around for Johnny. When he didn't see him, he turned tail and ran towards the lounge.

"Hey Allen! Glad you could find me! Komui told me to give this little vile to you if you beat me in a game of chess," Johnny greeted, patting the seat right next to him. Allen smiled and sat down. 'Finally, a normal person...' he thought.

"You ready?" Johnny asked, setting up the chessboard. Allen nodded, and they started to play.


"I GIVE UP!" Allen shouted in frustration. He had tried to beat Johnny six times, and always failed. He was a card shark who mastered every cheat...yeah, there aren't many cheats in chess. He let his head fall on the chess board and he started to grumbled, "Stupid chess...stupid thinking...stupid Komui...stupid ears...stupid tail..." He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up at Johnny who was smiling sympathetically. He took the vile and placed it in Allen's hand saying, "Here, I know you really want it so take it. Just don't tell Komui, alright? He'd kill me if he knew I didn't listen to the 'rules'."

Allen smiled gratefully and thanked him, drinking that vile too. He grinned from ear to ear as he let out a sigh. "One more vile, and I'm free!" Allen said. Johnny cheered, then proceeded to put away the chessboard and Allen left, crumpling Johnny's paper. He sighed, and took out Lavi's apper, the only person left. 'I'm never going to find him...' Allen thought, already knowing Lavi would have put some crazy nonsense on it.

"In front, behind,

From side to side.

Above and below,

From Head to toe.

I'm here, I'm there,

I'm everywhere.

Woops, Where did I go?

Come find me~"

Allen's eyebrow twitched as he thought, 'Yep...definitely something insane...' Seeing as the clue wouldn't help him at all, Allen crumpled it up and threw it into the nearest trash can. His stomach growled so he walked into the cafeteria to get some food. He went up to the order window and greeted Jerry saying, "Hi Jerry-san. For dinner, I feel like eating Hispanic food. I'll have I'll have 40 pupusas, 23 tacos, a pitcher of horchata, a large bean and cheese burrito, and an enchilada on the side. Oh! And for desert I want Atol de Elote." Jerry grinned and flew into the kitchen, shouting orders and making horchata. Allen couldn't help but notice that his grin seemed somewhat...expectant? 'Ah well, it's probably just me. With all that happened this week, I feel like everbody's out to get me,' Allen thought heading towards a table to sit down.

"Allen!~~ Your food's ready!" Jerry called, pushing a cart over towards the table. Allen noticed that it was taller than necessary, and there was a table cloth on it.

'Well that's strange..' he thought. Shrugging it off, Allen thanked Jerry and picked up his fork and knife, then put a napkin inside his shirt to prevent food getting on it. Jerry stayed there, which was unusual for him, and he kept giving Allen this one grin that just...creeped him out? It was like he was expecting something to happen...

...Well Allen could ponder on that later, his stomach was empty and there was a buffet in front of him, so he started to eat. After he ate all of the food in sight, he went over to a silver platter with a giant cover on it. Licking his lips expecting something special, Allen grabbed the handle. Jerry's eyes lit up and he waited excitedly for Allen to open it, which he did the very next sentence.

"GRAWRRRR!" a redheaded head yelled, looking up from the silver platter it was on. Allen positively shrieked and jumped back, while Jerry laughed and went back to the kitchen to tell everybody how it worked out.

"Rawr! Grr! Arf!" the seemingly decapitated head continued to yell, but more joking this time. Allen clutched his heart, taking deep breaths in order to calm down. When he finished hyperventilating, he noticed that the head was laughing...and oh was Lavi's. 'How am I not surprised?' Allen thought.

"Lavi! What are you doing in there? How did you even get in there! ..Wait, Where's my food? Wasn't there any food there?" Allen yelled, walking back towards the cart. Lavi laughed, then pulled his head through a hole in the platter. He crawled out from under the table cloth, and meandered over to a cross looking Allen. Slinging an arm over his shoulder he cheerily said, "Awww, don't be like that, Chibi Inu-Tan!"

Allen ducked through Lavi's arm before Lavi had a chance to ruffle his hair, and he he literally growled. The growling Allen was doing, accompanied by the face he made, formed an idea in Lavi's mind.

"Well, Komui told me you'll be needing this~," Lavi held out a vile tied to a string that Lavi wore as a necklace, "for you to get better. Quite personally, I like you the way you are at the moment, it's cute really. Makes you look more feminine. But anyways, yeah, so there's only around...four or so hours left before the day's over. I'm making sure your never getting my vile! Catch me if you can, Chibi Inu-Tan!" And Lavi ran out of the cafeteria, kicked open a window, activated his hammer, and flew off into town, leaving Allen wide-mouthed and unbelievably excited. His mouth closed and turned into a very murderous smile.

"Ohhhh boy, Lavi, you shouldn't have done that...I just discovered how much dogs love to chase. Hunting is a fun pass time for them..I believe you just made a grave mistake, dear little rabbit-chan!" Allen chuckled out, activating his innocence and jumping onto Lavi's still extending hammer, running on it with such grace and balance, it would make even the best tight-rope walker jealous.

Lavi looked back when he felt his hammer start to bounce up and down, in swift jerky motions. He looked back to see Allen was running on it. Panicking, Lavi yelled, "SHIN! SHIN SHIN SHINNNNNNN!" Although he did extend did Allen. Lavi decided to try and shake him off, so he retracted the head of the hammer that was still in the Order towards the him, but that also caused them to start falling. Thinking quick, Lavi made the head go down to the surface below him, but Allen fell. He used crowned clown to grab onto Lavi's arm though. "Gotcha!~"

"Oh no you don't! Your not gunna turn back into a human!" Lavi teased, jumping down from his hammer and using the Crowned Clown as a bungee cord to stop his fall until he was a few feet above the ground. From there, he took out a pocket knife that the Old Panda had given him, and cut off the piece that was holding on to him. "Sorry Allen," he apologized, before he ran into a forest. Allen growled again, and jumped down, onto Lavi and pinning him onto the ground.

"Lavi, c'mon! Just give me the vile! I don't want to be a dog forever! I don't like it! It gets so annoying sometimes and I don't care if it's cute. It turns people into squealing fangirl zombie things! I'm pretty sure Komui's going to kill me for turning Lenalee into one, so pleasee!" Allen begged. He heard Lavi sigh and saw him not his head. Smiling, Allen got off of him and let him get up and dust himself off. Lavi smiled back at Allen and took the vile off from around his neck, uncorking it and holding it out. Allen thanked him, then reached out to grab it.

"Just kidding!" Lavi said, drinking the antidote and watching Allen's horrified face. 'Ha! Poor Allen, I wonder how he's gunna get his lil cure no-'

Lavi's brain stopped working. Just stopped. Right in mid-thought too, he felt his face catch on fire as his eyes widened to see a tuft of white hair below him. He could feel somebody's lips on his lips, but with his currently fried brain, he couldn't recall what the touching of two lips was. Right when he was about to recover, he felt his mouth forcibly open and somebody grabbing the back on his head and tilting it down. A tongue was inside his mouth lapping up the cure and swallowing it, then as fast as everything happened, it ended.

Allen pushed Lavi away, then coughed and wiped his mouth. "Ugh, that's even worse than backwash..I never want to do that again! ...Hey Lavi, you ok?" Allen asked, turning to look at Lavi. At some point, Lavi have slumped up against a tree and slowly slid down, staring at the ground and waiting for his brain to restart. Fearing he had done some serious brain-damage to his friend, allen waved a hand in his face, "Lavi? You ok there?"

After a few more moments, Lavi shook his head as he recovered and blushed madly. "Y-Y-Y-YOU-YOU..! YOU JUST-!...JUST! AND THEN...WITH YOUR...AND THE..! A-ALLEN! WH-WHAT...HUH?" he yelled. Allen rolled his eyes and laughed. Lavi frowned and yelled, "HEY! LISTEN TO ME! YOU JUST LIKE...FRENCH KISSED ME! WHAT THE HECK?" This caused Allen to laugh more. Lavi just stood there, scowling and waited as Allen recovered from his laughing fit.

"Lavi, I didn't french kiss you! I just took the cure out of your mouth and transferred it into mine! It's simple! I wouldn't have had to do that if you didn't swallow it though," Allen explained, seemingly unaffected by the whole thing, although Lavi could tell Allen was just as embarrassed as he was, he just didn't burst out. Allen opened his mouth to say something, but a cloud of pink smoke appeared, enveloping both him and Lavi in it. They stumbled out, coughing and using their hands to swat away the smoke. Lavi turned to ask if Allen was alight, but stopped when he saw that Allen didn't have a tail, or ears for that matter.

"Hey! Look like the Sprout's back to normal!" he said, smiling. Allen froze, then started to pat his head, when he felt nothing, he beamed and jumped into the air shouting, "YES! THEIR GONE! ALL GONE! HOORAY!~!" Lavi laughed, then grabbed his Hammer and put the head on the ground.

"Shall we go home and celebrate?"

"We shall~!"


When they got back to the order, everything went back to normal. As soon as people saw that Allen no longer was part dog, they groaned a little and grumbled about losing their only 'adorable little pet', but otherwise treated him the same. They celebrated, making a dog-themed cake and throwing a little party for Allen. After a long day and a nice party, Allen headed straight for his room and passed out onto the bed.

Lavi did the same thing, going back to his bed and attempting to sleep, but being unable to because every time he closed his eye, he saw the moment his brain fried. After a while though, he eye closed and stayed closed for the rest of the night...


Lavi woke up the next day and stretched. He opened his eye but didn't see anything except for a very dull orange.

"What the heck?"

He shook his head and felt something flop against his cheeks, his nose twitched and he felt something wriggle in his pants. He froze, then slowly reached for whatever was touching his cheek, and grabbed it. Feeling something fuzzy, he gulped and brought it up to his eye to examine it.

Rabbit ears.

Orange rabbit ears.

His orange rabbit ears.


(1) I actually thought about that one time. We were on a field trip at school and like, we ate lunch rly early, so the rest of the day was walking, using up energy, and my tummy eating itself...yeah..I was pretty desperate...

(2) Poor Lavi, Allen's so desperate he'd eat chuu alive! ;A;)/

(3) Well...c'mon! Lenalee's a fangirl and yeah...she'd do that...ok maybe she wouldn't but still...

WHOOOO! I FINISHED ITTTTT! ;A; ..AND YET I'M SAD ;A; This is my 2nd completed chapter fic and i really enjoyed involved Dogs and DGM...and lil hints of Laven...;A; well as otherp pairings but not as much...;A; oh well, R&R and have a nice day~ :D *not gunna bother with flames*