Week in Hell

A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not to me. So weird… This was inspired by this commercial I saw a few times recently. I don't remember what it was for, only that the mom was laughing about her daughter liking a new color every day of the week. Anywho… Also done for a quote prompt. Read, review, and enjoy!

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Day 1: Mellow Yellow

"Love is an attempt to change a piece of a dream-world into reality." —Henry David Thoreau

The wizard lolled happily in the arms of his wife as he woke up. He turned and nuzzled her jaw, playfully waking her up, as well. "Good morning," he murmured.

The witch turned over and snuggled into his deliciously warm arms. "Hullo there, cheeky bastard," she replied as his hand found its way to her bum. "A little early in the morning for something like that, don't you think?"

"Ah, Roxanne… It's never too early in the morning for fooling around."

She laughed heartily at that. "Thank you, dear. But it's something entirely different when the woman's pregnant, Lorcan."

"Damn." He learned forward and nibbled her lips anyway. Merlin, did it matter so much that his wife's belly was round with their first child? Roxanne didn't look any different to him. No, she was still the most beautiful, most amazing thing in the Wizarding world. Luckily for him, he'd managed to make her his. And he enjoyed every day of it.

"Thank you, luv," the brunette whispered against his lips in response to the appreciation. She snuggled into his arms a little deeper, and…before he knew it, her soft snore filled the completely silent room, as if she'd never woken up in the first place.

Lorcan chuckled quietly. Life was good. Life was really good.

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Later that day, sometime well after noon, Lorcan was the first one up. He clomped downstairs and walked into the kitchen. He wondered what he could make for his beautiful wife. Lunch could be anything… What about her cravings? Did she feel the need to eat something specific? Like all those times she'd wanted to eat Mandrake roots?

He half laughed at those memories. He'd heard Scorpius groan about Rose's cravings for notebook paper, and Lysander had been fine with Dominique and her ice. Thankfully, Roxanne hadn't actually eaten any Mandrake roots all these past months. Who knew how they'd affect her or their baby?

He rummaged through the cupboards and brought out the fixings for sandwiches. As he made himself a peanut butter and pickle sandwich, he thought about the time. Roxanne's ninth month was nearly up; they should be expecting the delivery of their child any day soon now.

With that thought still at the forefront of his mind, the wizard waved his wand and whipped up Roxanne's lunch, too. He prayed to Merlin that he would be home when it happened. James hadn't been home for his wife and had almost missed the entire extravaganza, something for which he occasionally kicked himself. When Rose and Scorpius had had their second, Scorpius had been on call on an Auror mission with Albus and had almost brought the Death Eater with them when they tried to Apparate to St. Mungo's.

As Rolf and Luna didn't have any expeditions planned, Lorcan was pretty sure that he'd be around for Roxie. He was just glad that being the medic for his parents' weird adventures left him with a very flexible schedule.

Roxanne called from upstairs. "Lorc? I'm in the mood now!"

Lorcan laughed hard as he downed his sandwich and dashed upstairs for a nooner. His Roxanne was so eloquent, wasn't she?

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Once upon a time, Roxanne had hated him.

No, really, she'd hated his guts. Not that his guts had done anything wrong to her. But she'd despised him a long, long time ago.

Originally, they'd been good friends. They'd known each other all their lives since their families were so close. He used to be the third Musketeer to Roxanne's and her twin, Fred's, duo, and those three had pranked anyone and everyone. George loved him like his own son, even; the Weasley father loved passing the trio new products to try out on their fellow classmates. Ah, that time when they'd good-humoredly chopped off Dominique's locks… Oh, yeah, there was also that time when Roxanne had gotten back at Lucy… Lucy had looked like a kelpie's sister for weeks…

Then he'd been made Prefect. Him, Prefect! And he'd decided to take it seriously, because—at that time—he'd really liked her cousin, Rose.

But him being Prefect had hurt their friendship so much… It hadn't bothered Freddie nearly as much as it had killed Roxanne. In fact, only after one certain rescue had she finally forgiven him—and he'd realized maybe she was starting to catch his eye a lot more than Rose.

Following that was a long summer and an even longer seventh year for him because—well, must he really go into that? It didn't matter right now. The most important thing to come out of his seventh year (her sixth year) was their relationship…which had been going strong for five years out of school. Then he'd proposed and they'd been married and living happily together for another three years. Last year, she'd announced she was pregnant, much to everyone else's relief. Apparently, certain people—i.e., Freddie—had made bets as to just how slow they were going to take things.

But Roxanne was his, and he was hers. It was so tranquil, whenever he was with her. His anger would settle. His angst would fade. Even the best joke could be made perfect by that look she gave him when she silently nodded her seal of approval when he and Freddie would lay a trap for those bookworms Molly (Percy's daughter, of course; Lorcan wasn't stupid enough to provoke the wild lioness known as Grandmam Weasley), Rose, and Hermione.

As he found his breath that night after an exciting day, he wrapped an arm around Roxanne once more. He'd never have believed anyone—not even crazy the Divination professor, Trelawney—if they had told him that he'd one day end up as Roxanne's husband. But he was glad, because he loved her so much, he had made both their dreams come true.

Their dream-world was a reality.

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Yes, yes, very fluffy, but not all the chapters will be like that. The next six chapters will be wacky and funny and tumultuous! And if any of you have read what I have so far of The Motley Princess, you'll recognize some of what Lorc's talking about…though I have very craftily not elaborated too much so as to not give away that story.

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2017 note: Oh, boy. It's fun to come back to this, as it's a sweet story on its own, but the mention of The Motley Princess… As it currently stands, TMP is only 2 chapters long, needs heavy revisions, and is incomplete. Luckily, this story stands on its own, so no worries. :'3 I still enjoy my old Lorcrox fics, tho, like this one, with sketches that paint the pictures of their personalities. -w-