Week in Hell

A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Note: These characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. So weird… This was inspired by this commercial I saw a few times recently. I don't remember what it was for, only that the mom was laughing about her daughter liking a new color every day of the week. Anywho… This is a 2nd gen fic, and was done for my quote challenge in HPFC, found here (Just take out the spaces!): http : / forum. fanfiction. net/ topic /44309 /25299326 /1/ Read, review, and enjoy! And check out and join the forum challenge!

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Day 7: The Spectrum in Elation

"The space between the tears we cry

is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more." -Dave Matthews Band, "The Space Between"

Angelina hummed a sad tune distractedly while they rode up in the elevator. It was just the four of them –Freddie, Lorcan, Angelina, and George –and they were on their way to the Maternity Ward in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies.

At one point, Angelina's voice caught and the tune came out brittle and broken. She choked on a sob and George had to put a reassuring arm around her shoulders. Freddie looked away and Lorcan stared at the elevator doors. It was the most uncomfortable elevator ride he'd ever experienced.

And the longest. And he meant between both St. Mungo's and the Ministry of Magic.

It seemed like forever before they reached the right floor. Things not in Lorcan's direct field of vision were blurry. His mind had only one focus: Roxanne.

When they finally reached Rox's room, the doctor only let Lorcan in. "Well? Is it bad? What's wrong?"

"She started having very painful contractions in the middle of the night," the doctor answered. "A Healer's in there right now to soothe her pain."


"Her contractions are becoming shorter and shorter in time between. She'll go into labor any time soon now."

The wizard stiffly nodded his head. "Uh, o-okay… Is it all right if I see her?"

The doctor grimaced but let him in anyways. "Be careful not to distract the Healer too much."

Inside, lights shone so brightly in the room that Lorcan had to squint. The bed fittings, the walls, the window treatments –everything was that disturbing sterile white. It made him wonder if he had stumbled into the crazy ward instead. He gently nudged his wife's arm. "Roxie, are you okay?"

"Hmmm… Lorc…?"

He nearly wept at hearing her say just his name. "Yes, luv, I'm here."

"Can I have that ice cream you promised three days ago…?"

He laughed. "After, dear, after. I'll buy you all the ice cream you want once the doctors and Healers say you're okay."

"'Okay'?" she repeated. "Is this thing still inside me?"

"Um, well, yes…"

"Damn. I thought it was over with those first few contractions…"

"Er, no, no, not yet, luv… You've had just contractions so far. Really painful ones at that, but just contractions. You're water hasn't even broke yet."

She grabbed his shirt collar and yanked him down so they were nose-to-nose. "WHAT?" she hissed. She had that dragon-dangerous look in her eyes again…

Lorcan squelched the "eep!" that almost escaped him. "W-Well… Once that happens, then it'll be all over, Roxie… And, uh, there'll be ice cream?"

"Damn right there'll be ice cream!" She winced and released him. "Oh! Oh, good Merlin, that hurts!"

"Try not to move around so much," the Healer ordered.

Lorcan grasped her hand in his. …Really, she was gripping his hand in hers. He winced in pain. She had enough strength right now to break the bones in his hand, but he wouldn't cry out. His pain wasn't anything compared to hers.

"Ah, there's her water," the Healer announced.

He paled. Did he really have to hear that?

Roxanne blushed and glared at the Healer. "Well? What the bloody hell are you waiting for? Grab the damn doctor so he can play CATCH!"

Her husband squirmed. "Uh, how about I go get the doctor?"

"Fine! But then come back!" Though she said it viciously, he saw the fear in her eyes. She had to have been in the worst pain imaginable.

As he ducked outside he heard her first heartrending scream. Yes, he could never imagine that. But he put that out of his mind as he flagged the doctor over. The doctor brought a nurse and another Healer with him and Lorcan followed them all back inside the room. Lorcan took his place at Roxanne's side.

To spare everyone the horrific/beautiful details of what normally ensues during the minutes/hours of actual labor, let's just say there was more screaming. Several grunts, too. Some pants on Roxie's part, a near stomach-content-upheaval by Lorcan, and lots of gross stuff no one wants to see even if they're the woman delivering the baby. Oh, and of course there was the usual cheer, "Push! Push! Almost there –PUSH!"

The one beautiful sound was the baby's cry that could be heard over everyone else. It was the culmination of all the most glorious colors of the rainbow crammed into one little sound.

With a few precise flicks of their wands, the medical staff cleaned up the baby and Roxanne. In fact, thanks to the Healers' skills Roxanne felt better in no time. One of the Healers, a kindly old woman, passed the baby wrapped in a blanket to Roxanne. "Congratulations. You have a brand new baby boy."

Lorcan leaned his head on Roxanne's and sighed. Actually, it was more of a choked sigh, as a sob got caught in his throat. He kissed Roxie's temple. "Wow," he whispered, blinking back tears, "he's beautiful."

"Are you kidding? He's all gross and wrinkly!" Roxanne said, but she laughed and blinked back her own tears. Her eyes roved over her son like she couldn't get enough of this picture. "He's the best thing in this world…"

"That he is. That he is."

"What should we name him?"

"I was thinking harder on it…"

"Me, too. You do have the middle name picked out, right?"

"Well… I was thinking…"

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A little while later, Roxanne was peacefully resting and Lorcan finally had the chance to leave and grab a snack. Freddie joined him.

"What's it like?" he asked.

Lorcan smirked. "The process? Or the baby?"

Freddie blushed and glared at the other wizard. "The baby, you git."

"Come and see for yourself."

"Oh, wait –why's your hand all messed up?"

Lorcan held up aforementioned hand. "Aw, crap. Roxie broke my hand… Let's grab a Healer and some Skele-Gro."

They did as planned. Lorcan coughed from the smoke that wafted up when the Healer poured him some of the vile bone-repairing potion, but he slowly sipped at it on the way to the babies. The two wizards saw Angelina and George smiling as they watched the newborns through the glass. Freddie followed his parents' point and saw the baby boy.

The child had pale sandalwood skin. A few wisps of walnut-colored hair graced the top of his head, and his little eyes were closed. He slept so quietly and calmly, Lorcan couldn't believe it was the same baby who had been crying at the top of his lungs a little while ago.

Freddie smiled at his nephew. "Wow, he's cute. He's-" His face fell and he started laughing. "Oh, my Merlin! Please tell me that is not what you named the poor kid!"

Lorcan scowled. "What? She and I both like it. Roxanne and I picked it out."

Angelina hit her son over the head. "Leave him alone! He's family now!" She silenced George, too, with a glare, but she was all smiles when she faced Lorcan. "I think it's very nice, Lorcan. It fits well into this family."

"Thank you, Angelina." He smacked Freddie on the back of the head for good measure. "Anyway, Fred… Allow me to introduce you to Valerian Achaius Scamander."

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Years later…

"OH! Don't you dare, Ian!"

Valerian Achaius Scamander smiled impishly at his mother. "Why, Mum, whatever do you mean?"

Roxanne glared at her son. "Try that wand out and I will personally deliver you to the Dementors myself, Valerian!"

He gulped. Okay, so his mother could be quite scary when she so desired. But he refused to drop the implement. "B-But… It's my wand! I just want to test it a little!"

Lorcan entered the room, curious. "What's going on? Oh, Ian, you're testing your wand already!" He grinned –the same grin Valerian wore on his own face. "Ah, I remember trying mine out when I got it years ago. You're excited to go to Hogwarts, right?"

Ian beamed. "More like ecstatic, Dad! Merlin, I thought I'd have a heart-attack –and then the letter came!"

"That doesn't mean you should be trying out your wand!" Roxanne scolded. She stuck out her hand. "Give me the wand, Ian. You don't want a letter from the Ministry, do you?"

He turned his cerulean blue eyes –ones just like his father's –to her. "Okay, okay, Mum…" He passed her the wand and she ruffled his feathery walnut-colored hair, hair that was just like hers.

"Thank you, Ian. … Wait a minute…" She looked at her hand and shook it. The wand was not coming off. She fought down a proud smirk. "You are just like your grandfather and uncle."

Ian laughed. "Come on! You should've guessed I'd test Grandpa George's latest Wheeze! Dad's actually the one who secretly delivered it to me." Yep, he was definitely smart…and evilly clever. But to have tried such a trick on his mother –that wasn't just rash. That was bloody stupid.

"ACK! Ian, 'secretly' implies that you don't tell your mother! Aw, bloody hell…"

Roxanne inhaled. "LORCAN!"

And so ended an afternoon in this Scamander household. (And it would only become more hectic once Ian learned a few things at school!)

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