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Fandom; Soul Eater

Pairs; Soul x Kid, Stein x Kid, friendshipy Black Star x Kid, etc etc.

Notes; So, I wrote this one day because I was bored. And it turned into a huge plot. I hope you enjoy it!

Patty, Liz and Kid sit in tattered bar stools, listening to the soft rhythm of the piano, sipping drinks, talking, laughing, having fun; Kid isn't having as much fun as he could, for Patty and Liz had practically dragged him out of the house to 'see some action' and 'get wasted', whatever that meant. However much he hated the unsymmetrical little pub, he had to admit it was, in some ways, quite cozy. It wasn't of high-class, like the one Kid actually wanted to go to, but it was decent - it wasn't like it was so low that a bad crowd was hanging out in it.

Patty and Liz walked off somewhere after a bit, and that left Kid to watch the pianist. He noted, as he swayed slightly to the catching rhythm, that the person seemed young: oddly enough, though, his hair was a sleek gray and his fingers expertly worked to the keys. It seemed as though no effort was put into making such a lovely sound, but Kid knew that it took a long, long time to acquire such a skill. His face, which Kid imagined as youthful and playful, was hidden from view. "That boy," the barman said, noticing how entranced Kid was, "Has been playing here quite some time. Every night." He handed Kid another cocacola (Kid had refused to drink the 'beer' Elizabeth tried giving him). "He's talented, I daresay." Kid looked over to the bartender, and smirked slightly at his appearance. He had a gruff mustache that bristled every time he spoke and a great, round stomach. However comical he may have looked, he had an old look to him, though his beard was quite burgundy, as if he'd seen a lot in his life so far. "I've got more customers because of him." He pauses, looking thoughtful, before chuckling softly and looking down at the glass he was now wiping. "I suppose you could say I owe him a lot, though he never asks for any kind of pay; I'd tried giving him some once, but he refused. I guess he just enjoys it. May as well have an audience, right?" He murmured, looking at Kid. Kid only nodded in response; he couldn't think of anything to say - the tune was catchy and warm, perfectly matching the little jazz tune playing in with it. It was cheerful, a little too up-beat for Kid to be more than pleased with hearing it, though it had a melancholic note that made up for that.

Kid almost looked put-out when the young man stood from the piano bench- the song had ended, and now perhaps he was leaving. He gave a short bow, now facing the audience, and Kid caught sight of his face. It was familiar, but no, it couldn't be -

"Look, Liz!"

Kid's wonderings are interrupted by a horrible shriek - a familiar one, too, and Kid is a little surprised that Patty would make such a terrible sound, filled with surprise and delight (perhaps she sounds a bit too excited). Kid turned around, to face the sound, and only groans with displeasure at the sight of Patty and Elizabeth fawning over some person. Kid had no idea why, or who the person was, but they certainly seemed excited about it. "Kid! Look! This is our favorite actor ever!" Kid just feels a bit confused, but manages to choke out "Okay. Don't bug him too much." between a laugh and a sigh.

He felt a bit upset with his weapons, but as long as they didn't get into any trouble, he supposed it was okay. "Those two are hopeless…" a grumble of amusement and confusion.

"Kid?" a gruff voice rasped in his ear, and he jumped and turned around to see Soul standing there, grinning. His suspicions were correct, though he shouldn't have been surprised; anyone would instantly recognize Soul, with his hair and teeth. He raised a hand in greeting, and gave a little laugh. "You scared me there for a second. Hi, Soul. You were playing the piano, then?" Soul had laughed at Kid's surprise and now stopped, to say; "Yeah. You didn't recognize me?" "No, I just wasn't sure." "Hmph."

Soul sat down heavily beside Kid, and ordered a beer. Kid winced; he thought beer was awfully dry and bitter, who knew Soul enjoyed it? Or maybe he was just trying to show off in front of Kid. Act like he was mature. Well, being a drunk wasn't mature in Kid's eyes. "So," Soul started casually, taking a sip of his drink and ordering a cocktail for Kid, (much to his 'no, please, don't's.) "You're the pub type? I wouldn't have thought it of you." "Er," stammered Kid, flushing at Soul's sly grin, "No. Not exactly." He indicated Liz and Patty with a jerk of his thumb towards them - they were going into some room at the back.

"Hoh. I getcha. Those girls are so energetic they scare me sometimes, y'know what I mean?" Kid nodded as a cocktail was handed to him; he gave it a little sip, and looked thoughtful for a second. It was oddly sweet, tangy, and left a tingling in his lips. It was good; and though he had doubts about it, he kept drinking it.

With a simply amount of hesitancy, "Uhm. What is this drink, anyways?" he stammered, feeling his cheeks flush. Soul looked at him curiously, his eyes drifting towards the drink. "I don't know. I just ordered the first thing that came to my mind and that you might like." Simply; "It's some kind of cocktail." Without waiting for an answer, he picked up the glass and took a sip from the straw. "No. It's a pinacolada." Kid gave a light-hearted laugh, "That's worrying, you don't even know what you're ordering?" Soul made a 'humph' type noise, and put the glass back down in front of Kid. "Whatever. As long as it's good, right?" Kid laughed again, but shortly. "Yeah, I guess."

Soul picks up his own glass of beer and sips it, (the sting from going from sweet to bitter is a bit disorienting, it's a bit gross, but he keeps drinking) casually looking at Kid, who was already flushed from the alcohol. "I've never heard you play piano before. You're very talented." Kid started, looking at Soul from the corner of his eye. Just casual; he wants an answer to something, and isn't so determined to let Soul know this. "Thank-" a hiccup "-you. So you really haven't heard me play before?" Kid looks at him fully, now. "Hmph? No, I haven't… Maka told me about it, but I'd never heard; I'm a bit surprised, to be honest." For some reason, Soul is frowning- and Kid tilts his head to the side slightly, his smile slipping off his face. In slight anger, Soul lets his first thoughts slip out of his mouth, "Never thought a 'bad guy' like me could do something close to art, right?" "Eh?" Kid looks at Soul, confusion clouding his head for a moment, before it cleared to reveal something a bit off-putting. "No! You misunderstood me. I never said that. I never will say that."

"No worries," grunted Soul, the crooked smile returning to his face. Kid sighed with relief, almost, and turned to his drink for a moment. Looking back at Soul, Kid was surprised to see him looking over Kid with some kind of lusty look, and just as he was about to say something, Soul's eyes looked him up and down. He flushed immediately and blustered, "Wh-… what's with that look?" Soul chuckles, and leans back slightly, "It's nothing. Don't overreact." Kid sighed, and put a hand to his forehead. At the same time, he felt an odd heaviness in his bladder. "Uhm.. I'll be right back, - washroom."

Soul gave a raspy chuckle at this, rapping his knuckles on the counter as a signal for the bartender to come over as Kid headed towards the washroom. As he slid up to Soul, looking curious, he muttered, "Yes, Soul?"

"Think you could do me a favor?"

"That depends on what it is… what is it?"

"Can you spike my friends drink?"

"Uh, the black-haired guys', right?"

"Yeah, him."

"Soul, I'm not too sure if I wan-"

"Well," he sighed, almost mockingly, "Think about it this way. I won't every play here again if you don't. Come on." he urged.

Remaining a little hesitant, the bartender sighed and looked around suspiciously. "Alright. What should I spike it with? Aphrodisiac? Rohypnol?"

"Yeah, one large dose of both."

"You're sure about this?"

"Of course. Don't worry. Keep quiet and things will be fine."

The bartender gives him one last hard look before taking the drink, putting the drugs in and stirring it before setting it down where it was, exactly the same as it was before. He starts towards the back when Soul says; "Wait!" He walks over and gives him a bristling look, "What is it now?" "Make sure you don't give the drink any looks or I," he says this heavily, "will never play here again. Got it?" "Yes," he sighed, and left.

Kid returns smiling, and he sits down lightly. His face isn't flushed anymore, and as he takes a sip of the newly drugged drink he turns to Soul and giggles. "It's sweet. Almost overly so." His hand slips a little as he drinks it, and some juice trails down from one corner of his mouth. He's about to wipe it away when Soul instead wipes it away, and Kid flushes, embarrassed. "I could have done that myself, thank you." Soul laughs. "I know, but you'd probably forget about it, since you're so stupid." He says this jokingly, sarcasm unmistakable there. And for some reason, seeing Kid even a little embarrassed made him feel so much anticipation at his prank - he had to be patient, he had to wait, and he could not succumb. He reassured himself saying that, "if I don't calm down he might catch me, and this will all go to waste, and I will get him soon, so calm down." He let these thoughts roll around in his mind, watching, a bit greedily, as Kid - with absolutely no suspicions - took another sip of the spiked drink. "I'm not dumb," he starts, slowly looking to Soul with a gleam in his eyes, "I know what you mean." Sarcasm is often lost on someone like Kid, but this time, oddly enough it's not.

After a while, with a bit of chatting between the two, Kid finishes his drink. He sighs, closes his eyes in a wince and puts his hand on his forehead. He felt oddly hot, like some kind of heat was pooling in his stomach, and he sighs. This soft pounding, soft drumming of pain and worry beats at his head for a while before Soul notices this and, with a devious smirk, he says; "Wanna stop at my place so I can show you my piano?" Kid looks round at him, a smile also playing on his own lips, though the pounding of his head does not lessen at the thought of music. "Your piano, huh?" his hands come to rest on his lap, and his head throbs. Whatever got him out of the noisy bar. Soul smirks a seemingly innocent smirk. "Do you want to?" if he doesn't want to, Soul will just find another way to get him to come to his house. "Yeah. I... not for long, though, alright? I'm not feeling too good." "Okay, then, come on. It won't take too long." With that he gets up, and looks over at Kid. He knows that once Kid stands he might be close to falling over, but, since he's a shinigami, he may be able to keep himself sober until they get to Soul's house. Straightening up, he staggers and stumbles until, yes, of course, he falls. But luckily enough, Soul is there to catch him, and pull him upright. His hands are on his shoulders, helping him stay upright while his cloudy head clears. "Ugh. I hate alcohol." Kid mutters, and Soul gives a short, bark like laugh. "You alright, there?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." and he pulls himself out of Soul's grasp, and starts to walk forward, his sense of balance better. Soul grins slyly at that, but doesn't say anything.

Kid's steps are forced to be calm and straight, and though his head throbs painfully hard, he manages to keep himself seeming sober. They leave the pub - Soul calling a Taxi and telling the driver where to go. Uptown, towards a high-class neighborhood, that's where Soul lived - a good place. A place with a low death rate, and no snoopy neighbors. After a while of the hum of the car and mindful words directed to how good Soul was at playing the piano, the Taxi stops outside a surprisingly huge house. Kid never thought Soul would live in such a high-end area, such a wonderful home. As he steps out, he stumbles a little, with his gaze fixed to the - he sees now - perfectly symmetric house. "It's so nice, Soul." he manages to say soberly. "So perfect and exact!"

He steps out swiftly behind Kid, in case he falls over again, but no falling over, just stumbling - and somehow, for some reason, there's regret. It just kind of hits Soul, how awful he is for what he's doing, how disgusting and shameful such a thing would be, and he sighs and shakes his head as if to rid it of such thoughts, such feelings, but there's a bad aftertaste and the feeling sticks. The feeling of anger brews up, and sits, festers; he really shouldn't do this, he really shouldn't; the consequences would be dire. Of course it would leave him feeling terrible for the rest of his life, and of course Kid would say something to someone, but as he pays the Taxi driver and watches it zoom off, he realizes that his desire is stronger than this taste of disgust, so it'll happen. Even with pressing words and the horrid memories it'd leave, it'd happen. He couldn't stop himself, and that was his only excuse: he changed his mind too late.

"Yeah, it's nice, isn't it? Well, follow me."

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