Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. Only my poem.

Yuzuki's Notes: It's kinda random, but I wanted to do one about Ichigo. And the Hollow mask thing was all I could come up with. Hope it's to your liking. Review?

The Mask

The reason his mask always broke in the end,

Is because it was not truly him.

Power was overwhelming in his eyes.

The mask gained through nothing but lies.

Negotiation with this power was hard to gain,

Ichigo Kurosaki's been through so much pain,

Just to protect.

Look in the mirror that can only reflect,

The mask he's earned.

But he still has a lot to learn.

A day will come where the mask will be gone,

And you realize that wasn't you all along!

Fight Ichigo!

Fight to show,

You can fight without the mask!

Show them that you will, and can finish the task!

Believe in the power of your blade,

And believe in all the friends you've made.

And fight to protect them all.

But a day will come when you will fall.

Just don't die with regrets,

And don't let them forget,

That the mask had broken in the end.

You broke the barrier, my friend.

"Masks are barriers used to hide. Why should we hide in a world full of lies? Are we cowards? Or are we just trying to protect ourselves, and others?"- Me