I pushed myself out of my bed, Vick laid beside me snoring loudly. The air was freezing as I quickly pulled on a sweater, when I walked out the door I found the town was still sleeping , only a few where scattered here and there. I walked towards my work, towards the mines. People argued with me not to go, manly Posy, but there was no other way, that was the harsh truth. My feet walked in a daze as I followed my path to the mines. I was walking through the main square of the town when an image flickered in

The corner of my eye, Katniss, my eyes grew large and my heart pounded, and my breath began to speed

"catnip" the words escaped my lips. I could not move , my blood grew hotter and my heart seemed to burst through my chest, but none of that mattered it was her… well on the screen anyway.

It had been awhile now, awhile since I hadn't seen her in person, awhile since I didn't feel her touch, awhile since I hadn't herd her speech. I was in a daze, as I watched her run and survive in the thick forest. Was she thinking of me? Or had she forgot me? I stood there watching the highlights of the previous day, in which I didn't see. I smiled as I saw her face again though my soul died as I saw her starving and having to fight others. And then another image flashed, one so horrific it felt as if my insides where on fire. Her cleaning the boy from district twelve, Peeta, and then it came, the sharp stab, her kissing him. It felt as if my blood had froze then, hurt filled my body. Different kisses, different times, that word lingered on my tongue, times, yes there had been different times, multiple times. I could not move, every nerve still.

I stood there for what seemed hours watching the screen even after the highlights.

"Gale?" a voice came from behind me I turned around to see John, a friend who also worked at the mines.

"hi" my voice chocked as I straightened up shaking out anything that I had felt

"you walking to the mines?" he asked looking at me with a concerned face

"uh…. Yeah, just was watching the highlights." he nodded though his excerption told me he was not fooled. I began to walk beside him as we talked about the weather, work, and money but nothing to do with the games, I think I couldn't have handled that.

I watched the same thing happened over and over Catnip, my catnip kissing Peeta, and now they kissed for nothing else then just a kiss, I tried to push past it but every time I saw it my heart was stabbed with a small thorn. I knew, I did, that this would happen, that she would fall in love with someone, though I suppose I had always thought it would have been me. I suppose if she was happy it didn't matter how I felt.

That night my mother came up to me as I rinsed the few dirty dishes, she placed her soft hand on my shoulder

"Gale" she whispered, I hung my head low letting both of my hands sink down into the dirty water. I pulled in a deep breath before answering


"are you alright?"


"are you sure?"

"yes." I looked down not able to stand the stare of my mother, in the next breath I picked up the next plate and began to clean it.


I walked through the Hob, as people talked loudly and tried to sell useless things. I had only reached the butchers house when I heard a man behind me

"Hey Gale! Herd about Katniss haha! The bakers boy hm? You think she would have gone for someone better, I always thought she was screwing with you! What do I know, she could be doing both of you! haha" He chuckled, I grinned my teeth, whipping around and grabbing his shirt bringing him in close, he smelt like sewer and his skin was as dirty as mud.

"trash" I growled before pushing him down into the mud "never speak of Katniss like that again." I turned around before pounding on the door of the butcher.


I watched their last lingering kiss, she looked into his eyes, so deeply. I had to tear myself away running towards my house, the whole district was watching at this point, and my leaving was not unnoticeable. I heard a pair of footsteps following, but I didn't look back, as my throat began to tie into a knot. I had finally reached my house when my follower turned me around, I soon stood in front of John , I could no longer hold it, and soon I found myself with tears rolling down my face, I was ready for his laughter, ready for humiliation. But none came

"Gale you have to let her go." he said

"but…but…I love her" I stuttered, and soon my words hit me dead in the face, oh how much I did, too much too painfully.

"yes, and if you do you would let her go." he said strongly, he reminded of my own father.

"I can't" I whispered, my tears had stopped but I looked at the ground too ashamed of looking up "no, I can't let her go." I said more strongly this time

"then what do you plan to do?" he said

"I don't know." I paused "but I know, I can't just stand by, at least not until she knows."

"Gale, she might not get out of there…" he whispered, I pushed him shaking my head

"no, she will I know her" I said before running through the fence and into the forest, running so far I thought that if I ran longer I would finally find her, my true love.

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