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"Really, I like Atlantis."

Holly tightened her grip on the submarine controls. She had never been as skilled with submersibles as with aircraft, and nicking the docking bay would be poor form, even if the double hull would keep everyone in the craft from being crushed by the oceanic pressure.

"All that water. Brings back some nice memories. You went to Atlantis University, correct, Ms. Koboi?"

"Yes. I loved it. I wanted to open my first manufacturing plant here, but the building restrictions were intolerable." The petite former pixie kicked her feet, flexing her bare toes as she reveled in her extra modicum of freedom. Her wrists and ankles had been secured to her chair by thick magnetic bonds, and her eyes were shielded by a band of reflective metal that looked like sunglasses from a sci-fi movie (in the off chance she summoned enough magic to perform a mesmer on the other sub occupants), but she considered the change of scenery from her isolation pod in the depths of the ocean to be worth the physical restraints. At least for now.

"And you, Mr. Root? From whence did you matriculate?" She let the last word pop on each syllable, ending with a full-lipped smile that showed how she savored the complicated sounds.

Turnball Root sighed, swinging his head back to bring some grey hair out of his eyes, unable to do so with his hands, courtesy of similar bonds. "Just Haven College, I'm afraid. Mum and Da didn't have nearly enough money for Atlantis, what with my new baby brother to think of."

"So sad, really," Opal crooned, flirting shamelessly with the magic-less elf. "And him being such a poor investment, what with the short career."


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