Title: Yours, Mine, and Ours
Author: AlexJanna
Pairing: H/D, past H/G and D/A mentioned
Rating: PG-13 (overall)
Genre: Au, Romance, Post-Hogwarts/War
Warnings: SS(PS)-DH compliant, EWE, future m-preg, reference and discussion of difficult topics
Word Count: (For this Ch.) 6,162
Disclaimer: HP is not mine. Plot and OCs for this fic are though.
Status: WIP
Summary: After his wife leaves him and abandons their children abruptly, Harry doesn't think he or his kids will ever be able to heal. But a chance meeting with an old nemesis and his son in Diagon, various childish schemes, and a little bit of quick upheaval make Harry realize that just maybe everything isn't as irreparable or dire as he thought.
A/N: Inspired by the classic movies Houseboat (1958) and Yours, Mine, and Ours (1968). I love fics with their kids in them and have never really written one before for this fandom. This idea just came to me while I was watching Houseboat and started flowing like water. I hope you all enjoy this one!

I am terribly sorry about the horribly long wait. It came to my attention that it has been almost a year since I updated this story. That's just not on. So, here is the next chapter, I hope you faithful readers like it and forgive me for being negligent. And Thank you to everyone who has been commenting and sending me messages urging me to continue this story. I have not abandoned it or ya'll.

***Chapter Twenty-Two***

Harry sat on the garden patio watching the kids play by himself. Draco had somewhere he needed to be, so here he was, sipping tea and trying to ignore the enormous peacock that had been eying him hungrily for the last twenty minutes.

He worried that there was a problem, but Draco had simply given him a peculiar smile and promised to be back sometime around lunch. Narcissa and Andromeda had taken to having morning tea together in the solarium and he was left by himself to make sure the kids didn't get into trouble.

Thankfully, Lucius has seen fit to leave the wards up in the gardens so he didn't have to constantly worry about one of the kids being injured by Dark plants.

"Harry!" He looked over to see Scorpius running towards him with a slightly worried frown in his face.

He set his tea down and placed both feet on the stone in preparation to lunge from his seat in case something was wrong. "What is it?" He asked, concern tinting his words. "What happened?"

Scorpius stopped just in front of him and gave an exasperated huff of annoyance. "I ripped my trousers!" He moaned and turned sideways so Harry could see the large split up his leg. "Dad's going to kill me! I wasn't supposed to even wear these to play in."

Feeling his heart rate go back to normal, Harry just sighed in equal parts amusement and relief. "Alright, don't panic." He said with a grin as he pulled out his wand. "We'll mend them then I think it would be best to go and change before your dad comes home."

Scorpius deflated before his eyes and nodded happily. A murmured spell and the tattered split in his trouser leg sewed itself back up again. "Thanks Harry." The little boy grinned and gave him a quick hug before he darted off again and raced into the house to change into his play clothes.

Harry watched until Scorpius disappeared into the Manor before shaking his head and turning back to his tea.

"You are handy to have around aren't you, Mister Potter?" A smirking voice said from the other side of the table.

Jumping, Harry snapped his head around to see Cassiopeia seat herself primly in the chair across from him. "What other spells can you do besides common household charms?" She inquired condescendingly.

Harry eyed her suspiciously for a moment. She was supposed to be having tea with Narcissa and Andromeda. That she was sitting across from him instead made him wary. "I can do a fair few non-household spells." He nodded and poured her a cup of tea to be polite.

Her lips curved at his action and she lifted the tea to her lips, pinky held aloft and her eyes sharp and mocking. "How useful." She murmured sardonically.

A shudder ran up Harry's spine and he forced himself to turn away from her and look back over the gardens.

"Are you enjoying your time in England?" He asked as casually as he could.

Cassiopeia just grinned at him. "Oh, very much so. It's always so wonderful to spend time with my son and grandchildren." She paused and pursed her lips. "And Narcissa, as well." She added quite grudgingly.

Harry had to hide a smirk. "Draco was telling me that you spend the majority of your time in France." He started, changing the subject rather tactfully he thought.

"Mm, yes." She sipped her tea and watched the children's heads pop in and out of the garden. "France has always been my home, and when my husband died I just didn't feel the need to stay in England. Lucius was already grown and married and Draco was no longer an infant." She sounded a bit wistful now and Harry watched her from the corner of his eye.

She seemed to really care about her family. At least her blood family. She didn't seem so keen on Narcissa. That amused him.

"Where did you grow up, Mister Potter?" She inquired suddenly. "You can't have always been in London."

He felt his face heat for a moment before he lowered his tea to its saucer and cleared his throat. "Actually, no. I grew up in Surrey with my mother's sister and her family until I started at Hogwarts."

A sympathetic looked crossed Cassiopeia's face almost too fast for him to catch before it gave way to that sharp glint once more. "And your mother's family is...?" She asked, sounding polite, but just a bit too casual.

Harry wanted to roll his eyes. "Muggle." He answered bluntly bringing a disdainful sniff to her face.

"Yes, well. How unfortunate for you."

A scowl curled at his brow. It was unfortunate, but not for the reasons she is implying. He felt a little bit of indignation swelling in his gut. He opened his mouth, but before he could retort Lucius interrupted him.

"Mother, are you trying to insult Potter?" He asked as he strode onto the patio with a folded letter in his hand. "Kindly refrain from gaining his low opinion." He drawled with an amused lilt to his voice, but his eyes said he was almost deadly serious.

Cassiopeia sniffed again and raised a hand for Lucius to kiss. "Really, Lucius. Harry and I were just having a little chat. Nothing to get so alarmed about."

Lucius took his mother's hand and pressed his lips to the back of it in reflex. "I'm sure, Mother." He agreed dryly. "Narcissa and Andromeda had wondered where you'd got off to. I believe they were quite insulted that you had chosen to leave their company."

The older witch just wrinkled her nose. "Oh, tosh. They were glad to be rid of me. Just as I was glad to be rid of them." She sneered, looking remarkable like both Lucius and Draco, despite the dark hair. "But I suppose one cannot ignore propriety."

"No." Lucius agreed with an amused wrinkle at his eyes.

Cassiopeia stopped just short of pouting. "I suppose I should return then, but I was having such an intriguing time getting to know Draco's amour(1)." She cast a grinning conspiratorial look at Harry as she stood.

Lucius's jaw gave a tick as he kissed his mother's hand once more. "No doubt Potter will be more than eager to continue your chat at another time, but Narcissa really was looking forward to your presence at tea."

She cast her son a bland look and pulled her hand from his to pat his cheek condescendingly. "I am your mother, Lucius. You cannot lie to me.(2)" She murmured to him warningly in her native tongue before kissing his cheek and turning back to give Harry a falsely sweet smile.

"Thank you for the tea and the tête à tête(3), Harry." Cassiopeia said, brushing imaginary wrinkles from her dress. "We really must do it again soon."

Harry just nodded, petrified of opening his mouth and saying anything more as he watched her practically glide back into the house with an arrogance few others, but the very wealthy and the very French could master.

Both men waited a beat to be sure she was gone before Lucius's shoulders relaxed and Harry slumped in his chair.

"You mum is a nightmare." Harry told Lucius boldly.

Lucius just grinned ruefully and summoned a house-elf to bring him a glass of scotch. "I know. Sometimes I think my father contracted Dragon Pox just to get away from her."

A laugh was surprised out of him and Harry shook his head in disbelief. "That's horrible." He gasped through his chuckles.

Lucius just shrugged and sipped at his drink. He produced the folded letter he'd appeared with and slid it across the table toward Harry.

Frowning in interest, Harry picked it up and scanned over it. He blushed. "Ah."

"Hm." Lucius agreed with a knowing glint in his grey eyes. "Care to explain?"

Harry shrugged and placed the letter back on the table. "It wasn't right." He said. "Your privacy shouldn't have been invaded like that, so I went and informed Kingsley of the situation."

"From what Minister Shacklebolt told me, you were quite -forceful- with your information." Lucius raised an eyebrow at him daring him to refute it.

Harry's blush deepened in his cheeks. "I was a bit angry that the Ministry would put you under any kind of surveillance when you'd had a full pardon on my public testimony." He answered with a little bit more defiance than he had wanted to show previously.

Lucius just flashed him an absent smile and sipped at his scotch again. "Regardless, Mr. Potter, I'm thankful for your intervention, as it were. As you read in that letter, the invasion of my privacy was not Ministry sanctioned."

"No." Harry shook his head and looked back out toward the gardens. "I had figured as much. Kingsley would have spoken to me first about a possible need to monitor your movements even before I developed a closer acquaintance with your family."

"You are truly that close to the Minister?" He asked with a neutral inquiring tone.

Harry could practically see that Slytherin mind working beneath his long silver blond hair. It made him smile. "Yeah. He was a member of the Order of the Phoenix. That's how I met him." He grinned wryly. "And he did come to Teddy's party as well."

Lucius nodded his head and chuckled a bit. "You never know with politicians, Potter. They will put themselves through more boring functions for the betterment of their own careers than any normal person would be willing to suffer."

A light laugh fell from Harry's lips and he shook his head. "Kingsley's not like that. He was an Auror before he was Minister."

"Ah. So he suffers out of a sense of duty then." Lucius nodded with such serious understanding that Harry just burst out laughing again.

He could see the teasing glint in those grey eyes that looked so much like the Draco's. Harry just shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. "You know, I never thought we'd ever get on."

"Mm." Lucius agreed and crossed his legs regally as he downed the rest of his scotch and snapped his fingers for more. "Given our past, it would have been highly unlikely."

"Look at me and Draco." Harry said. "We've hated each other since day one and now look at us."

"Mm." The older man hummed again with a shrewd look in his eyes that made Harry blush again and wish he'd kept his mouth shut. "You do seem to have gotten past your differences rather effectively."

God, why had he said that? He and Lucius were getting on better now, but he feared that if he drew too much attention to his and Draco's -cough- intimacy, no threat of a return to Azkaban would be great enough to stop Lucius from skinning him alive.

He was saved from saying something that he would regret by his lovely, beautiful, amazing daughter.

"Grandpa-Lucius!" Lily cheered before launching herself at the older man and landing against his crossed legs.

Lucius looked a little alarmed when her chest impacted with his knee, but seeing as she kept clinging to him he felt it safe to assume she was not injured. "Lily, how are you this morning?"

She beamed up at him and proceeded to climb him like a ladder. "I'm fine." She grinned. "Can I have tea with you and Daddy? I wanted some before, but Grand-mère was here and she's kind of scary."

Harry fought the urge to put his head in his hands. His daughter was at that age where anything could pop out of her mouth and most of it was halfway insulting without meaning it. Wait. When did any of his children start calling Lucius Malfoy, Grandpa-Lucius?

Lucius kept his face impassive as he lifted Lily easily from her crouch in his lap and seated her primly across his thighs facing the table. He absently smoothed out her little summer dress and placed a steadying hand around her rib cage.

"Grand-mère is somewhat intimidating, isn't she?" Lucius agreed with a wry twist of his lips. "Miss Lily, wouldn't you rather have a chair of your own?" He inquired blandly.

Lily turned to look at him and just shook her head, her auburn hair flying around her. "Nope! You're comfy."

Harry's jaw nearly dropped. Apparently his children didn't find Lucius Malfoy anywhere near as intimidating or frightful as most of the rest of the populace did.

"Very well, then." Lucius nodded to her seriously before lifting one hand to brush her hair away from her face lightly while he used the other to snap for a house-elf.

Tibby popped up next to the table and held herself stiff and respectful. Her eyes however grew even larger when she got a good look at Master Lucius's lap adornment.

"What kind of tea would you like, Lily?" Lucius asked kindly as the little girl leaned against his chest and smiled down at the house-elf.

"Raspberry Zinger!" She cheered causing her father to snort and cover his mouth with his hand lest he burst out laughing again.

Lucius, of course, looked like he just swallowed a lemon whole. "A muggle tea?" He inquired with a slightly disgusted sneer on his lips. "Are you quite sure?"

Lily just grinned and nodded her head. "It's so good!" She gushed. "And it's Draco's favorite." She said with a serious nod as if that was all she needed to approve of it.

Of course, Lucius looked like he was caught between being amused and being even more disgusted. "I see. Tibby, bring Mistress Lily her- Raspberry Zinger, then."

"Oh! And the doily cookies Miss Cissy likes. Those are my favorite." Lily instructed the elf making her smile indulgently up at the little girl.

Lucius did smirk in amusement, then. "And a plate of Narcissa's cookies, as well."

Tibby nodded her head regally to her Master then smiled brightly at Lily. "Anything for Mistress Lily." She squeaked before she disappeared.

It was difficult, but Harry was able to keep his grin just this side of splitting his face. Lily had Lucius Malfoy, former right hand to the Dark Lord, wrapped around her little finger. He couldn't have been more proud.

"Potter, it would seem that your daughter has my house-elves eating out of the palm of her hand." Lucius drawled lazily as he moved a large hand to Lily's back.

Lily scrunched up her nose at that. "No, I don't. They eat on their little tea-party tables and plates."

"A figure of speech, my dear." He assured her before flashing Harry a smirking look.

He grinned in return. "That's my Lily." He said making his little girl smile in delight before she began to chatter at Lucius about something or other.

"And I have a blue dress with yellow flowers on it, but I don't like that one cause it doesn't have pockets." She stuck her hands in the pockets on her current dress in demonstration. "I really like my pink dress cause it's got pretty ruffles on the bottom and Miss Cissy said it made me look like a lady. But my green dress is fun too because it has a no-stain charm that Grandma put on it and I can play in it and-"

"Lily, wouldn't you rather have this conversation with Narcissa?" Lucius interrupted her, looking somewhat out of his depth. Harry just grinned into his tea cup.

"No." Lily said flatly and continued on with her running monologue. Lucius continued to look more and more lost.

Another tea set appeared with Lily's Raspberry Zinger and she cheered again in excitement. After letting Lucius pour her a steaming cup she followed his instructions and used the sterling silver tea spoon to stir the hot tea and help it cool off.

"Here! Try a sip." Lily instructed him and held the cup in front of Lucius's face, one of his hands underneath her own to steady it.

He stared at the dark red liquid with reluctance. "I really don't think-"

"You have to! It's really good!" She insisted and started pushing the cup closer to his face.

Sighing resignedly, Lucius carefully took the tea cup from her and sipped at the steaming tea lightly. His face was utterly blank for a moment. Harry and Lily both watched him for any sign of approval or disgust.

After a surprisingly short wait, Lucius swallowed and handed the cup back. "That was- interesting." He conceded. "Not the worst tea I've ever had."

Lily just beamed at him and started to sip at it herself, lightly dipping her doily cookies in the tea as she went.

Harry couldn't help himself, he grinned.

Draco knew he'd been acting odd ever since he'd returned to the Manor just after lunch. But he also knew he wasn't the only one.

His mother had been casting him worried looks that were none too subtle while his grand-mère had been smirking at him knowingly. It was rather frustrating. At this rate, Harry would figure it out before he even had time to think of how to tell him.

A sigh broke through his lips as he sipped at his after dinner tea. He'd refused his habitual glass of brandy making his father's eyebrow rise speculatively. Draco had to force himself to keep from growling in annoyance.

Harry, of course, seemed completely oblivious to the undercurrent in the room.

Draco tucked a lock of hair behind his ear and managed not to roll his eyes. He can't believe that Potter knocked him up. Well, he could believe it, considering he'd gotten checked out by a Healer, but he had a hard time processing that he'd gotten him knocked up despite a contraceptive spell. It was unheard of.

He would start looking back over all the times they'd made love, looking for the one time that they'd forgotten to cast it, or had cast it wrong and then he would remember that one little conversation they'd had what seemed like forever ago.

...all three of our children were 'surprises'...

He almost wanted to laugh. Almost.

But now he was pregnant with Harry's child. He smiled a little as a warm feeling floated up through him from his belly. And he was going to have to tell Harry and he didn't know what he would say to that.

They had discussed maybe having more children, but it had been implied that it would be a ways in the future. They were both still so new to their relationship and there were the children to think about. What would Teddy, James, Scorpius, Albus, and Lily think about having a new brother or sister?

It was worrying, but not so much so that Draco felt close to panic. He knew that no matter what, he would get through it. He and Scorpius and this new baby would get through it.

They may survive at the end of it all, but Draco dearly wished that they would survive with Harry and the kids with them.

A wide yawn interrupted his thoughts and he felt a warm delicate hand on his arm. Glancing over he found his grand-mère's grey eyes boring into him.

"You look tired, mon petit chou." Cassiopeia murmured loud enough to draw everyone's attention. "Perhaps you should retire early."

Draco flicked her a warning glance, which was answered with an unrepentant smirk.

Looking back toward the others in the room Draco noted that his mother was staring at him with wide realizing eyes before her perfect lips split into an unmanageable smile. He sighed. Looked like his secret was fairly well out.

"Oh, Draco." Narcissa gasped before rushing to his side and fluttering her hands around him not knowing where put them in her excitement. "If you're tired you shouldn't exert yourself! Are you feeling alright? Would you like to lie down?" She settled for pressing both hands to her own chest.

Draco felt his cheeks start to burn and he sent her a glare. "Mother." He growled, shooting a worried glance in Harry's direction. "I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

She paused in her fluttering and blinked at him before her confusion cleared and she schooled her expression somewhat. "Of course you are, dear." She said sounding much more composed. "But perhaps you would like Harry to walk you up to bed."

He wanted to bang his head against a wall. "I was just going to suggest that." He said before standing and turning to see Harry watching the scene with a bemused and completely confused look on his face. "Harry, would you like to head up to bed, now, or do you want to stay down here a while longer?"

Harry shook himself from his stupor and gave his lover a faint grin. "I'm actually pretty tired too. I think I'll head up with you, now."

Draco felt relief wash over him and he smiled. "Alright. Goodnight everyone." He said turned back to his parents and Grand-mère.

Before he could move away, however, Narcissa pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his cheek, her eyes suspiciously bright. Cassiopeia stood, as well and grasped one of his hands in her and kissed his other cheek.

"Blessings, my little dragon. Your man will not disappoint you.(4)" She whispered to him in lilting French before sitting back down and sipping her brandy as if nothing had happened.

Draco felt his throat tightened, but it didn't start to ache with the strain until his father strode over to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. Lucius had watched the whole thing from his seat and reached the only conclusion that would explain his mother and his wife acting like they were.

"Sleep well, son." He said and leaned forward to place a rare kiss upon Draco's forehead.

A sudden sob almost escaped him. Draco blamed it on the hormones. He looked up into his father's face and nodded jerkily. "Thank you. Goodnight." He murmured to them once more, Harry doing the same a moment after him, before he turned and almost ran from the room.

He had to get out of there or he just knew he was going to burst into tears. He hadn't cried since Scorpius was born and he certainly wasn't going to start again in front of his parents.

Harry caught up with him on the stairs and took his hand in a reassuring comforting grasp. Draco glanced over and gave him a small smile, squeezing his hand in return. They didn't speak until they had checked on the children and were safely ensconced in Draco's room.

Lucius leaned back in his chair and sipped at his brandy thoughtfully. "Narcissa, when were you planning on telling me you suspected that Draco was... with child?" He inquired into the quiet room.

His wife just flashed him a small smile and got up to pour herself a glass of sherry from the sidebar. "And have you spoil everything by cornering poor Harry and making all kinds of unpleasant threats?" She asked innocently. "Not likely, dear." She smiled at him again.

He huffed indignantly, but didn't refute her. Making unpleasant threats would have been the least of what he would have done to Potter.

"Do not pout, mon fils(5)." Cassiopeia scolded lightly, swallowing down the rest of her brandy and holding her glass out to Narcissa in silent demand for a refill. "I do not think Draco would have thanked you for rendering his amour -how do you say- ah, impotent." She flashed him a sharp smile.

Lucius scowled and crossed his legs a little more gingerly at the thought. "I would not have gone quite that far, Mother." He denied, sullenly. "It would have been prudent to return the fear of God to him, however."

Narcissa snorted rather unladylike and strode away from the sidebar, passing Cassiopeia her refilled glass on her way, and seated herself on the arm of Lucius's chair. "Lucius, that boy has never been properly afraid of you. What makes you think that now, after defeating the Dark Lord, a career with the Aurors, and raising three-four children that you would be able to make him feel any sort of fear?"

He growled in the back of his throat and began to pout again, ignoring his mother's disapproving frown. "Potter never did have the good sense God gave a mule."

"Of course not, dear." Narcissa agreed soothingly and combed her fingers through his long hair. "Regardless, he is the father of Draco's child and as such is a part of this family. No threats."

He looked up at her with a pleading look. "But Cissa, I cannot let this pass unpunished."

"Tosh." Narcissa cut him off. "Grasping at straws is very unbecoming, love." She told him as she took a rather large sip of sherry.

"Besides," Cassiopeia added with a truly mischievous smirk, "from what I've seen of Mister Potter, I doubt very much that Draco didn't at least enjoy himself."

Narcissa was surprised into a chuckled and Lucius dropped his head to his hands with a groan.

Harry closed the door behind him and turned to see Draco standing in front of the bed with his back turned.

"Hey," he called softly as he walked forward and wrapped his arms around Draco's middle, resting his chin on his shoulder. "What was all that down there?"

Draco gave a weak snort of amusement and turned his head enough to feel his cheek pressed against Harry's. His stomach had begun to turn nervously and he was hoping fervently that he didn't start to have morning sickness right then and there.

"It was about the appointment I had this morning." He answered quietly, wrapping his hands around Harry's against his belly and giving them a squeeze.

Harry's brow furrowed and he tilted his head down to press his lips to Draco's neck. "Is everything alright?" He asked. He didn't know exactly what the appointment had been, but Draco had been jumpy all through breakfast and it was plain to see that something had happened when he'd returned from it.

Draco felt a small smile pull at his lips, the happiness he'd felt earlier returning despite his nerves. "Yeah, everything's fine." He murmured quietly before turning around in Harry's hold and sliding his arms around his waist pressing their bodies closer together. "I just had to see a Healer."

Previously enjoying their change in position, now Harry reared back in surprise and concern. "A Healer? Why? Are you sick? Why didn't you tell me?"

Silencing him with a soft kiss on his slightly parted lips, Draco gave him a reassuring smile. "Clean bill of health, Potter." Then he smirked. "I'm just pregnant."

Everything went uncomfortably still. Harry's body went rigid and eyes stared blankly into Draco's for a moment. A moment long enough to cause doubt and panic to well up in Draco's chest.

Harry didn't think he was hearing correctly, or at all. He could have sworn Draco said he was- "Pregnant?"

Watching the completely blank expression on his lover's face was not reassuring. Draco leaned further away from him, but kept a stubborn hold around his waist all the same. "Yeah, Potter. I'm pregnant."

"Oh." Harry blinked then opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, only choked sounds coming out. "But I... we... How..." He paused closed his eyes for second then opened them again, pure confusion reflected in them. "Wait, what?"

It would have been terribly funny if Draco wasn't so absolutely sure he was going to throw up from panic. Harry was not taking this at all as he had hoped.

Taking a deep breath, Draco looked directly into Harry's eyes. "You got me pregnant. I am carrying your baby. You're going to be a father... again." He stated boldly, clearly. What happened next was quite unexpected.

Harry's face paled and his eyes suddenly rolled into the back of his head. If it wasn't for Draco's arms around him he would have hit the floor in a dead faint.

"Whoa! Harry!" Draco exclaimed as he caught him before his knees could completely give out and kept his weight supported till he dragged Harry the two feet toward the bed and sat him on it.

Draco got him seated and put a none-too gentle hand on the back of his neck and forced his head between his knees. "Breathe, Potter, or you're going to pass out." He commanded, heart sinking in his chest. He hadn't imagined that Harry would have such an adverse reaction.

For his part, the black around Harry's vision started to fade and the weight and warmth of Draco's hand still pressed to the back of his neck helped clear his head as everything started to sink in.

Draco was pregnant. Pregnant with his child. Draco was pregnant... pregnant... pregnant...

"Ohhhh..." Harry groaned and started to hyperventilate again.

Sighing tiredly, Draco began to gently massage the back of Harry's neck and sat himself on the edge of the bed next to him. He ran a shaking hand through Harry's messy black hair. "Harry, Harry, Harry. What am I going to do with you?" He murmured to himself.

The sound of Draco's resigned voice made something snap into place and Harry suddenly felt much clearer. His breathing slowed to a normal pace and he lifted his hands to thread his fingers through his hair. Tilting his head just enough to look at his lover, Harry examined him, seeing everything he hadn't before.

Draco looked pale and tired, but his skin still seemed to glow. He looked beautiful and Harry just stared at him in awe. Despite the shadows Harry now recognized under his eyes and the saddened look on his face Draco had never looked quite so amazing before.

"Draco." He murmured quietly drawing the other man's attention back to him. "Are you really pregnant? This isn't just some joke or you teasing me?"

Sighing, Draco took his hand away from Harry's hair and ran it through his own. "No." He answered quietly. "I'm definitely pregnant. I didn't realize I might be until our trip to Diagon with your cousin and his wife pointed out that my ice cream sundae looked like a pregnant woman's smorgasbord." He shrugged, helplessly flashing Harry a self deprecating smile.

"After that Grand-mère pushed me to see a Healer to confirm it." Draco met Harry's steady green gaze head on. "I'm five weeks pregnant."

"Wow." Harry breathed and let a small smile curl at his lips before his face wrinkled in confusion again. "But we used contraceptive spells."

His laugh surprised them both, but Draco couldn't help it. The irony was just too perfect. "I know!" He gasped, not noticing the complete and total awe Harry was watching him with as he continued to giggle. "I know. I shouldn't have gotten pregnant, but you know what. It's all your fault, Potter."

Harry jolted and sat up completely, shocked and indignant. "What do you mean 'it's all my fault'? I seem to remember you participating in just as much sex as I did!"

"No!" Draco laughed again. It seemed that the farther this conversation went the more he either had to laugh or cry. "Harry, don't you remember telling me that all of your kids were 'surprises'? That Ginny refused to have sex with you because you kept getting her pregnant despite the contraceptive and prophylactic spells? Didn't you ever think about that?"

"I..." Harry blinked at his giggling lover completely stunned. Why did everything have to happen to him? He wondered absently. Why did he always have to defy odds and accomplish the impossible? Finally he snorted and shook his head, not really knowing how to react to this revelation.

"Do I have some sort of Terminator sperm or something?" He mumbled to himself. "They can't bloody be stopped!"

That struck Draco as truly funny. Not just hysterical because otherwise it would make him burst into tears, but honest to goodness funny. It shocked him into silence for a moment, his grey eyes meeting Harry's green blankly before he burst into absolute gales of hilarity and ended up curled in a ball on his bed, tears of mirth streaming down his cheeks.

Harry just stared at his lover with a slight scowl on his face and huffed. "It's really not that funny." He grumbled.

"Oh, but it is!" Draco gasped, wiping futilely at his tears as he propped himself up on an elbow and hit Harry with saddened storm grey eyes that made his heart ache. "You took all the precautions, did everything right and still you have fathered another child. You didn't want to, don't want another one, but still it has happened."

The resignation and finality in Draco's voice was like a bucket of ice water. Harry felt shaken and sucked in a surprised breath taking in the slumped posture and withdrawn expression on his lover's face.

"Draco..." He murmured into the heavy silence that had fallen. "Draco, what- what makes you think that I don't want another child? That I don't want this child?" He asked, reaching out a tentative hand and letting it rest warmly on Draco's shoulder.

The touch of that strong steady hand on his shoulder made Draco's whole body shiver. He peaked at Harry from under his bangs, a resurgence of hope in his chest. "You fainted, Harry." He answered. "You didn't say one intelligible word and you fainted."

A light blush stained Harry's cheeks and he gave an embarrassed chuckled. "Yeah, well. I was little shocked." He flashed Draco a small smile. "If it makes you feel better, I fainted when I found out Ginny was pregnant with James, too."

Draco chuckled quietly at that and nodded. "I guess it does, yeah." He sobered and turned to face Harry completely, grey eyes searching and determined. "So you aren't unhappy that we're having a baby together? You're not disappointed?"

"No!" Harry burst out, grabbing both of Draco's hands in his and squeezing them comfortingly. "Of course not. I'm ecstatic actually. This is amazing!" He pulled Draco to him before he could protest and began peppering his mouth with soft, tingling kisses.

"I love you, Draco." He whispered against Draco's slightly parted, dampened lips. "I love you, so much. And this," he pressed a hand to Draco's belly, "is absolutely amazing."

Draco looked up at Harry through his half lidded grey eyes and felt his cheeks heat up pleasantly. The doubt and disappointment in him had evaporated and all he could think to do was wrap his arms around Harry's neck and pull him back into a deeper kiss.

"Thank you." He breathed against Harry's panting mouth. "Thank you, thank you, thank you." For loving me and accepting this and being you.

Harry just looked at him with burning green eyes and grinned.

They fell back against Draco's pillows and Harry took his time stroking his hands over every bit of Draco he could get to. His hands felt shaky and hungry and he indulged them, slowly unbuttoning Draco's shirt and caressing his flushed smooth chest and stomach.

Harry's lips followed his fingers, he spent an inordinate amount of time nibbling on Draco's dusky nipples and lapping down his sternum. Draco watched with heated eyes and panting breaths, his hands caught in Harry's soft messy hair, his body shaking with need.

Kissing his way down Draco's body, Harry stopped when he reached his belly and pulled back to stare at the still flat, muscled expanse. His eyes flicked up and were caught in Draco's deep burning stare. He held his lover's gaze as he lowered his head once more and pressed the softest of kisses to the skin just bellow his belly-button.

Draco's breath caught in his chest and Harry broke their stare, burying his face into the silken skin of his middle. His baby was in there, Harry thought as he pressed his cheek to Draco's belly feeling it rise and fall with his lover's breaths. Draco was carrying their baby right there.

A tender smile stole over his mouth and he resumed his quest to map out Draco's entire body with his fingers, lips, and tongue.

They made love slowly, intensely that night. Their bodies burned together and at one point neither would have been able to tell where one ended and the other began.

When they finally reached completion, their chests heaved with the effort of breathing and their bodies were slicked with sweat and heat. Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's neck and refused to let him pull away.

Rolling them onto their side, Harry returned the favor and kept Draco pressed against his body, kept them entwined until their breaths slowed and their eyes finally closed in sleep.

(1) amour : love
(2) French translation: Je suis ta mère, Lucius. Vous ne pouvez pas me mentir.
(3) tête à tête : head to head, or chit-chat, conversation
(4) French translation: Bénédictions, mon petit dragon. Votre homme ne vous décevra pas.
(5) mon fils : my son