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Chapter 1

What do you know about Greece? What have you heard about this country? With it's ancient history; Great philosophers, democracy, people smiling although they don't have money.. What do you know about Greece?

I know Greece by heart.. It's the place that holds my best of memories.. I was born here.. You are asking why? You are wondering how? Well it's a very easy answer to give.. My parents are American's..

22 years ago they came here for their honey moon.. They loved Greece from the first time.. My father took my mother to Santorini.. Have you ever heard about the island with the great sunsets? The island that slopes downward from the cliffs to the surrounding Aegean Sea? Well.. That is Santorini..

My mom was in awe.. Up until now she talks about that first trip and every year my father takes her for their anniversary to Santorini.. They took me too one time.. Let's just say that is my favorite island too.. What's not to love.. If I had money I would buy a house at Thira and every morning I would take my coffee looking the Aegean Sea.. Just perfect..

When my parents came back to the states their heart was still back in Greece.. They were debating about selling everything and buying a house in Greece.. They waited for some months and then that day came.. They sold everything and bought a house near to the sea.. Our house till now.. I love the sea so much.. And Greece has the most beautiful beaches.. Although I never been to another beach except ours.. But Greece has the most beautiful ones.. Just search Navagio, a beach in Zakintho, and you will know what I mean…

Two years later and I was born.. Spencer Marie Carlin.. My parents are Catholic.. My mother is a conservative catholic.. We have to pray before we start our dinner, church every Sunday.. Yeah.. I know..

My mother was a doctor back in the states and my father a social worker.. Of course for them learning Greek wasn't easy, as it wasn't easy to find a job without knowing the language.. And let me tell you that Greek is not an easy one.. They still can't speak that well.. I on the other hand had no problem.. They took me to a private elementary greek school till I was 10 and then I wanted to continue at a public one.. I just wanted to socialize and the private school girls and boys were the opposite.. Children of very wealthy families, they were snob and I just didn't fit with them..

My parents after learning Greek they managed to find jobs to what they studied.. They were very lucky because it's not that easy.. So my mom now works as a surgeon at the most well known hospital for heart diseases and my father works as a social worker helping kids that are abused by their parents..

As for me.. I am 17 year old and this summer I am finishing high school.. I will have many things to celebrate.. Exams, my birthday and that I become 18.. You may think that all I know is Greek.. No.. I speak English too.. But here in Greece we must have a degree that says that we know how to speak English.. Well I took my Proficiency when I was 15.. Proficiency is the highest level of speaking and understanding English.. And I speak another language too.. Spanish.. My favorite.. I just love learning languages.. It's a trait of Gemini's.. Never stop learning things.. I am just curious from nature..

You want to know if I ever been to the states.. No.. Never.. I have family there though.. Both my grandparent's are there.. We couldn't go there all these years and visit.. I know my mom wanted to but it wasn't easy.. Work, me and my little brother.. Oh.. Yes.. I have a little brother.. He is 14 years old.. He is a nice kid.. Very social and athletic.. He plays basketball and he is the star in his basketball team.. He is annoying some times but I still love him..

We are a happy family.. I love my parents.. And I love where I am.. But I want more.. I was thinking study abroad after finishing school here.. We have great universities here and with the grades I have I could be studying to become a doctor.. And let me tell you that is not easy to study at Greek Universities.. I had to pass the Panelinies exams.. It's the exams that every kid in my age give just so they can have a place at the university they want.. Not easy people.. Every country has a system.. And our system is not easy..

As I was saying I was thinking of going back to the states.. I have family there and I wouldn't have a problem with where to stay or anything.. Though I would have to find a job to support my expenses.. I haven't talked with my parents yet.. They don't know what I am thinking all this time.. And I don't know how they are going to react..

My mom will faint.. My father will try to bring her round and my brother will laugh.. Yeah.. I see it.. Hmm.. It will be fun..

It's one week till my birthday and two weeks till I finish high school.. I think that it is time for me to discuss some things with my parents.. I will have to wait till they are home.. Until then I will study for my last exam.. Although I am good but I want to be better..

When I finished my reading I was so sleepy.. A nap was much needed so I slept for an hour.. When I woke up I found myself covered with a sheet.. Hm.. Someone was home.. Or maybe all of them because I could hear two voices inside the kitchen..

"Hello everyone"

"Spence.. You woke up" my mom said and my dad came to hug me.. "Were you studying sweetie?"

"Yes mom.. It's the last one and then I am free at last"

"Did you decide where you are going?"

"Well I know what I want.."

"That's good sweetie. Did you choose a university?" I am thinking.. Is it the right time to discuss such a thing or should I wait for a little while? Well my mom taught me not to leave for tomorrow something I can do today.. It's now or ever..

"Well.. Mom.. Dad.. Could we sit for a moment? I want to tell you something.." I saw my parent's reaction immediately.. They were wondering what I was going to tell them..

"Spence.. Don't tell me you are undecided still.."

"Oh no mom.. I am very sure of what I want.."

"So.. What is it?"

"Well.. I was thinking of studying abroad" my parents were looking at each other and then back to me.. And then they were looking each other and then again back to me..

"Abroad? Like where?"

"I was thinking United States.. California.."

"But.. you are young Spencer.. You are 17"

"18 mom.. In a week I will be 18.. I did search about universities there and I want to go mom.."

"I don't know Spence"

"But mom.. I won't be alone.. Dad's parents living in California.. I will be near.. If I want help with anything grandpa and grandma will be there.. I won't be alone"

"And what about the expenses Spence.. You know it's expensive studying at American Universities"

"UCLA gives a scholarship.. And I have good grades.."

"You planned everything eh?"

"Don't be like that.. I just want a change of scenery.. And I really want to go there.."

"Spence.. We will have to discuss it..

"Dad.. I don't have time.. If I want to go I must contact UCLA soon.."

"Spence.. We have to discuss it with your mother.. It's not an easy discussion"

"But dad.."

"We will discuss it with your mother Spence.."


'We will discuss it with your mother'.. Yeah right.. If they won't let me go I will never speak to them again.. And I mean it..

I went back to my room and I just sat at my veranda looking at the sea.. I am going to miss Greece very much if I leave.. I will miss the sea.. The people.. My friends.. My house.. My parents.. I will miss everything.. But it is something I need to do.. I need to go there.. It's a feeling I can't explain.. And I won't..

I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder.. It was my father.. I was still pissed although I shouldn't, considering they are the parents and I am the kid..

"Can I talk to you?"


"Spence.. I don't like your tone"

"I am sorry.. Please dad.. What I can do for you?" that was ironic by the way..

"Spence.. you are my child.. I think I know when you are being sarcastic"

"Whatever dad" I said looking the sea one more time..

"Spence.. Look at me.. I want to talk to you"

"Ok.. You have my attention"

"I discussed it with your mom.."


"Will you let me finish?"

"Sorry.. Please continue"

"We believe that it would be better if you stayed here and studied here"

"WHAT? Dad.. are you serious? It's my life and I want.."

"Will you let me finish for once?"

"I thought you.."

"Yeah.. You thought.. You never listen.." he was right.. I was always the one to make assumptions and I never listened..

"Sorry dad"

"We think that it would be better for you and for us to study here.. But you are not a baby anymore.. You are a grown up woman and we have to treat you that way.. So we thought that it would be a challenge for you to go there and live alone.. We will be here to help you with everything.."

"Oh Dad.. thank you.. Thank you.. thank you.. You are the best dad ever"

"Just promise you will take care of yourself and if you need anything you will go to your grandparent's. I will call them tomorrow so they know.. When you have to answer back to UCLA?"

"The dead line is till Friday.. I am going to answer them now. Dad thank you again.. you don't know how happy you made me"

"I can see.. Now don't sleep late.. ok?"

"Oooookk.. promise"

"Bye princess.. Good night"

"Good night dad"

I am going to California to study.. I am going to California.. I am leaving.. Yay.. I think I am not going to sleep tonight.. I want to talk with my best friend to tell her the news..

"Hey you.."

"Spence.. It's 12am.. Some people sleeping at that time"

"Ohhh shut up.. You know you love me"

Georgia was my best friend since elementary school.. We were friends till we were 5.. I was there for her as she was for me.. I thought that when I left our private school we would lose our friendship but I was glad I was mistaken.. Our friendship is strong and she is like the sister I never had..

"Yeah yeah.. So what's the reason for waking me up?"

"I am happy"

"And I am sleepy"

"Come on G.. I am happy"

"Ok.. Why are you happy Spencie?"

"I am leaving."

"Where are you going?"


"For the summer?"

"No.. Not really.. I am going there to study" there was a pause and I though I lost her.. "G? Are you still with me?"


"Don't you have anything to say?"

"I am happy for you Spence"

"You don't sound convincing"

"What do you want me to say Spence?"

"That you are happy for me.."

"I am.. But I am sorry that I am thinking that I am going to lose my best friend.."

"Awww.. G.. You are not going to lose me.. I will call you every day and I will email you and there is this thing we call video call.."

"Still.. You won't be here.."

"I am going to miss you.."

"I am going to miss you too silly.. With whom I am going to make fun of people now?"

"You know I love you G.. Don't you?"

"I love you too and you know that.."

"No one will take your place.. You will always be my best friend.."

"I better be because I am going to kick some American ass.."

"Feisty although sleepy?"

"It's your fault.. Now I can't sleep.."

"Wanna stay up and talk?"

"You know me.."

We stayed up all night talking on the phone.. I was going to miss my best friend so very much.. Did I have second thoughts? No.. And that is because I might take a long time to decide something but when I do is final.. I am not going back after a decision I made.. And now I am leaving.. It's a decision I made..


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