Hello! This is my very first iCarly fanfic…ever! But I thought I should try it out! :) This is a response to StylishCandy's Ten Pairings Challenge. And the pairings I'm going to do are; (out of order) Sam/Freddie, Carly/Sam, Melanie/Freddie, Carly/Griffin, Sam/Griffin, Shelby/Freddie, Carly/Gibby, Tasha/Gibby, Carly/Nevel, and Sam/Gibby. For those of you who are un-familiar with the challenge; I write 10 One-Shots about each of the chosen couples I listed above. For the first one I'm going to do Seddie, since they're my favorite couple.


Sam's POV

I walked into Carly's house and to see Frednerd sitting on her couch.

"What are you doing here, nub?" I asked as I slammed the door. Frednub was wearing an outfit. And not just any old outfit. It was the outfit he wore exactly one year from today. And that wasn't just any other day either…That was the day we kissed. I swallowed nervously.

"W-what's with the outfit?" I asked, my voice shaking slightly. I still remembered that kiss. I still dreamed about it. Though I don't know why. It was stupid, it was really stupid. It was only to get it over with. Nothing more. Nothing at all! Freddie looked nervous.

"Why? Um, I just…wore it. It's…special." He blushed, the red coloring his cheeks at exactly the right places. He looked cute, his blush goofy, but in a cute way.

"No reason. I just…remember it from somewhere." I said. As I walked forward I tripped over the edge of the couch falling on my back in Freddie's lap. I could've jumped up and shivered; I could have gotten up and walked away. I could've even pushed him on the floor. But no. I tried sitting up reluctantly, and it only positioned me with my face inches from Fredweird. We both blushed.

"Sorry, you uh…tripped. And I was trying to get but you-" He started but I cut him off. I don't know what possessed me to do it, I have no idea I would tell Freddie how I feel this way, but I kissed him. I just cupped his, still warm from blushing, cheek with my right hand and just kissed him. I had a feeling he would pull away and run out saying I was crazy if I ever believed he would like someone as vicious as me, and that I should he loved my best friend but…he didn't. He just wrapped his arm around my waist and deepened the kiss. And then I put wrapped my arms around his neck. If we weren't so busy I might've realized that there were footsteps in the hall, or that the lock was clicking or turning. Or maybe even that the door was opening, but no. I was with Frednerd making out. I didn't even notice my best friend's presence until she screamed.

"Freddie? SAM?" Her mouth hanging open. We pulled away so fast that if she didn't spot us before she probably wouldn't have seen us at all. We were speechless. I mean, we were just kissing on our best friend's couch…what do you say? Then a small smile appeared on her face.

"Why didn't you guys tell me?" We took turns trying to explain that there was nothing to tell, the problem was that we both were telling different stories at the same time, "No, I get it." She said smirking. "You kids have fun." She said before walking out the door. Me and Freddie both blushed.

"So…what just happened…with our…lips." I suggested. He blushed pink.

"Oh yeah." He said. "We swore we'd never do that again after we-" I started but was cut off by his lips. I smiled as I deepened the kiss. I love Freddie's outfit.

Alright! My first shot at a One-Shot! Tell me what you guys thought! Did I write it right? It seems kind of jumbled to me when I wrote it! Just tell me whether it sucks or not! I tried my best and it WAS my FIRST One-Shot so try to cut me a LITTLE slack! :|

~ Karly Black