Hello readers, I'd like to announce that I'm going to be putting all my stories up for adoption besides two; iCarly: Ten Pairings Challenge and Twilight:Jane's Redemption. Why not these two? Mainly because the iCarly story is a challenge and I love writing it! And the Twilight story because I've technically not even posted one chapter, and when I wrote the chapter I enjoyed writing it! And if you're thinking this is some joke, it's not. I'm completely, absolutely 100% serious! Why am I abandoning my stories in the first place? Mainly it's because when I write the stories it's BORING I don't have any fun AT ALL with it! I DREAD having to write! It's like having to write a History paper for me, only barely better! But I'm really sorry for even starting these stories! I wish I hadn't at all, so if guys got into them, I won't be letting you down. But I'm sure you'll like a writer who's into writing them way more than just me! Anyway, PM me if you want to take over any of my stories! You can even take all of them over if you want! =) Again, I'm really sorry about this, I'm just not into the stories, or Twilight in general, that much anymore! So PM me!
~ Karly Black