CHAPTER ONE, PART ONE: Maka's leaving?

"what? What the hell do you mean you won't be able to be my weapon mister anymore? are you insane, maka!" Soul shouted at Maka while garbing ahold of her sholders.

"I-I told you, Soul, my mother dosnt want to stay here around my father anymore so we have to move. I'm sorry, but I have no say in the matter!" Maka tried explaining to soul. It's not that she wanted to leave. The opposite. but, her mother wants to leave and she couldn't just leave her behind! She didn't understand why soul couldn't just exept that and let her leave!

"But, maka! if you leave, who's going to be my partner!" Soul yelled, gripping her shoulders tighter. "Soul! I'm leaving! there's nothing you can do about it! So just... So just deal with it!" Maka shouted and slaped his hands of her shoulders and stormed off. Soul was leftvstanding there, hurt and confused. he felt like crying, but crying is so uncool and would ruin his reputation.

"hmm? what's this? so it's true that maka's leaving is it? oh, how sad." Soul span around at the sudden arivel of this new voice to find the grim reaper himself. "Yeah... she's leaving..." Soul mumbled.

"so, what now, lord death? am I not going to be able to be a death sythe anymore?" Soul asked. He had not come all this way to be turned down now. Being a death sythe was his life's goal, and he couldn't give up on it just like that! he was too cool for that!

"oh? You don't need to worry about that! all we'll have do is find you a new partner!" the reaper said with a smile in his voice.

Soul swolued hard but nodded none the less. he didn't want a new partner, but he couldn't say no to lord death.

"oh, oh, oh! alright then! we'll start comparing your soul to the others right away~!" and just like that he was off to do god-only-knows what. with a sigh Soul told himself that he should worry about it latter and for now just go home and go to sleep. it was a long day, after all.

CHAPTER ONE, PART TWO: And just were are patty and liz?

Death the kid was having a rough day. first, he woke up to find his hair just would not stay right, making it completely unsymetrycle. then, all of his jackets were dirty, so he ware one that clashed with his pants. And now he couldn't find liz or patty! tch, this was the worst day ever!

In the midle of his sulking he didn't even see his father sneek up behind him. so he was completely caught off gaured when the elder reaper put his hands on kid's shoulders and nearly shouted "son!" causing him to lose his balance and fall over. What a day.

"what? What? What do you want, father?" kid yelled in surprise while also tring to brush the dust off himself.

"ho, ho, ho! well son I just remebered to tell you that Liz and Patty will be gone for quite a whilile while they'er off on a misson!" he chimed in happily whith a sing song voice. "what? but why wasn't I told sooner! when will they be back?" Kid practicly screamed

"I'm telling you now! and it's impossible to tell exactly when they'll be back, could be a month, could be a year!" lord death hummed to his son.

"well, who's going to be my partner inthe mean time?" Kid asked

"hee, hee, don't worry, son! I've got that covered! now, go be a good boy and do whatever it is you kids do these days!" he said with a gleam in his voice. Kid was slightly worried because he knew his father was planning somthing, but just walked away anyways.

Whatever it was that the reaper was planning, it couldn'd be good for him.

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