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CHAPTER TWO: one door closes, another opens.

It had been three days sence maka had left and soul was feeling even more depressed each day. he wished he could just stay in his room and sulk somemore, but he had to go to school. he slowly draged himself out of his bed and halfheartedly got dressed.

as he was walking to school, he was so lost in his thoughts he didn't even notice when he bumped into someone, knocking them both over. "sorry." soul grumbled roughly, picking himself up. as he looked up he saw the one who he bumped into was a boy about his age. the boy had short black hair with three white stripes on one side and was wearing a black suit. he also had sharp golden eyes wich were now glaring at him.

"ugh! my pants! there ruined! one side has a rip! this is all your fault!" the boy screamed at soul, pointing at the small tear in his pants with tears in his eyes. "rip the other side." the boy said suddenly, catching soul off gard. "what?" "you heard me! rip the other side! if my pants arn't perfictly symetricle, then... then... THEN I SHOULD JUST DIE!" the boy yelled and borke down into full-on crying

"dude... what's wrong with you?" soul asked, momentarialy forgeting his deprstion. the boy suddenly stood up, sniffuled afew times, and ran off in the other derrection. 'that was weird.' soul thought to him self as he started walking again. ha momentaraly wondered if the strange boy went to his school. he had never seen him before, if he did. he quickly dissmised these thoughts, though, as they didn't matter.

"shit! I'm gonna be late!" soul realized and took off runing in the derection of the school.


'thank god' soul thought as he saw that he still had three minutes until class started. he sighed and stared walking toward his first class when some girl stoped him. "soul, lord death wanted to see you in the death room." random girl 1 said, then turned to leave.

soul simply shrugged and walked off to the death room.

"ah! soul! there you are! I have a surpries for you!" soul heard the reaper shout as he opened the door to the death room. beside him stood the same boy from this morning. "you!" the boy shouted. "heh, yeah it's me. done crying?" soul asked with a smirk. the boy growled "oh? so you two have already met? well that makes things so much esaier!" the reaper sang. "so who is this kid, lord death?" soul asked. "soul, this is kid, my son! kid, this is soul! now, both of you, say hello to your new partner!" the shimigami said with a smile in this voice. both of them gasped at the last part.

"WHAT?" they screamed in unison.


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