Author's Notes: Considering the love I got for the first installment of the story, I decided to add a second part as a contribution to my Summer Palooza. I just couldn't keep away from it anymore, especially with the all the Angst I have in the current things I've been writing these last weeks. The summer is coming to an end in a month or so and I still have 3-4 more one-shots to spit out including an anticipated Juicy installment and a very long and close-to-heart Jakeward fic.

Disclaimer: I don't usually do this – ever. But just to let you know there is some light bondage and spanking. No fisting or anything of the like – keep your pants on. Unlike the first part of Ride The Cowboy, the sex will be told through Edward's perspective (and yes, that needs to be included in the disclaimer, because its...well... Edward.)

Considering there was a handful of people who enjoyed the original one-shot, I hope I live up to the first, or perhaps at least satisfy your joys of this remarkable couple.
Thanks to those of you who let me know what you think last time. It's because of you guys, this bad boy was written sooner than expected and well, period.

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Ride The Cowboy: Texas Chili Round-up


I would say Sunday mornings were my best days. I woke up bright and early and right at the time where many of my fellow citizens of Forks got on their knees to pray at the pews of our only church, I got on my knees and got the holy pipe of a cowboy right in me, filling me with all his Glory as I screamed a hymn of pleasure.

Mom would be stuck in Seattle from Saturday through to Monday and dad, being the humanitarian he was, would stick it close to the hospital. And I had the house to myself.

But I suppose this Sunday was just a bit more special, because I got the invite over to Jasper's. My first trip over. Ever.

With Jasper's mom hitting up some Bake fest back in Texas and his father accompanying to visit family, Jasper had the house to himself - and I was invited.

One month of complete and utter debauchery later and Jasper was like my own little Pavlov dog - he saw me and instantly salvated - not to mention got the hardest boners I've ever seen. Could fucking chip a diamond. It was quite a show when in public. All I had to do was bend over the right way in class or draw out my stretches for a few more seconds and he was covering a throaty moan with a cough. It was that easy.

The boys already knew the deal. With Emmett's knowing smirks and Jacob's coy glances, I didn't have to say much to let them know I was happily being fucked on schedule on Sunday and randomly throughout the week. At my every beck and call, this boy was willing. God, I hadn't had this much fun since James.

Packing a light bag of goodies, I stood on my feet, hearing the familiar beep of a text message alert from my phone. With a smirk already written on my face, I knew who it was. Grabbing my cell off the nightstand, I checked and my smirk only widened into a grin.

New Message From Cowboy.

Well, yee-fucking-haw.

I slid my thumb over the sensor screen, pressing my passkey before opening the message.

Hope you didn't have Breakfast.. There's some Chili left from last night. Figured you'd want to try.

I'd try anything he had to offer.


This was insane.

One minute I'm eye-fucking the hell out of Edward Cullen and the next, he is riding me like a bull in his bedroom in mid-day. I knew I was playing with fire, the moment Edward welcomed me the first day at the school. There was something about the direction his mind went with everything that was at the same time unnerving and fucking exhilerating. I had no idea what to expect.

Perhaps it was a genius thing, because in all my normal life, I had never met anyone as fucking outside the box as him - and hell if he didn't handle it with the nonchalance of a bitch on Valium.

From the one month of knowing and fucking him, I came to the conclusion that this was indeed an arrangement of kink and release. Edward, in no way appeared to me as a guy who did relationships, so it was no surprise that right after slipping my dick out of his tight ass as he was bent over his mother's expensive end table, that I'd hear the words, "I'd prefer not to cuddle after sex." I got the words loud and clear. In all honestly, as much of a knees knocker he was, he was really all I knew sexually and what I could barely handle physically. I'd hate to think any farther pass sex, but it still had me thankful to know I was all he was fucking with.

"If I ever consider blowing someone else, I'll let you know," He told me after the second time we fucked and I asked about his sexual 'freedoms', "Like I said, you're the only guy to ever fuck me, but if I even consider someone else, you'll be the first to know."

Thanks for the heads up.

I could say I was falling into step with his quirky sense of being. Although we didn't act out in public, he did introduce me to his attractive ass friends. I shook Emmett's hand getting a sturdy grip and a knowing chuckle. God, the things Edward must tell him. Then I got an interesting handshake from Jacob, who squeezed my hands in a slow pulse, before licking his lips.

"So nice to meet you, Jasper," He spoke huskily, his rich voice sending a jolt to my cock, "We should get better acquainted." I couldn't help the blush that rushed to my cheeks.

Edward said we weren't an item. I'm sure he didn't mind if Jacob and I got to know each other better. Likewise, I'd tell him if I considered. And I did.

Later after a rather enthralling conversation with Jacob and Emmett, I asked Edward about Jacob.

"Look, Jacob is a flirt." Edward said straightly, irritation clearly on his features, "He fucks and sucks anything that walks and loves to push buttons."

I shrugged, "He doesn't sound too much different from you," I got an intrigued raise of the eyebrow, "I'm not sayin' you fuck everythin', but you do have an air of usin' sex to your advantage and you appear to love to push buttons as well." I noted. Taking note, he was a Grade A dick half the time, when he wasn't being forward and a walking wet dream, "Afterall, you blew him." That seemed to unravel something in him - the first and only sign of jealousy I'd ever see.

"Look, fuck with him and I'll have your cock in a vice. Got it?" He growled and I laughed off my surprise. Clearly, Edward, the Unpenetrable (the irony in that title) had a thing for Jacob Black.

"I'll keep that in mind."

Our engangements continued as normal as they could for us. My cock grew to understand that being in close quarters with Edward usually was rewarded with his mouth or his ass, something that didn't slip past him.

"Oh," He'd pout whenever he caught me straining against my jeans, "Hey, there Woody." And he offer me that orgasm inducing smirk, before dropping to his knees to alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, that name stuck just as well as Cowboy. So much in fact, Jacob and Emmett began to call me that and soon the entire class. If only they had an idea where it really came from.

On an unsually bright and sunny Sunday morning, I stepped out of my room, completely well rested from the night before. Saturdays were usually reserved for Edward's participation in any school music functions, so we didn't get to see much of the other in person, but I was always blessed with the occasional picture message of him bent over a counter, his finger in his ass or a pleasant cock shot. The picture the night before put all of them to shame and it wasn't much he did. There he was, splayed out on his bed, bronze hair untidy against black, silk sheets. His pink parted lips were puffy and swollen just as they are when he has been sucking me off after an hour. At the angle of the camera, I could see his face clearly and the angle of his pale, bare chest and arms and the hardness of his exposed cock at a distance, his hand firmly placed around the base, giving it a delightful squeeze. Under the picture message was a small caption; I can't wait to have this down your throat tomorrow.

I got off two times after viewing that glorious shot. My orgasm was hard and satiating and I fell in a deep sleep, stewing in my own juices, so a shower was needed that morning. It was quick and refreshing and everything I needed to start the day. Deciding to have a light breakfast, I headed for the kitchen, preparing myself some cereal when I see the Texas Chili batch my mom made in the metal pot, planted right in the midle of the fridge. That previous night I tried a bowl. Just as usual, it was spicy and fucking delicious. Her way of saying she was sorry to leave me alone in a house without her cooking and it damn sure made up for her absence.

Knowing Edward was probably up and getting ready to come over, I texted him a quick message. He was having breakfast here. Sex was great, but I knew what put a man in a better mood was food. I could feed him, then fuck him and he'd understand just how satisfied I was that previous night with his message.


My eyebrows kinked at the sight of the DVD box in his hand, a look of deviance in his eyes.

"Toy Story?" I asked in a flat tone.

"Great to fuck to, eh, Woody?" He cocked his head, just as I rolled my eyes, "Boots?" He asked in a demanding voice. I lifted my feet, showing him the snake-skin boots I rarely ever wore, even at home. He smiked, "Mm, perfect."

"What's with the bag?" I asked, nodding my head towards the small knapsack behind him. He shrugged, but the look was still on his face. Fuck if I knew what ideas he had for today. I gave him a brief tour of the downstairs area, guiding him to the kitchen where I had our unconventional breakfast heating up.

"What do you want to do first?" I asked, knowing I was starting the day off right if I asked. Lord knows what happened when I assumed he would go along with what I wanted to do - blue balls.

"Well," I heard him trail off behind me, "How about a little bit of Woody's Round up?" I halted in the kitchen, turning on my heels to face him.

"You want to watch Toy Story?" There he went again with that look. There was something brewing in that brain of his.

"I'm not hungry." He seemed to yawn, placing his bag on the dining room table, "Besides, your mother's cooking is shit."

I felt my eyebrow rise again in question.

My mother's cooking whada-whada?

If he was looking to piss me off, it was working.

"I've been to her bakery. Stale cookies, flaky pies. I've tasted better shit from the Supermarket's Bakery." Fuck, that was low. In an air of nonchalance, he sat in one of the dinning room chairs. It was as if he hadn't said anything at all. That whole Grade A dick bit wasn't a joke, but never were his acts and attitudes used on me. I pondered just what was crossing his mind.

His hand disappeared in his bag. And there, I saw it. The neatly wrapped design of brown robe, being tossed on the table between us.

"It's disappointing really," He leaned against the wood, resting his chin in his hands like a little, innocent boy when he was anything but. His fucking beautiful, green eyes were staring up at me, lips puckering in that fuck-me pout as he stared at me through his lashes, "That whole spiel about things being bigger in Texas," He gave my crotch a pointed glance, "And supposedly better. But clearly there's been little satisfaction. Texas is just a fucking snore. Now New York," He added with an evil snicker, "Bigger and better things there." That's it. I took another glance at the rope.

The fucking chili could wait.

I marched over to him, roughly pulling him out of his seat before throwing him chest first against the table getting a gleeful yelp from Edward, "Fuck, Cowboy. What's the trouble?"

I growled. I guess he thought he could be funny with the whole Texas bit, but he pushed himself too far.

Without much thought, I was unraveling the rope with one hand and securing his wrists behind his back with the other. With quickness a summer on a ranch could easily teach me, I had Edward's hands successfully wrapped and secured, tying each ends of the rope to both legs of the table facing us. He was immobilized for sure.

There was a raw grunt from under me as I took in the work I had done. Edward bucked against his restraints as if testing the tightness before letting out quite a delicious moan.

"I don't think you understand the button you just pressed, Cullen." I hissed, loving the reaction I recieved from him. Clearly, I had been in his company for too long.

But seriously.- He had no fucking idea what he got himself into. With a lasting glance at his ass angled in the air, his legs spread, toes touching the legs of the table, I turned out of the kitchen, heading up to my room to grab something I've been meaning to show Edward for some time.


What the fuck did I just get myself into?

It was like a light lit up behind those sexy teal eyes and what was unleashed was something he had been hiding from me. In one rough swoop, a whoosh of air was out of me and I was being hog-tied to the fucking table where I'm sure he ate dinner with his parents - not that I gave two fucks. In fact, it turned me on more than I was willing to let him know. Jasper seemed satisfied with his handiwork and with no word, left me in the room.

Fucking left me.

Tied, I like to stress that again.

Never in my life had someone ever taken control like this. Even in my short lived, yet adventurous sex life, I was always in control. James, a God with his tongue and hands, knew who ruled in the room and Jacob, ever the flirt, enjoyed me taking the reigns. It appeared Jasper was the same way, until I hit a fucking trigger and it was like another boy stood before me in wheat curls and tanned skin, grabbing me with a growl and warning me that I went too far, only to leave me bucking pathetically against a hard surface...alone.

He was back in under a few moments, taking long strides. I awaited contact, a hand, a stroke, anything. I got nothing. He walked straight pass me to the kitchen, where he fixed himself a bowl of what looked to be the chili he promised, placing it in a bowl. I watched in bewilderment as he so casually walked back to the table, grabbing a spoon on his way pass a drawer before sitting right across from where I was tied, digging into what smelled like a rather tantilizing meal.

He was eating while I watched, tied against my will. Well, scratch that. I wanted him to tie me up and do things to me, but I was very sure I'd be instructing him to do so. The aroma of the meal hit my nose and somehow the sight of him from the painful angle I watched went straight to my cock.

I didn't expect torture like this.

I tried to keep my cool, taking deep breaths and focusing my attention on the food. The spoon, how it dipped into the bowl of beans and meat, lifting to meat pink lips that opened and revealed a rather active tongue that slid on the underside of the untensil, just as his teeth did the rest of the work, but his tongue wasn't done yet. It flickered out, taking in the sauce on the corner of his mouth.

Oh fucking hell.

"Ungh!" I couldn't hold back the moan. He lifted his eyes, meeting mine for the first time in five minutes.

"This could have been yours, Edward," He sighed as if I denied myself heaven, "But you chose to make things harder for yourself." His brow kinked in amusement, "apperently." And with that, the spoon clattered in the bowl before he lifted it, standing to his feet before getting up to wash it. There was a moment of silence right after the running water stopped.

I waited, on the edge of impatience before hearing footsteps heading in my direction. I pulled against the tight rope and growled in frustration. Fuck, he wasn't supposed to be this good.

"God!" I gasped out in surprise feeling the pressure of his jeans against my ass.

"What do you say?" He asked, reaching between me and the wooden table.

I shook against him, feeling like a fucking little boy. I was uncomfortable in this position. For Christ sakes, I've played in front of thousands of people, gave such good head, it resulted in the reciever passing out. I was a damn God in this fucking town and a Civil War buff from Texas had me bent over with my ass in the air.

I refused to speak.

"Oh?" He didn't seem surprise by my stubborn response, "Have nothing to say, then?" He sighed, "Oh well, I'm sure Jacob would love my mother's chili." He hinted, no longer pressed against me. I didn't feel him anyway near.

Something in me snapped.

"Fuck, Jazz, I'm sorry!" I whined, "Please," I begged. My arm muscles were already aching from the position I was in. I let out a happy cry, feeling him once again pressed into me. His hands slipped in front of my jeans, unbuttoning before tugging them down my thighs.

"Fuck," I heard him mutter under his breath, perhaps noticing that he was seeing my bare ass instead of some patterned boxers. Well, he should know by now...

"So who's bigger and better?" Jasper asked. I already knew how the damn game was going to end.

Just suck it up and give him what he wants, Edward.

"Texas." I grumbled into the table.

"Excuse me?" He leaned over, pressing his ear near my cheek.

"Texas!" I bellowed, "Fuck!" My mind was numb in shock, feeling the sting on my ass.


"Texas!" Another slap. This one I actually heard. The sound of his stiff palm meeting the meat of my ass. He pulled back, spreading my ass with his right hand. I felt the pad of his thumb pressing against my willing hole.

"Fuck me!" I wailed.

"Excuse me?" Was what I got in return.

Fuck, was he serious?

"Jasper, God Damnit!" I growled. I couldn't do this begging shit for another minute.

"Hmm." He hummed, pulling back. There was a shuffling behind me, before I felt his finger press into my ass, slipping in after much effort. He fucked me slowly, dragging his digit inside my ass before wiggling it. He pulled out instantly only to fill my ass with something rather cooler and a bit thicker. What. Was. That?

"Let's try this again, Edward." He spoke like a teacher tired with his pupil's lack of comprehension.

"Jasper-" I tried to reason. My life changed drastically right then, "Oh, my fuck!" I Shouted, feeling my ass vibrate.

A satisfying bzzzzing noise filled the silence in between my gulping gasps. My ass bucked and fought to feel just a bit more, but it was hard, being secured on the surface under me. There was no way I could budge against it. I felt my toes curl in my shoes, my thigh muscles contract and loosen, before the doom of a cramp creeped in my right.

"Gooo-!" My body felt the tremors from my ass. It zapped throughout, fucking up my thinking process, "What is-?" I panted.

"Oh," Jasper continued as if we were having a civil conversation. I suddenly had the feeling he was picking up on my social habits, "This? This would be a bullet vibrator, Edward." As if emphasizing a point, I felt the object twist and pull slightly out of my quivering ass.

"O-oh-!" I had a pretty good idea of what it was, but what the fuck was he doing with it?

"I don't think you're learning the lesson here." He sighed, before pulling the vibrating toy out of me. I whined like a spoiled child and had the nerve to shift my feet back, so I could push my ass out farther. He tsked, using his foot to right my position again, "Clearly not. I heard the heaven sent sound of a zipper fly opening, along with denim meeting the tile floor, a buckle clanging as he most likely kicked out of them. The noise was torture and my cock ached against the table.

"Cowboy, please fuck me," I had no problems begging now. The pain was that bad, "I want you!" I shouted in rejoice, feeling his hand press against my right cheek, spreading me just right. There was a click and the sound of lube squeezing from a tube before I bucked out feeling a cold liquid oozing down my crack. Jasper worked his finger along the inside of my cheek, smearing the amount of lube around the ring of muscle before slipping right in.

"Yes, mmm." I licked my lips, fighting off the urge to give him too much power. He worked me for a minute, using his second finger, scissoring his way in me before pulling his fingers fully out. 4 weeks and he was a proffesional and a potential sadist.

Now the question of the hour: What was he going to fuck me with?

According to him I hadn't learned my lesson, so that could easily be another ass buzzing torture or perhaps he noticed I enjoyed it too much and was ready to offer his cock. But that wouldn't make sense. His cock filled me so nice and unfortunately led me to utter the oddest noises - none I could control.

the strong grip of both hands for on both my cheeks now, spreading me wide. Before it came, I already knew what to expect. A throaty groan was out, gargled and low just as the head of his cock pressed into my hole before the rest of his rod worked its way in. He entered slowly, letting me feel every inch, stopping only when it was to the hilt.

He waited.

He didn't move.

He was fucking still.

"Jasper, come on." I whined, but he kept his body immobile.

"What do you say?"

"Jasper, please!"


"I need your cock, baby!"

There was a moment's silence, before he spoke again.

"Who's in control?" Fucking asshole.

I could play it off, but seriously where would that get me? Or maybe I could distract him. I had a talent with working my ass muscles, but I'm sure he'd just get off, pull out and leave me with a very pulsing wood.

As if noticing I was considering an option, Jasper's hands reigned again on my ass, causing me to gasp in shock. The sting of the slap had be convulsing just slightly around his dick and it felt heavenly.

It came out of me so fast, I had no control stopping it, "You are!" And that was enough for him. I felt him slide out slow before roughly bucking his hips. Again, he did this and with pleasant results. If only I could hold on for dear life. I felt my cowboy fill me up repeatedly, each thrust ending in an echoing slap - not as satiating as his hands, but his balls just skimming against mine was a different story. My shoulders burned in my position, but it really didn't matter now. It was hard to focus on the pain when I heard the rough grunts emitting from his chest. I moaned, shoving my ass back towards him everytime he pulled out. I got a growl in response before I was held in place.

Hell, I didn't think Jasper being in control would feel this good.

His hips picked up and I moaned, feeling the table under me screech and stutter forward on the tile floor. He didn't seem to notice. His hand was weaving through the rope that binded my hands together, jerking me upper torso away from the table. My arms screamed in protest, but there wasn't much I could do about it. His other hand cupped around my neck, pulling me against his slick body. I'd allow him to choke me if he wished. I was that into it. Showing my gratitude, my ass gave his cock a generous squeeze. It seemed to be all he needed. His hips picked up in erratically before he cried out, still only for a moment.

He was panting against my ear, coating my skin in his warm breath. I opened my mouth to speak, to say anything, but all that came out was a throaty moan. I hadn't even came yet, but I was very. fucking. close.

He let me go without warning and I collided with the table again. There was movement behind me before I felt him untie the rope from the legs of the table. He pulled me up by my binds until I was fully standing, before turning me around to sit on the table.

"Lift you legs." I did as instructed, tucking the heels of my feet against my ass, "Slide your hands under your body." He continued. I attempted to lift my ass and move my binded wrists under myself. It was hard with my weight firmly planted. Jasper noticed, grabbing under my arms, lifting me off the table. Something about that act alone had me completely taken back. He looked so in control, so different. The usual sheepish look in his eyes, were replaced by a hard determination. I moved my arms under my ass and feet until bringing them forward on my lap. My cock bobbed at the movement, catching Jasper's eye, but I tried to ignore it for the moment.

There was now a relief to my muscles, which now throbbed in a dull ache. Jasper cocked his head at me, a wheat curl falling in his eye, before deflty massaging my upper arm muscles. Did he notice the way I grimaced at the pain? Or did I totally whine like a pussy? Something about the way he touched me in efforts to lessen the pain had me feeling a little like puddy.

And I'm never puddy.

He spoke then, "It seems you get me all wound up, Edward." He sighed, shaking his head, "This picture message last night, your crass manner not a few minutes before now. I apologize that I was rough and I didn't give you time to come." I felt his palm against my chest, instructing me on my back, "I'll make it up to you now."

My feet, still planted on the table was spread, revealing my now slick and quivering entrance. Leaning in, Jasper bit the curve of my thigh, before reaching pass me to grab something I couldn't quite see. Continuing his teasing, teeth nipping my thighs and tongue caressing the dip along my hipbone, he pressed his pointer finger against my Cowboy milk filled hole, fingering me in slow push and pulls. My back arched, waiting for his next move. It was a second finger.

"Ungh!" He was teasing me again, and this time around I was collapsing like a card house, "Jasper, please!" His fingers slipped out, before climbing their way up to my parted lips. I got the picture. With a flick of my tongue, I invited his fingers in my mouth, but not before swirling and tasting them first. His digits were coated with his cum and he was offering me a taste. I whimpered pathetically at the gesture before suckling him in.

It seemed to give him an idea. Without warning, he kissed along the underside of my dick, making sure to coat a trail back down with his tongue, stopping at my balls only to allow one into his warm, hot mouth. I bucked my hips again, hallowing out my cheeks to suck harder on his fingers. A plan was already building in my brain - a plan to gain back control. With all the skills I could muster, I lifted my head, sucking his fingers all the way into my mouth before pressing against the tips with my tongue, guiding them out. I massaged along the underside of them, imagining them to be a rather thicker and longer, custom-sized Jasper rod before bobbing on them with vigor. I wasn't surprised to see now I had his full attention. His lips off me, eyes glazed while watching with interest. To add to the moment, I moaned, mouth filled with his digits before suckling them deep in my throat.

"Edward!" He warned, but I didn't relent. He pulled his fingers away from my mouth, getting a loud pop, thin strings of saliva attaching to his fingertips from my lips. He pulled back, lifting my secure wrists over my head before glaring at me, "You want to make things difficult, do you?" He asked with a huff. I couldn't help it, I smirked at my accomplishment. If experience served me right, he was sporting a boner.

"I make things hard, not difficult, Woody." I winked, getting a stunned look in response, before he shook his head.

"Woody, eh?" It was his turn to look smug. Before I could quesion the look, I felt something cool enter my body before a bzzzing noise filled the silent room again.

Oh God.

My eyes rolled back, my body shaking in violent tremors. Oh. My. Fuck! It was hitting my prostate at the right angle. I cried out like a little girl, bucking against the light vibration. It was enough to keep me at the edge - the tittering edge. That was more torture then him binding me and fucking me silly against the table.

And if that wasn't enough to make me go bat shit crazy, his next move was. With a dazzling, dimple inducing smile, he leaned over me, still working the vibrator in my ass before taking the tip of my prick between his lips, tongue encompassing the head before pressing against the slit.

"F-f-f-!" Well, hell, I couldn't speak.

"Mmm," He hummed around my dick, using the same technique I had offered earlier, probably throwing that in my face to show me who was really in control.


The toy twisted inside me, before the vibration was turned up a notch. I screamed out, my hands gripping the edge of the table above me before I was grinding against the little toy and my cowyboy's mouth. I could make out the smile on Jasper's face at the sight of me bucking like a mad bull under him - roped up and all.

Well, this was no fucking rodeo.

I lifted my hips, shoving my cock right down that hot throat, loving that his eyes went wide as he gagged slightly.

That'll show you, cowboy.

He pulled away from my dick, pouting. I wanted to kiss those swollen pink lips, but this was a battle of wills here. My cock plopped against my torso, a dollup of pre-cum coating my skin. He watched hungerily, but didn't move. Instead, I felt the vibration increase.

"JAZZ!" I couldn't help the shrill scream. It was like the entire room exploded in whtie lights. My body was frozen in its arch off the table, my fingers digging into the wood as I fought to control the words streaming from my mouth. Was I speaking in tongues?

Spurts of my jizz erupted from my cock, catching my chin and cheek - a classic cum-shot if I say so myself. And like that, my feet slipped off the table and my body relaxed. There was a chuckle above me and I scowled.

"You little fucker." I panted, unable to see correctly, so I kept my eyes shut for the moment.

"Don't you tire of driving other boys wild?" Jasper asked, "I felt you were getting a bit too cocky. You deserved to be teased and punished." I opened my eyes, only to meet his gorgeous face, staring at me from my still hard cock. He peck the tip of it, sliding his lips up my chest, stopping only to collect the stream of cum from my chin and cheek. We met in a thrillingly erotic kiss with me tasting myself as our tongues massaged and played together before he pulled away.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked softly. I shook my head, "Did you like it?" I bit my lip, unsure if answering correctly would lessen my power over him. He cocked his head and frowned and something in me went a little wild. Right then, I didn't care if I had to disregard my pride. I needed him to know the answer.

"The best sex yet." I whispered. He gave me a full dimpled smile and something happened in my chest. I had no fucking idea what it was, "You're quite the cowboy, Woody." I decided to tease, trying to disregard the new way I saw this hot boy.

He rolled his eyes, but not before lifting a rather familiar toy that was so nicely having a discussion with my ass moments before, "Glad I could take you on a nice tour through space, Buzz." He quipped.

Seems like I now had a new nickname. Fucking great.


AN: Hope you guys enjoyed. Tell me what you think! I shall have more one-shots up before August ends!