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Anyway, here's the usual stuff, first time here, first time writing in the FMA fandom, blah blah blah...

Anyway, here is a short scene I had envisioned while dying of boredom from school classes (yeah, they tend to do that to a person, right?). Anyway, I just had this idea and wrote it down. It's a bit dark themed but its perfect for morbid suckers (like me!). Don't really think it needs much explanation, but more of an introduction to make sense. There will be an explanation at the end of the whole scene for those who cannot understand it.

Characters: Edward Elric (main), _?(sub character) choose who you like.

Setting: An old abandoned (not really) mansion.

Story before this scene: Edward goes on an another mission from Mustang and finds himself kidnapped from Alphonse and got dragged here. Some... not nice things happened to him here and now, he tries to escape. Unfortunately, _? found out about him actually managing to leave the place and is now slowly but steadily pacing towards him.

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"Run.. run.. run my little spitfire cat, run or I will catch you again!"

That horrible sing-song mocking voice drifted through the misty silence, destroying the hauntingly tranquil air. Shuddering at the words, he pulled the thin coat he found tighter around him, trying to warm his cold, numb body and he hastened his walking. He needed to get out of here. Out of this horrible place, this nightmare, this living hell.

His numb legs stumbled over a protruding root, causing him to stumble and fall. As he hit the ground, a sharp pain streaked through his back, causing him to cry out in pain. It hurt, but that was to be expected. After all, he did not give himself enough time to recuperate. He nearly laughed, at that. He probably would never recuperate, not mentally, at least.

His heartbeat quickened, as he heard, rather than saw, the sound of heavy boots, walking in his direction. He needed to move, to run away. He needed to escape, to flee. To call for help, but he could do nothing. Every action he tried to do, made his back scream with agony. That was it, he guessed. He was going to be taken back. He was going to be back in that room, his 'services' always being used, with or without, mostly without, his consent. He braced himself for the oncoming future, and was not disappointed.

A hand grabbed his neck roughly, and pulled him up, and made him scream at the pain in his spine.

"Now, now, my little kitten, we wouldn't want you to catch a cold now would we, lying on the wet ground in such thin clothes...?"

Closing his eyes, he let himself be dragged back.


And that's it ladies and gentlemen! Hope you liked it!

Anyway, for the explanation... lets have a poll now shall we? Who thinks he is getting abused? *raises hands* Right. Now, who thinks it's physical abuse? *raises hand* And lastly, who thinks that he was getting raped? *raises lots of hands*(I heard that in rough penetration of a body in that way may damage a person's spine. Besides, he had to steal that thin coat to cover himself. What do you think he was wearing before that?)

And that's what happened to him. The sub character is anyone you want it to be. Could be ... well, anyone! (Could be your dad!)(Just kidding! N/A: Diana Dilettante added that!)

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed it.. or not.. so please review! They make me happy! :)