Pokegirls: Gold Version

Chapter 1

My alarm buzzed frequently by my ear, an unpleasant bark of sound which rudely interrupted my slumber. I finally woke up after at least two minutes of uncomfortable half-sleep. I sat up and silenced the annoying electronic, and looked at the time, seven AM. I rolled out of bed, stepped into my private bathroom and showered off, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair as best I could. I say that because while most of my hair was short and manageable, I had a sort of antennae made of a bit of hair, which shot out from my forehead and then, no longer able to support its own weight, collapsed about two inches away from my face. I grabbed my lucky boxers (Golden Silk, a present from my mother as a joke), I pulled on some red shorts with a black stripe the side. A red shirt with a black pokeball print dead center and I threw on my favorite jacket, a red and black zip-up hoodie with lots of pockets. Finally after all that, I noticed a stereotypical gift box wrapped in gold paper and a black ribbon. But I couldn't figure out why it was there, and then I remembered the significance of that current date, it was my eighteenth birthday. I unwrapped the package, it had no note on it, and I revealed a black cap with a wide stripe of gold going from the visor to the back of the hat. I put it on, but it felt wrong so I turned it around on my head. My antennae popped out from a semi-circle hole in the front.

Oh, I guess I forgot to say that my name's Gold, and I live in New Bark Town, a small collection of middle class families in the Johto Region. That day, was the first of my journey, a journey which took me all around my region, and to many others, in the pursuit of my dream. What was my dream? Well, It's quite simple actually, my mother had raised me, and I had never met my father. The story was that my mother wanted a kid when she became a pokewoman, but didn't think my father was ready for the responsibilities, so she conceived me and ran away. I didn't know much about my father, other than he's a very strong tamer. So strong, that my mother says, he would have given me the very earth itself. But she raised me to earn things, and while she wanted me to be strong like my father, she wanted me to work for it.

When I say that I have never met my father, I guess that's not totally true. I met him once, when I was ten, or I got to see him once, my mom had made me go do errands while they talked, and I still don't know what they talked about, but my father left, if very sadly. I don't blame him, in fact, I would really like to know more about him, but all I remember is his medium brown hair and a worn old red ball-cap. I looked down into the box again and I saw a small slip of paper, I picked it up and read it, it read:

Dearest Son,

I know that today is the day you become a tamer, and with it, we will finally be able to meet. Get strong, get wise and stay as kind as you are now. There are two things every Legendary tamer must have, a love for battle, but also a love for life. Remember that, above all else, because life is a precious thing, it doesn't matter if it is a human, a pokegirl, animal or even tree. Life is precious.

Your father, with love,

That was how the note ended, and I felt the hat on my head in exultation, he was watching me, that meant he had always been watching, over the past eight years. I almost choked up. I ran downstairs and found my mother staring intently at the TV. I looked at it to, to see that Lance was making a speech. "So, it is with great pleasure that we announce the entry of the new Elite Four, Will, Koga, Bruno, and Karen. It is only through these four that a challenge for the championship is to be made, as of new league laws passed by the Johto Parliament. A challenge can be made to these amazing tamers in the Pokegirl League, located in between Johto and Kanto, just east of Mt. Silver and just west of Viridian City, we can't wait for your challenge. In addition… Champion *bskzzt* has decided that he is going to go into training at the legendary Mt. Silver, with no Elite Four of his own, he has decided that in order for a challenge to be issued, the challenger must have at least Sixteen Gym Badges from Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Johto as well as the title of Master Tamer. The final new law is that in order to obtain the title Master Tamer, one must challenge the Elite Four of Johto, Sinnoh or Hoenn and beat all four, and then challenging the champion, win or lose, the title is gained. So I wish you all the very best and a good day…"

The TV broadcast ended and my mom was looking at me and asked, "What's up chicken-butt?"

I handed her the note and she read it casually and then said, "Yes, it's no surprise he's been watching us this entire time… I'm just glad he let me have you for another eight years, but today, you leave on your journey… Oh! Yeah, that reminds me, Professor Elm wanted to see you, he has the results of your exam."

I nodded and dashed out the door. Elm's lab was a state of the art lab with two stories. The top floor was a living area for the professor and his family and the bottom was the actual lab itself. I opened the door and walked right up to the Professor, he was on the phone. "… yes, well. Today he starts his journey, and we'll be checking in on his progress in regular intervals, oh, speak of the devil, here he is, I have to go now, buh-bye."

I sighed, I had an unusual gene make-up, and the professor had been studying me while I was growing up. He laughed it off and led me to a corner of the lab, there were two familiar faces and a large machine sitting there. The two faces were Crystal, my next door neighbor and childhood friend, and next to her was my teacher of all things, arithmetic, science, history, algebra, English and of course, battle techniques and fighting. The latter was a retired Kunoichi, and Crystal's mom. She nodded at me and I grinned back. I had been picking up ninjutsu from her for a long time. Nothing flashy like TV, just the basics, running up walls, throwing knives, hidden blades, basic swordsmanship and of course, stealth. Crystal was far better at all that stuff, but she had the genetic buildup for exactly that stuff, but that was another story. Elm came over to the machine and pressed a button. The top cover slid off and three pokeballs slid up to the top, each on a high-tech looking stand. The Prof pressed another button and three holograms were projected above the balls; one was a Titodile, another was a Hottits, and the final one was a Chikotit. He gestured for us to grab our pick and I nabbed the Titodile. She would be a powerhouse as a Feraligarter. Crystal carefully thought about it and settled on the Hottits. We bumped fists and Elm smiled widely. "So," he said, "The reason we were able to give you a selection from the 'Golden three' was because we promised to keep up the diagnostics on Gold, so that's your end of the bargain, got it?"

I nodded enthusiastically and let out my first girl. She formed from the bright flash of light that comes with a pokeball. She was a bit shorter than me, with B-cup breasts, mostly blue skin (her belly and breasts were a soft yellow-white) and a red bikini. Then I looked at her face and hair. She had high cheek-bones and plush-looking lips, silver eyes with slits for pupils and her hair was a three spiked Mohawk that matched the ridges on her back. I touched her cheek and was pleasantly surprised by its softness and texture. She blushed slightly and I said, "Beautiful and I know that you'll be a monster in battle, my own little monster… I'll call you Monstra."

She blinked and smiled, she apparently appreciated the name. As I had been gratefully taking in my girl's looks and figure, the Professor had moved to his PC, and then he called me over. He said, "A friend of mine wants to get a sample from you, Gold, his name is Mr. Pokegirl, and he lives just barely north of Cherrygrove. I nodded and I set out, without another word. The route to Cherrygrove was short, and all in all, harmless. Monstra just walked beside me, eyeing me every once in a while. Eventually I asked, "What's up?"

She blushed and said, "It's been a while since I was last tamed and I was wondering if we could stop by the next pokegirl center and uh… keep me sane?"

I blushed but nodded, I would be lying if I told you I wasn't looking forward to it. We found the center no problem and I sauntered in and asked for a room, the Nurse gave me a key and gave us directions. I opened the door and put the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside, locking up on the inside. I turned to her and she pounced. She was all over me, kissing me with her delicious lips and soon I stepped up my game, and I brought my hands to her ass and squeezed as I forced my tongue into her mouth. She moaned and shivered but kept up with me.


I walked my right hand down her ass and I touched her snatch through the thin bikini fabric. She broke the kiss in excitement, and bit down softly on my neck, sucking on it, leaving a hickey. I got aggressive, and untied her top, letting her tits free. I pinched her left nipple and began to suck on the right. She groaned and pushed her hips into mine, and began to keen for something. I could feel her getting wetter, so I stopped and she whined. I pushed her over onto the nearby bed and spread her legs. She gasped and then started to wiggle enticingly. I practically tore off her bottom and I rubbed her outer lips with care.

She moaned and begged, "More, master, please…"

I obliged by inserting a finger and she gasped and then I began to work my finger into her, causing a spasm. Then I put in two fingers and soon three and I had her going. She groaned, moaned and bit her lip, trying to contain herself. her wet snatch looked very good, I couldn't explain it, but I knew I had to taste it. I licked it and she shivered and let out a long, drawn out moan. So I wrapped my arms around her legs and brought her core to my face. She was very soft, and bouncy in all the right places. I licked outside first and worked into her. She groaned and bucked her hips, so I gave her more, I licked her clit and she started to almost stream out of her cunt. So I bit down on her clit and she shuddered, silently screamed and came all in one motion. I flicked it and she had a similar reaction. So I stood up, took off all my clothes and I touched my hard cock to her wet snatch. I pushed in and she raked her nails down my back. Then I drew out and she shook her head and bucked her hips as she moaned, "faster."

I picked up the pace and she grabbed onto my arms, holding on for dear life. Then she gasped out, "harder!"

So I started to pound into her and then she started to cum. She tightened down on me and liquid squirted out of her snatch. And once she started and I kept going through it, she didn't stop. She was literally squeezing down as hard as she could, and constantly spraying her cum. She looked me in the eyes and squeezed harder, and I went over the edge and into her. She shivered and sat up to kiss me, "You're good," she whimpered, so I thrusted into her a bit and her eyes widened and she whispered, "You're insatiable… just the way I like it…"

I was still hard and she was nearly limp with pleasure as I continued to thrust into her hot, cum filled snatch. her eyes rolled back and she squirted all over me just from a touch. So a rapid penetration followed by a ravishing from hell was a bit too much for her to handle. She dug into my again and I felt blood trickle down my back. I bit down on her neck and she moaned as I returned her hickey. "Oh, god yes… BITE ME!" she screamed.

She started to gain her bearings, even with her flowing orgasm, so I sped up to keep her down, it partly worked, but she started to roll her hips, which was very pleasurable. She started to grab at something, found my head and pulled me into a deep and rewarding kiss, which she broke due to loss of breath. She was shuddering, panting and moaning into the air, her eyes tightly shut, and her body writhing into me. I took in the entire picture and I felt myself climax again. She collapsed beneath me and kissed me again, and whispered, "Errand, forgot, need to do stuff… ball me and let's get going, kay?"


I smiled and kissed her, she squeaked and fought back a bit, but I returned her to her ball, just as she asked. I put on my clothes again and I headed north. The house was in a small grove of dense trees, had a new coat of fresh pink with a brick red roof. I knocked on the door and I was let in. Mr. Pokegirl shook my hand, and gestured for me to come in. there was another guy in the room, he had iron gray hair and a dominating presence. I looked over to him and he said, "I can see you've got a rare pokegirl to go along with your rare genes… interesting… well, in any case, I am here to give you something I think will help us researchers indentify you gene's affects better, a personalized Pokedex. My name is Professor Stroak, by the way, nice to meet you. I have seen a bit of your genome thanks to Professor Elm, but when my friend here told me you were coming to visit, I just had to come and meet you. So here is the promised 'dex."

He handed me a phone-like device with a big screen and a small circle button with a square print on it. I pressed the button and the thing blinked to life. It said out loud, "My name is Dexter, and I am your personalized pokedex, the pokedex 2.0. I am based off the Pre-Sukube smart phone, dubbed, the iphone. It is my duty to help you on your journey to identify other girls, help you strategize, maintain a database of your harem and last but not least, monitor your battles, so that if any powers to manifest, the info can be instantly sent to the Professors."

I pocketed the treasure and they took a blood sample. I left the house and I immediately got a call on my new dex. It was Elm. "Gold?" he asked, "Oh… this is terrible… what do I do? Oh… please come back right now!"

I started running right there, and in Cherrygrove I let Monstra out of her ball. She ran beside me, easily keeping pace. I cut a sharp corner and bumped into someone. We both got laid out by the contact. He was about my height, with long red hair, hateful Silver eyes and an obvious need of an attitude adjustment. He looked me up and down and said, "Hey, you're that guy from the lab, the guy with the rare pokegirl… why would they waste that girl on a loser like you? … Don't you see what I'm saying, I too have a rare pokegirl, let's battle!"

I jumped up and Monstra jumped in front of me, the mystery guy threw a pokeball and out of it appeared a Chikotit. I pointed at it and said, "Scratch!"

Monstra dashed up and scratched down the other girl's face, but the enemy had jumped back just enough to avoid blood being drawn. She twirled her head and the leaf flew off and cut Monstra's arm deeply. I looked around us and noticed a nearby stream so I shouted, "Throw her in the water!"

Monstra obeyed and the chikotit spiraled into the water and I shouted, "Jump in after her, she's in your turf now! Scratch!"

She dove in and started to swim around her adversary rapidly, then she went for the kill and began to swim at her from all different directions, scratching the other girls, face, breasts, ass and more. Eventually the stranger retracted his girl, pointed at me and shouted, "That was a fluke, I can't stand weak pokegirls, not at all… I'll show you next time we meet. After all, I'm going to be the greatest tamer in the world!"

He ran off, but where he had been knocked down, he had dropped his tamer card. I looked at the name, it read off, Silver, of Unknown. Someone snatched it from me, the red-haired boy, Silver was back and he cursed and ran off with his card. I ran home and saw the Professor talking to some Officer Jennies. One of them turned to me and said, "A robbery just occurred, we've gathered the suspect has red hair and Silver eyes…"

I blinked and said, "I just battled a tamer like that, his name was Silver…"

The officer Jennies all turned to look at me and I pulled out my dex and showed them the battle, they nodded, so I sent them an email with the guy's picture. They walked off to pursue Silver and the Professor briefed me on what had happened, Silver had stolen the last of the 'golden three' the professor had bought. I nearly hit myself for not recognizing the fact that the guy had been so shady. But then I decided, "I'm going after that guy, and I'm going to bring that pokegirl back, come hell or high water."

The professor smiled and said, "Well, in that case, I have a backpack all ready for you and some pokeballs, and remember, record all your battles!"

I nodded and turned to leave, but my teacher was there, she hooked up a knife to the back of my belt and gave me a hidden blade for both my wrists. They were my favorites, after all. She patted my shoulder and grunted, a high compliment, I assure you, so I took off. On the way back to Cherrygrove city, I found myself being followed. I sped up but the thing following me kept pace. I turned around and nothing was there. I started to take a step and then spun around, a pokegirl was in mid-step out from behind a bush. I pointed my dex at her and it identified her as a Domina, the Aggressive pokegirl. I gulped and she grinned. I let out Monstra and I shouted, "Rage!"

Monstra ran up and hit the other girl, so the enemy pulled out her signature rose whip and set into my partner, but every hit made her stronger, instead of weaker, so when I next shouted, "Rage!" her attack was nearly five times as powerful, knocking the enemy Domina onto her backside. I pulled a pokeball out and I tossed it at the feral. The ball tilted three times, and then beeped and shone red. Once the light show was over I ran over and picked the ball up, the first pokegirl I had ever caught! Monstra was a bit scratched and stuff, but nothing major. I returned her to her ball and I did the rest of the walk by myself. When I reached the pokecenter I healed my girls and the Nurse Joy, noticing the increase in my girls, gave me a room key. Then she glanced over at the type of girl, retracted the key she gave me and gave me a new one. This new key had a black S&M logo on the bronze surface. I looked up at the Joy and she said, "If I was you, I'd tie her up and show her who's boss now, or you never will…"

I nodded and I found my room. I went in and locked the door behind me, and with an audible whoosh, the door soundproofed itself. I looked around, and expecting a similar room as from last time, was very surprised to see all sorts of "toys" for "play". There was no bed, instead there was a gigantic wooden 'X' with restraints on one side and on another, there was also a set of chains which appeared to be designed for mid-air suspension while taming. I blushed at the thought, but I was open to anything, little did I know that this girl was going to change the way I tamed forever… for good or bad, you can decide, but it was because of her constant pressure that in the many years of taming to follow, I would often let 'my freak flag fly' as she said.

I shook off my surprise and I let out my new girl. She had green hair, tan skin, a black leather S&M outfit, complete with a zipper to reveal her snatch, holes for breasts and of course, a ball gag hanging around her neck. She had nice breasts, ruby-red lips in an infuriating smirk and curves which screamed sensuality for a price. I stared at her in amazement, she was amazing, I hadn't noticed in our battle. She sashayed over to me, and grabbed onto me for a deep kiss.


I liked the feeling of her lips and we fought for dominance, soon she was literally pushing me in order to get the upper hand, or so I thought, she grabbed my hands and spread them out and latched something around them, then clicked my legs into restraints too. She quickly found a way to get my clothes all off me without getting me out of the restraints (don't ask me how, it is one of the great mysteries of life). She had put me on the gigantic 'X' and she pulled out her whip. I gulped, I could tell this was going to hurt, and it did. It hurt a lot. She started on my sides, ripping them open with her thorned whip and then going for the soft parts of my skin, my armpits, the inside of my legs, and she would whisper sensually into my ear, "Beg me to stop, do it…"

But wasn't I supposed to be the master? She savagely got my back and she said, "Oh, you bad boy, just give in, and I promise it'll feel good…"

I felt anger bubble up from the pit of my stomach, I was the master, I was supposed to be in control. She wanted to make a fool of me? No! I'd show her what it was like to be dominated like this. I hissed, "Stop. Take off my restraints."

She stopped, wonder in her eyes and she did as I commanded. I didn't even realize that I was tapping into the power of my genes, and after the taming session was over, I wouldn't remember how I had gotten out of the restraints. Once I was down, I grabbed her whip and tossed it aside. She was quivering under my gaze. I herded her over to the chains and I bound her. Then I made sure she was suspended in mid-air, with her legs spread, and naked. With the exception of her ball-gag, which was in her own mouth. I grabbed her whip and I cracked it. Her eyes widened and I brought it down on her breasts. She moaned into the gag. And then I brought the whip over her stomach, she spazzed out and I could see she was getting wet. But that hadn't been what I had wanted, I had wanted her to feel humiliated, just as I had. Then it hit me, she did feel those things, it was just that she got off on feeling like that. I went behind her and she tried to shift to look at me so I whipped her ass. She moaned into the gag and I said, "Don't you dare look at me you whore…"

She shivered and I struck her again, she squirted. I whipped her right leg so hard the whip wrapped around her and as I pulled it out, the thorns dragged across skin, leaving gashes. She came again. "You've been a bad girl, haven't you?" I asked.

She nodded so I said, "So, here's the deal, I'm your master, that means that you belong to me… every bit of you… your breasts," I pawed at her tits, "your ass," I slapped her ass, "and your pussy," I traced her lips with my index and middle fingers, "are mine I will use them whenever I want, however I want, and you will not forget it, understand?"

She nodded and I smirked, "So, because you answered right, I think you'll get a reward…"

I pushed my hard cock into her waiting snatch with no warning whatsoever. She moaned and squirmed, unable to do anything but hang there and take it. I went faster and she started to drool all over her gag and out of her mouth, her spittle going all over the floor in front of her. I brushed her hair to the left side of her neck and I bit down on the right. Her muffled screams intensified and I picked up the pace again. "You like that?" I asked.

She nodded again and I slapped her ass, and she squeezed down on my cock and came again. As she came I picked up the pace again, which sent her into a constant leak as her body was wracked with pleasurable pain. I was soon going as hard and fast as I could into her and she went limp in my arms. She was barely conscious, only able to concentrate on breathing.

I pulled out and she seemed to not even notice, until I let her down. She collapsed to the ground and I pulled out her ball-gag. She was gasping for air, but recovering fast, so I thrusted into her. She arched her back savagely and her eyes rolled back into her head. "Oh, god," I commented, "you really do enjoy this, don't you?"

She nodded and came again, this time, I too climaxed, but she lost consciousness. I stood up on wobbly legs, and returned her to her ball. I dressed myself and checked out a normal room, where I collapsed into a warm bed for the remainder of the day and the next night.


The next morning, I let out my girls and Monstra pulled me into a deep kiss. I enjoyed it for a second and then I broke the kiss. The Domina looked a little pissed at the lack of attention, so I gave her a good kiss too, and then I told her, "Your name is Kono"

She smiled at me haughtily and then said, "It'll do I suppose…"

"Whatever," I sighed and I showered after finding a way to keep my harem busy, I got dressed and we went downstairs. There was a breakfast buffet all set up for tamers by the Nurse Joy and we dug in. As we ate, Monstra appeared to be in deep thought, so I asked, "What's on your mind?"

"Well," she said, "It's just that, the Professor and everybody seem to be extremely interested in your genes… why is that?"

I nodded and I said, "Well, to make a long story short, when I was about ten years old, I was getting picked on by a bigger kid, and I zapped him with some electricity. What the Professor discovered was due to my constant contact with my mother and some of my rather unusual genes I had inherited, when I have prolonged contact with pokegirls, some of their powers can 'rub off' on me. The word the league scientists used to define this ability was an 'empath'. Usually people can only become empaths with a procedure called 'Extremis', but I was born like this. Only three people have ever undergone Extremis and they keep that formula pretty well protected, so the people who want access to the procedure went nuts when they heard about me. So far, they haven't been able to successfully replicate my DNA, but they figure if nothing else, they want to know what I'm capable of, in case I'm a mutation or something like that."

Kono blurted, "So, you could like… control water now, and that would explain why you were able to use my whips so well…"

Monstra was blushing and looking down, because I think she'd already figured it out, because she couldn't use water yet, I couldn't either. But then Kono said, "Show me a little electricity!"

I shrugged and held out my right hand, and blue electricity danced along my palm. I rubbed it between my fingers and then I zapped her eggs. She trashed her now burnt and smoking eggs while Monstra and I finished our food. I recalled Kono and said, "Today, we're going to focus on you bringing out your elemental specialty, okay?"

She nodded eagerly, so we set off north from Cherrygrove. Three members of the Youngster guild were hanging out and talking up the road, but stopped when they saw me. They walked up to me and said, "You know, according to league law, if we challenge you to a match, you have to accept… so we three challenge you to three battles in a row, for all the money you and we have, one gigantic pot!"

I looked them up and down, they were amateurs. But I loved fighting, there was nothing like a battle high right in the middle of a fight. When I had been in school, my teacher had taken me around the league in a bus so I could fight in tournaments. They had been human v.s. human, no holds barred fights, all ages, and I had won several, they had called me "The Golden Assassin", and a battle out on the road was no different, no holds barred, which meant it was pokegirl v.s. pokegirl, but also tamer v.s. tamer. I smiled and gestured for Monstra to step up. She was grinning from ear to ear and the first guy sent out a catgirl. I pointed forward and shouted, "Scratch!"

Monstra ran up in an erratic pattern and brought her claws down on the rather surprised catgirl. Titodiles were water types, so most people assumed they would be slow on land, but that was usually the last mistake they made, cause they were fast, and ferocious. The Youngster was yelling off commands, but to no avail. The catgirl was in shock and then started to run away, Monstra running her off and into her tamer's arms. The Youngster retracted his girl and sat down dejectedly.

"You think you're cool or something?" asked the second Youngster, "Well, just wait till you see my girl."

He sent out a Doggirl. I laughed and Monstra picked the enemy girl up and physically tossed her into the nearby pond. Then as we stood there, Monstra heaved. When she did that, I felt my genes kick in and I suddenly had an entire mouth filled with water. I spat it out and when the Doggirl climbed out of the water, I shouted, "Water Gun!"

Monstra nailed the wet dog and she fell back into the pond, totally disoriented. The second Youngster retracted his girl and leaned against a tree, pissed at himself and the world. Then the third guy walked up and said, "You're about to find out why I'm the leader!"

He let out an Elf. She drew her bow and I shouted, "Water gun!"

Monstra nailed her and I shouted, "get the bow away from her!"

My girl ran forward at full tilt in her same eccentric pattern and grabbed the bow and tossed it into the nearby pond along with the enemy. Then she dove in after them and I shouted, "Scratch!"

Monstra came at her from all different sides and gave the elf several gashes before letting her float to the top. The leader of the Youngsters retracted his girl and let out a Damsel. I cursed and he laughed, "You can't win! No attacks work on Damsels, they're indestructible! You'll just tire your girl out until we can drown her for a change!"

But that gave me an idea. "Monstra! Keep her underwater until she loses consciousness!"

Monstra smiled and threw the girl into the pond and kept her there until she stopped moving and then threw her out to her tamer. I held out my hand. The leader was rubbing his hands together, trying to find a way out of this predicament. But I said, "Pay up now."

"Thing is," he said, "We don't have any money and we thought we could beat you so we could have some money, we really don't have anything of value on us at all."

I put on my best demon smile and I activated my hidden blades, they glimmered in the sun and I know all three of the enemy saw them, and they got a lot friendlier, ironically. They sputtered, "Well, actually the reason we have no money is because we spent it on TMs, you know, Technical Machines… so why don't we just give you those?"

I held out my hand and they dropped three little pieces of plastic on my hand. What one had to do was place this piece of plastic on a pokegirl's forehead and they would learn the technique that the TM was labeled with. I now had Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch. I taught Ice Punch to Monstra immediately, and put the other two in my backpack. As I we kept on north, we quickly realized something, the Youngsters had told people about us on their way back to Violet City, so some people ran from us, and others ran to us, but we hunted down those who ran, and we obliterated all who were in battles with us, and by the time we had entered Violet City, the legend of the Gold Tamer had already begun.

There were two main attractions in Violet City, the gym, and Buttsprout Tower. The former was a league recognized gym of the Zephrbadge and the latter was a training ground for tamers who wished to challenge the gym for the Zephrbadge. So naturally I headed for Buttsprout Tower. The monks on the inside were really no trouble at all for either Monstra's ice punch or Kono's poison whip, so we got through fairly quickly. It was on the third floor that we got a shock. The tower's grand sage had just finished a battle with none other than Silver.

"You have indeed got skillz my dear boy," said the grand master, "but I must let you know that you musta been tripin' when ya'll was raising your pokegirls. Pokegirls should not be used as tools of war!"

Silver waved the man off and turned around. He noticed me, and said, "This guy was a total weakling, I can't stand guys like him, blathering on about treating pokegirls nicely… they were originally tools of war, used by their creator, I'm a traditionalist is all I'm saying…"

He then teleported out of my sight. I was going to go after him, but the grand master said, "You have come for a battle too eh? Well then, Bring it on Bitch!"

I ripped him apart, by myself, I literally put my electricity and a couple ice punches to him, decimating his pathetic harem. Then I walked out of the tower to try to find Silver, but he was gone. So I healed my girls and walked into the gym. There was an odd square of wood in the floor which didn't match the others, in an apparently abandoned gym. I stood on the square, and noticed a button, I pressed it and the square rose up from the ground and into the air. It stopped by the gym rafters (at least thirty feet in the air), where a man with long blue hair and traditional Edo robes in blue and white sat, waiting for me. He stood up and said, "My name is Faulkner, I have inherited this gym from my father, people are always disrespecting my beloved bird pokegirls, but no more. Electricity won't stop me anymore!"

He let out a Pigette. I let out Monstra and shouted, "Water gun!"

Monstra shot the girl off her feet, into another rafter, and then down to the floor far below. Then Faulkner smiled and said, "Fine, but can you do that to this?"

He let out a Skarmoress and I nearly crapped my pants, but I came up with a plan, I shouted, "Ice Punch, and just as the punch connected I sent a bolt of electricity right into the chest of the steel/flying type. Monstra disconnected just in time to not get lit up herself, but the other girl was finished. She hit a rafter and sizzled. Faulkner was agast for a moment and then he said, "I still have much to learn I guess… I thought that a steel type would be resistant to electricity, but apparently not… oh well, here's the zephyrbadge!"

He tossed me a gleaming piece of metal, and I pinned it on the right side of my hoodie's zipper. I thanked him, he handed me an 'Aerial Ace' TM and I left the gym, with his final advice of "If I was you, I'd head south from here to Azelea Town, you'll meet Bugsy there, and if you want, stop by the ruins of Alph on your way, it's a big tourist spot!"

I nodded and planned on it, I thought it would be interesting. So I healed my girls and we went south, the Ruins were an hour's walk away, but the walk had been nice because it was a beautiful day. We went through the entrance plaza and saw a group of people all gathered around. It was a bunch of school kids, tamers and random people, I walked up to one and asked, "So, um, what's going on here?"

"Well," the guy responded, "Due to a recent scare when a child got lost, they have tours for people who haven't been here before to ensure continued visitors. It's a bit expensive, but what can I say? This is vacation, I think I'll splurge!"

"Thanks," I said as I smiled and walked over to a nearby counter to look for a map, they had none. As I considered my 'financial' options, Kono suggested, "We could just go and explore on our own, what's the worst that could happen?"

Monstra gaped and said, "Uh… we could get lost!"

"But look at the ground," Kono pointed to a well beaten path, "if we find this path no matter where we are, we're guaranteed to get back to this point here!"

I nodded and said, "It's decided then, we go off on our own."

Monstra sighed and jumped into her ball in defeat. Kono and I walked a bit west and found a large square temple-like structure, it had a gigantic stone panel sticking up from the middle of the floor. On it there were stone pieces of what could have been a picture. I played with them for a bit, but Kono got bored quickly and began to play some sort of absurd Indiana Jones (I like the classic movies, what can I say?) game, with her whip at her hip, she began to search for secret buttons. Eventually I realized that the picture was of a pokegirl. Once I had the picture assembled, something clicked in the room. And Kono, having given up on any switches, leaned up against a wall on her elbow, and found… you guessed it, a secret switch.

A section of the wall nearby fell down into a slot made just for it, and the wall behind it followed suit, but it's slot was slightly larger, and so on and so on until a staircase had formed. My first instinct was to run, I won't lie, but something was calling to me. "Whoa!" someone called out from behind me.

An middle-aged man was standing behind me, gaping at the staircase. He walked up to me and grasped my hand in a firm shake, "This is remarkable, I have been combing this building for stuff like this for nearly 11 years… oh, my name is Professor Hale, I'm an expert on these ruins… and I have never been able to find something like this… you've given us another lead for why this place was built! This is fantastic. You see, I ordered a Bandame to help me check for traps or puzzles and I received it over the PC system today… but now I won't need it! You did in one day what I haven't been able to do in ten years! I have to reward you, but no nuggets of knowledge that I possess could possibly help you, a tamer… I GOT IT! You can have this Bandame! She's all yours!"

He handed me a pokeball and I opened it, true to the man's word, a Bandame shot out into existence. She was gorgeous, and everything about her seemed sensuous. Her eyes were exotic, facial paint was enticing, it looked like a full body tattoo. Her clothes were comprised of a linen skirt, bandages covering her breasts, a traditional ancient Egyptian necklace, rings on most of her fingers, bracers of linen cloth, a huge golden pendant around her throat and three ear rings in each ear. I stared at her in wonderment and she purred, "Cat got your tongue, master…?"

"Gold, what's your name?" I finished lamely.

"Anck-su-namun, where do you believe there are puzzles which you want solved?"

"Change of plans, the guy who you were sold to gave you to me as a gift for doing your job before you arrived, you're traveling with me now."

Her strong eyes blazed into mine and seemed to stare into my soul. "Okay," she said, "But I do not have much experience at battling, we'll need to train."

"That's fine, I don't have much experience either. We'll learn together."

Kono was staring at me in disbelief, she nearly shouted at me, "How the hell have you already fallen head over heels for her?"

Anck-su-namun turned her neck to look at Kono, but I was enchanted by the way her skin seemed to move, the ink on her skin seemed to be begging to be touched. I recalled Kono and I guided Anck-su-namun's face to mine with my hand on her chin and I said, "I think I'll call you Namun for short, okay?"

She giggled and goose-bumps formed on my skin. I'd heard of chemistry, but yikes, I had fallen for her like a stone in a lake. She activated her ball and was retracted. I wanted to know why, but I thought better of asking. So I left the ruins and began to head south again. There were some picnickers who shared some food with me after a couple battles, it was all in good fun, soon I moved on, and found a large fishing dock. I walked along it and challenged the many fisherman there. They all lost to Kono's ferocity. As I walked the wood creaked under my feet. I was watching my feet to make sure I didn't break the rickety structure when I noticed I'd walked into a shadow of some kind. I looked up and there was what looked like a gigantic metal highway. It ran from the east to the west and as I stared up at it in question, a fisherman tapped my shoulder and said, "That'd be the Magnet Train's track you're looking at… it's not yet open, so don't expect nuthin from it."

"Thanks," I nodded and I walked along the dock, and into a pokecenter. I walked up to the Nurse Joy and asked, "Is this Azelea Town, cause there aren't any houses."

She shook her head and said, "Oh no, it's just that if you want to go to Azelea Town this way, you'll have to go through Union Cave, so this center was set up as a rest stop for travelling tamers. It's not the best equipped for certain big emergencies, like Widows or even Mantis attacks, but we can heal your girls and give you a room for the night."

It was getting dark outside, so I nodded and she healed my girls and handed me an old fashioned key, not a card-key like the new centers. I found my room, it was one of five, instead of the usual ten. This was an old center indeed. But I let out Namun. She looked at me right in the eyes, her powerful gaze seemed to melt me. I brushed some of her hair out of her face and I asked, "So, what's with all the ink?"

"My master before the ranch used to get really jealous if other guys got near me, and to make sure none of them touched me, he covered me in ink. Do you like it?"

"Not for the same reasons as your old master, he was paranoid, I think I can keep you busy enough to not even think about other guys, as for the ink, I like it, it's exotic and alluring."

"Alluring… I like that word."

I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back and my hands went from her hair to her arms, and I smudged some of her ink.


I kissed her deeply and with everything I had and she took it and gave some back. She was perfect. I could feel the strength in her arms and the softness of her skin with my hands, and as the kiss deepened, my hands got bolder, going from her arms to her midriff and then cupping her ass. She gasped and pushed me onto the nearby bed. She then started to kiss and suck on my neck, her hard nipples pressing into my chest, and I got back to business and with one hand grabbed her firm sweet ass, and with the other grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her ravishing mouth to mine. Her lips were full and soft, her tongue sweet and, to my surprise, rather long.

She moaned like a beast as she forced her tongue in and out of my mouth and dug her nails in my back. I fondled her beautiful breasts and ran my hands over her smooth thighs, the ink which covered her skin was by now totally smeared, no doubt. But now I was aroused to my fullest and my raging cock was pressed up in a rather uncomfortable position against my pants as she ground her body against it. I noticed she was smiling into our passionate kiss and quite suddenly she dragged her nails down my chest, an interesting sensation. She slid down from my mouth and pulled off my t-shirt and pants. My cock sprang free and her smile broadened and she winked at me. She had me wrapped around her finger.

She grabbed my cock around the base and dragged her long hot tongue up my shaft and licked circles around the head. Shivers went up and down my spine as she sucked on my balls and stroked me, I had gotten head before, but she was plainly an expert. She gorged her mouth on my cock and took it all the way in till she was plainly gagging on me, and she still slipped her tongue out to lick my sack some more. She carried on like that; licking and sucking and stroking and moaning onto my cock while deep throating me, it was an incredible experience, to say the least. And I lost myself in the pleasure she was giving me, grabbing the back of her head and running my fingers through her hair and down her back. That had been what she had been waiting for, apparently, as she grabbed my hands and bound them together with her linens to the head-board. She bound my legs too and I was suddenly very turned on, this was just the right level of kinky, no pain, unlike Kono, so I was excited.

Then she did something very unexpected, she wrapped a strip of cloth around the base of my cock, and seeing what she was doing a moment too late for it to matter, struggled against it. She tightened the cloth, making it impossible for me to cum. I hissed at the tightness and the sudden energy I got from getting played with like this, but then I remembered, I was the master. I tugged my arms apart and the linen came undone. Namun stared at my hands in shock, but it was too late, I was free. I grabbed her and penetrated her as hard as I could.

She let out a whelp of pleasure when I penetrated her; and, moreover, I realized that I could take control with her and make her do what I wanted to some extent. Anybody who had learned anything about a Bandame learned that the more bandages they had out, the less amount of control they had on each, but with only two binds out, she would be totally in control. The only way I could come myself was to disorient her so badly that she would have to let go, and the easiest way to do that with a pokegirl is to tame her, so I began to beat into her at a steady rhythm.

She fought against me being on top, and using the wrappings she had on my feet, pulled me onto my back. She rode me with a vigor and passion that could wear out an Amachoke, but I still fought for control. Though I wanted to lose myself all into her, she prevented it, and I was forced to keep going, despite a terrible pressure and sick pleasure I got from the binding. As I pounded into her, her expertise really began to take shape. She had extraordinary control over the muscles of her cunt; flexing and squeezing me with the purposeful intent of driving me crazy and extracting as much pain and pleasure as she could.

But still, even though her grinding and thrusting were stimulating me, she kept me unable to come, with a seductive and promising grin she bounced on me. She grunted and moaned as she bounced on top of me; and I, not wanting to be outdone, grabbed her waist and guided her hips on me while I licked and sucked on her nipples. She seemed to love this because she stopped bouncing on my cock and instead rocked her hips back and forth and arched her back to present me her bouncing tits. I began to lick in between, all over, nibble, bite and suck on them, doing all manner of perverted stuff to her.

The back and forth movements of her hips became quicker and her breath was coming in short gasps, she began letting out lusty whimpers and her face contorted into that tell-tale look of pleasure and pain; I knew she was approaching orgasm. I will admit, I was getting painfully reminded of my own orgasm with every thrust. As I began to feel her pussy tighten she leaned in and kissed me again. I knew it was time to make my move; still sucking on her tits I placed one hand at the small of her back, the other on her shoulder, and flipped her onto her back so I was on top. She was too far gone into the throws of an enormous orgasm to care about this change of position, and she wrapped her legs round my back and I wasted no time in fucking her as deep and hard as I could. I was aiming right for her G-spot, and I think I was nailing it, again and again. Once that first orgasm took her it was on, every few seconds thereafter she bucked under me again and again. Orgasm after orgasm she couldn't get enough, eyes rolling back into her head, that horny smile never leaving her lips.

At last, the chain of her orgasms seemed to subside and she lay there her usually sharp eyes unfocused and staring off into space. So, I, with some hesitation, stopped fucking her to see how she'd react, she didn't seem to notice and still just lay there, clearly going into taming shock. I pulled out and pulled off the linen strip around my cock and I felt my burning need increase tenfold. So I pushed myself all the way in and grabbed her hips and fucked her in earnest, not trying to hold back anymore, letting myself go to her gorgeous body and the sweet release I so needed.

She seemed to notice that I was about to cum; she locked eyes with me and wrapped her legs tight around mine. Her stare seemed to beg me to shoot inside her sweet pussy; I could feel it start to build inside me and my cock stiffened even more. I could feel her getting tighter again, and she arched her back and screamed. Both of us breathing deep and fast, I slammed my cock as deep as I could go and let loose inside her. The blast of my hot seed into her pussy sent her over the edge one more time and she screamed out as the climax took us both. I slid in and out of her, milking the last drops from my cock into her pussy, staring into those big beautiful eyes that stared back with a haughty satisfaction. She had a degree of control over me, but I had this over her, forever and ever, I would be known as the winner of our session.

I kissed her with a passion and she returned the sentiment, rolling me over so she was again on top of me. She pulled herself off my still hard cock and slid down to suck me clean. I sat and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on my cock, she would get me up again, and we would fuck again and again all through the night.


In the morning I showered gratefully in slightly heated water and we set off again, Monstra walking beside me, a visual deterrent to ferals. After a quarter mile, we came upon a cave, with a big sign near the entrance reading in large bold letters: Union Cave. There were no alternative routes, and no way around the cave, because the trees were so close to each other that I couldn't squeeze through one, let alone the masses of them I would have to. After my final attempt at a detour, Monstra suggested, "We could just go through the cave you know, I mean, I can handle any ferals that turn up there, I'm a water type!"

I nodded my head in defeat and we went into the cave. It had looked like it would be dark inside, but there were torches lighting a well-used path, so I assumed that tamers regularly went by. Unknown to us, we were actually walking into a meeting of the flame-breather guild. The torches led us to a circle of large men who were blowing oil onto torches which sent a stream of flame into the air. "What are they doing?" I asked Monstra.

She shrugged and said, "I dunno, looks like a dance, let's go ask!"

She walked up to one guy and tapped him on the shoulder. Their dance stopped. I recalled my girl to her pokeball and every guy there brought out there pokegirls, so I let Monstra out again. There were ten of them and they came up to me in pairs. So I let out Namun as back up for Monstra. Then I felt it, Monstra was slipping into her battle state-of-mind, or a berserker mentality, and with my genes, that kind of thing was contagious. Soon Namun and I were seeing red as well. We trashed the poor fire men. We got a couple burns along the way, but nothing too serious. Monstra used her Water Gun and Namun used the resulting mud for her Mud Fling attack (Her wrappings picked up and chucked mud at high velocity). After all ten guys were downed, I was pretty tired, Namun was leaning against a rock, breathing heavily, but Monstra was just barely panting, and then she started to glow.

After the light faded, a Cuntinaw stood before me, in all her glory. She roared and the cave shook, which scared the crap out of the Fire-breathers, and woke up a flock of Feral Zubutts. There had to be over a hundred of them, so we ran like hell. The Fire Breathers ran off to our left so we followed, and we took every turn they did, until light shone out ahead, so we accelerated past them and into the light, jumped to our right and barely dodged the storm of feral girls. I jumped into a bush and Namun covered my scent with mud. The Zubutt went away without looking for tamers, so we crept off to the west. At one point Monstra grabbed my sleeve and then said, "Hey, look! Signs to the Slowboob Well, and then to Azelea Town!"

We followed the signs eagerly and were not disappointed, the town had not been far away, and it had been getting late anyhow. I was dead tired, and I crashed. But instead of the usual dreams I had, this one was very odd, it felt like a… theme song, if you would believe me. So this is how it went…


A pokeball flips backwards, and opens, the words, Pokegirls: Gold Version fly out.


Lugiass and Whore-oh are fighting, Lugiass dives towards the viewer, and then flies back and crosses again with Whore-oh, who then turns and they circle around each other in the sky.


I land on a road, and am running toward the viewer


Monstra lands next to me and jumps on my back for a piggy-back ride


Kono leaps onto the road, and runs with me on my right side


Namun bounds up to us, and runs along with us to my left.


I show a Hive Badge to the sky


Monstra, Namun and I run out of Union Cave from the Zubutts.


a woman in traditional Edo Swordsman clothes with hard grey eyes looks over a well-beaten path


Silver has his arms folded as he watches his girls battle some nameless tamer.


Crystal waves at the viewers, dancing along a road


I am standing on a plateau, looking out over a city and the ocean


A shadowy figure with brown hair and a red ball-cap looks over the Johto region from some mountain peak.


I am flying along on a hover board.


My pokedex lands in my outstretched hands


I expand a pokeball in my hand in the middle of a gigantic stadium


Monstra creates a wave of water behind her which she sends out at some uknown attacker.


Silver and I are standing back to back with Crystal sticking out from behind us forming two peace signs with her fingers.

I know… trippy right?


Tamer Gold


Monstra lvl 18 Cuntinaw

Kono lvl 15 Domina

Namun lvl 15 Bandame



er Her Her Her