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Warnings: Yaoi (Homosexual Relationships), Foul Language, Non-Con, Lemons, Two-shot

Pairings: SasuNaru, SasukexOthers

Two-Shot Angst. This story was floating for days and I really just had to write it.

Empty Nights


There was a dark-haired boy

Who lived in a half- empty house

Had a half- empty life,

And felt nothing but half-empty love.


For it was one night's worth was temporary pleasure.

"Call me, Sasuke-kun." The woman on the bed sighed contentedly as she rolled on her stomach and dreamily looked at the pale, muscular expanse of the dressing young man's back. Once he had finished buttoning his shirt, he turned to the female and smirked at the messy coverings of the bed, reminding him of the not-so innocent things that they did.

"Thank you for the night."

He walked out of the room, leaving another satisfied and hopeful conquest. Too bad for her that this was only a one-time affair because he never slept with the same girl twice. This kind of arrangement also did not involve embraces, exchanges of sweet words or tender kisses. It was what it was —fucking.

He appreciated the sex they've shared, not the time they were together. There was no romance in this deal because it was simply the joining of two physical bodies to satisfy their lust and experience pleasure.

For as long as Sasuke could remember, his 'relationships' all consisted of one night stands. He was fine as long as he had a willing body to warm his night briefly because he did not believe in romance.

It was just his way of doing things.

As he walked, he let his eyes travel to the all too familiar sights of the tall buildings, the twenty-four hour convenience store and the people in their business clothes bustling quickly. Everything and everyone looked the same every time he took this path from the hotel room where he spent nights like this.

Somehow, he's getting tired of this routine. His gaze landed on two people walking side by side, a couple judging by their looks. The young woman smiled radiantly as she chatted continuously, looking at her taller companion. The man simply continued on walking without an evident expression on his face but once in a while he would look at his companion with the look of happiness and contentment. She blushed and then smile when she caught him looking at her, standing on her tiptoes to offer him a light kiss on the lips. It turned into a passionate lip lock when the man leaned down and pulled her closer.

They were in love.

At times like this, the raven-haired man could not help but wonder on what it would be like to be in love.

Would it bring him happiness?

Would it make him feel satisfied and contented?

Would he be capable of feeling love at all?

He gave out a sardonic laugh with the silly notions. He only understood one thing about love; that it causes you an immense amount of pain and separations. Nothing permanently good comes out of believing in this ridiculous idea of love.

Those three words, 'I love you' was, more often than not, followed by the word of 'forever'. Don't make him laugh more. Love was a big joke, twisted and ugly with its sense of humor. Nothing was ever permanent in this world except the changing time, fickle minds of humans and love.

Divorces, break-ups and death were enough evidences that loving someone forever was not possible.

If you believed in forever, then life is simply a one night stand.


It was the same every night that he went out and got home.


His father would be seated in the living room without the lights. His voice would echo in the large space, the stern and authoritative voice of the Uchiha figurehead. Fugaku always said his name in that voice and like a broken voice recorder, he'll answer the same words.

"I'm sorry, Father." He'll give a courteous bow and leave for his room, leaving his father blending in the shadows. The man was a shadow himself, a former shade of what he was in the past. And it was because of love.

He entered his room, taking in the assortment of comforts that his family name provided; king-sized bed with silk sheets and pillows, furniture made of high-quality materials, advanced technology and other expensive things without practical uses yet was still there because it added to the 'filthy rich' factor.

His room, with the rest of the house was filled with many things, yet it was still empty. Probably, the only thing that he could tell that has value was the small framed picture he had on his bedside table – a picture of him, his mother, his father and brother. The only preserved memory of when they were still whole.

All that were left of that memory were an unstable father, an isolated older brother and a disturbed youngest son. His mother left them for her lover, traveling and fucking the world as they go.

His father told her "I love you" yet she still left.

He preferred one night of empty pleasure than an eternity of painful love.


And he met a bright boy

Who lived in half of a house,

Had a half of a life,

And felt half of a love.


"Heads up!"

The raven haired student caught the cold can of soda without even looking up from writing his research paper. Naruto clumsily sat down beside him and scandalously gulped his own drink. Of course, he did not expect him to be quiet, graceful and elegant. After being somewhat best-friends-like with the blond dobe for almost nine years, and fortunately or unfortunately (he can't decide since he had been almost with the idiot for half a decade) still counting, Naruto was never near anything like quiet, graceful or elegant. He was not a professional when dealing with silence nor was even an amateur at it.

Tan fingers slipped something white on his desk –it was a small piece of paper with numbers and letters. Another girl's name and contact number.

"Dobe. You could never say no, could you?" He removed his eyeglasses and rubbed his strained temples before looking at his best friend. "I already have enough girls to last me this month." Or a lifetime for that matter.

"Nah," Naruto grinned, "Its coz' I have a big, golden heart unlike yours that's made of ice. I could never say no, even to you, bastard. And she was cute."

"Looks alone would not make me sleep with her."

"No one's forcing you. I just forwarded the note." The blond shrugged his shoulder as he finished his soda in one large gulp.

Sasuke and Naruto were opposites in almost everything. They share more differences that once made them good enemies rather than similarities that would've made them good friends. But the things that made them different were the ones that made them understood each other well.

Naruto was the best person to fit the bill of his closest friend but he would cut his tongue off than admit that aloud. The blond had enough bullets for annoying him in the next twenty years so he did not need to add another ten years of his suffering.

"What do those girls see in you anyway? You'd think that you have a twelve inch golden cock with how they act just to get one night with you!" Naruto said, crossing his arms behind his head and rested on the back of the chair.

And the blond idiot just had to ask something that had the obvious answer. What would make girls line up for one night with him? His looks of course. He already had little girls following him when he was a child and now that he was grown-up, he had women of beauty, body and brains line up for him.

A widely-known and widely-circulated entertainment magazine that gave him the 'title of the most attractive young face of this generation' and described him with "…deep grey eyes that would lure and trap you in those depths, perfectly chiseled nose and cheekbones, lips that woman would die to get a kiss of and a body that would be the envy of those metro sexual men."

He didn't exactly need any of those flowery words to know that he looked good –one trip to the mirror and the forever-present women who showered him with lots and lots of praises and attention were enough evidence.

He was handsome –and probably as an added bonus—was intelligent and filthy rich. He descended from one of the oldest and powerful clan in this city, making him even more famous. You have to be an idiot and blind to ask him a question that didn't need words as an answer. Or you simply wanted to ignore the screaming facts, like Naruto always did.

"Want to find out, Naruto?" Sasuke huskily asked with a seductive smirk as he inched closer to the blond, leaning his face closer until the tip of their noses were touching. Naruto wrinkled his nose and shuddered visibly as he pushed Sasuke out of his private space.

"Hell no! I don't want to be added as the first man on your 'pleasure-list', bastard," Naruto returned to his previous resting position. "I think I'll keep my reputation as your not-so popular best friend, the note passer and the contact of the outside world to the great Sasuke. Besides, I don't want to get any disease that you are carrying, aside from the 'anti-social stuck-up' default syndrome."

The raven-haired teen rolled his eyes. They both knew that he was not that stupid that he'll forget the basics of safe-sex, especially when having multiple partners. For more precaution aside from using condoms, he got monthly check-ups for any sign of disease.

"If you would get any disease from my obviously disease-free body, it would be the "Love-Sasuke" illness," Sasuke said. He wore his eyeglasses again and resumed making the drafts of his research paper, awaiting the dobe's reply.

Uchihas do have a sense of humor –the type of humor that would make regular humans squirm. But Naruto was used to it and played along with his friend's twisted sense of comedy.

"But," the blond moved from his position and moved towards Sasuke, "I already love you Sasuke-kun!" He wrapped his arms around the pale man's neck as he leaned his chin on the other's shoulder. His voice suspiciously sounded like the thirteen-year old Sakura when the pink-haired girl confessed to Sasuke almost six years ago. Gladly, she overcame that infatuation, almost bordering in obsession, and the three of them became good friends.

"Are we a couple now, Sasuke-kun?" his friend continued with the shrilly impersonation. "I'm the happiest girl in the world because Sasuke-kun accepted Naru-chan's love! Sasuke-kun, would you take me to the amusement park? Then to the church and marry me and let me be the mother of your children?"

He smacked the blond spikes with his palm, making Naruto let go laughing."Stop acting gay. Its annoying."

"Whatever. I'm off to my part-time job since I'm not as rich as some people. See you, Uchiha!" Naruto grinned before leaving the room. The raven-haired rolled his eyes before returning to his work. He really did not have many choices when regards to who he could be friends with due to his low tolerance for other people and the blond was probably the only idiot he could be friends with.

He was very sure that they would be friends for a very long time because of the blond's stubborn as a weed personality. But it was not bad; he knew that he needed someone with a personality that would keep him in touch with his fading human capability to feel emotions.

Naruto would keep him from being a living, moving and breathing statue. He'll be his anchor to his humanity as long as he did not leave Sasuke.

He was an important person, an integral piece in his life even if he did not admit it aloud.

He picked the strip of paper and dialed the number listed on that piece of paper. He felt like doing it with the girl that his best friend recommended tonight.


"How could you be such an idiot?"

The blond looked at the newcomer with an incredulous face. He was currently in the university's greenhouse, seated on the grassy ground, where only students of botany and biology go. He was sure that he did something wrong, again, for Sasuke to seek him out in the middle of the raven-haired teen's class. One way or another, he always managed to screw something when the matters concern his best friend. It was just the type of friendship they shared.

"What did I do this time?" Naruto scratched his head in confusion. The other could be a dramatic bastard sometimes.

"She liked you, dobe." The standing boy pushed his bangs backwards, irritated. A dramatic and incomprehensible bastard.

"What girl?"

"The one that gave you the paper with the name and number."

The Uchiha knew that Naruto could be oblivious to anything but ramen, pranks and school (partially) but giving Sasuke a girl that was not interested with him was insulting. Just imagine his humiliation when he introduced himself, then the girl on the other line told him that there must be some kind of mistake because she gave her number to Naruto.

"Really? Most of the girls that approach me to get to you, you know." Naruto closed the sketch pad and shrugged his shoulders. Sasuke sighed, irritation leaving him. He could not go on blaming his friend for his lack of awareness.

"So, you didn't get laid last night?" the blond grinned.

"Obviously, dobe."

Most of his irritation was rooted on the fact that someone liked his best friend though it was inevitable since Naruto was quite likeable, even with his slowness. He was certain that there were a few more people who admired his friend and for some unexplainable reason, that made him irritated more.

Somehow, the idea of Naruto together with a girlfriend annoyed him though the blond already had his share of relationships in the past.

He was used to the idea of Naruto just being there for him.

"Sorry about that, I guess." Naruto said, looking at the sky. But he didn't sound so sorry at all.

"Hn." Sasuke snatched the sketchbook and leafed through the yellowing pages filled with images of different people and objects. Some were colored; others were simply the gray of the lead the blond used for the sketches. He could not help but admire the innate talent that Naruto had for catching every detail on paper, adding a touch of his cheerful personality. He had seen this book a lot of times already since the blonde had own it when he was thirteen years old.

He reached the last page and saw that it was locked on the pad's carton covering by tons of paper clips, meaning that it clearly not for show. He glanced at the blond who was still looking at the sky, then returned to the sealed page. He started removing the pseudo-locks quickly in succession but as he was about to remove the last three, the pad was quickly yanked off his grasp. Angry blue eyes greeted him.

"What do you think are you doing?" Naruto asked furiously. He clutched his sketchbook to his right side tightly, looking warily at his friend.

"Opening it," his raven-haired friend answered nonchalantly. He was getting more curious to the content of that page. It must be something really important for Naruto for him not to show it.

"It was locked for a reason, one needed to know what was inside, not even you Sasuke." Naruto sighed, picking up the paper clips and clipping them back in their former places.

That statement ticked him off. He wanted to know everything about Naruto, every little part of him. He did not want anything to be kept away from him.

"Its probably nothing if its your secret, dobe." He spat out. The blond dropped the pieces he had picked up.

"What did you say? Nothing? This is nothing?" His best friend shouted at him. Instantly, the raven-haired regretted his words. He must knew for one thing that Naruto hated being belittled. His friend was an orphan and went through harsh times at different orphanages until he was adopted when he was ten, the same time that he met with Sasuke.

"You don't know anything so shut up your fucking mouth! Fucker." Naruto clenched his fists tightly, stopping the urge to jump and kill his friend. He picked his bag up and giving a dirty finger sign, he stepped out of the greenhouse, leaving a dumbfounded Sasuke

He wanted to say sorry but his pride held him back. Would he lose the only person that was constantly by his side and didn't leave him?


It had been three weeks since that incident at the greenhouse and Naruto still refused to talk to him. And he didn't take the ignoring lightly. He waited for the dobe outside his classroom and decided to end this little farce now.

If not, his own insecurities and doubts would eat him alive.

The bell rang and floods of students from the art building's classrooms swept down the hallways. He ignored the stares from the others. All that was important was his idiotic blonde friend.

It was easy to see him or rather, to hear him. Just let your ears do the work for you and they would lead you. The blond was laughing, chatting animatedly with a pale girl with long black hair beside him. Sasuke pushed himself off the wall and stalked to the blond, determined not to let him pass.

Naruto frowned when he saw his bastard friend whom he avoided like plague the past days. He understood that Sasuke would never apologize because of his stupid personality but the blonde believed that he owed him a big one.

Sasuke didn't know anything so he shouldn't have said those words. Naruto held his old sketchbook tighter to his chest. Sasuke didn't have a clue on his feelings at all.


"Go fuck off, bastard. I'm in no mood for your bastardly acts." He said.

The raven-haired teen took a deep breath. "I…apologize."

"What?" Naruto's jaws dropped in disbelief. There was no way that Sasuke was apologizing. "Say that again."

"Don't make me say it again, dobe." Sasuke growled. He already said the word so Naruto should forgive him.

And his best friend laughed loud and hard. What was so funny?

"You should have seen your face when you said that! Oh man, you looked like as if you had diarrhea or something." He wiped the small laugh-tears that formed on his eyes. "If I just had a video camera...but you still have to treat me to ramen at Ichiraku's before I completely forgive you."

"You're a glutton."

"Oh! By the way, this is Hinata-chan! She's my classmate." Sasuke looked at the companion of his friend. She had long black hair with indigo hues and pale, pupil-less eyes. A trademark of the Hyuuga clan, a family distantly related to the Uchihas.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke."

"N-nice t-to m-meet you, U-uchiha-san." She said, stuttering and fidgeting at the same time. "N-naruto-kun, I'll be g-going then."

"Bye, Hinata-chan!" The girl's blush did not go unnoticed by the Uchiha. Naruto was really oblivious.

"Let's go, Sasuke. My ramen is waiting!" Naruto dragged his friend out.

Sasuke didn't appreciate the presence of the Hyuuga girl. He felt that she'll be dividing his and Naruto's time together. He didn't like that. They had been together for so long that he almost forgot the fact that someday, Naruto could not be beside him every time. He must be really a bastard for wanting to monopolize his friend's time, wanting not to share him with anyone because he was the only person that made him feel not so alone.

He was used to the idea of Naruto just being there for him.


"I'm getting married, Sasuke."

The raven-haired teen briefly looked up from his plate and nodded, returning on eating and digesting the food he was putting in his mouth. The beautiful woman with the black hair and eyes sighed and gracefully sliced her steak in smaller pieces.

Mikoto expected that as her youngest son's reply but she wished he had said some words of agreement or disapproval, anything just to show that he was interested. At least her older son, Itachi, said something.

"Congratulations, Mother but please do not ask or even expect me to attend your binding with that man."

Sasuke already had anticipated that news when his mother had left with her lover and divorced his father eight years ago. She had taken up much longer than he had expected because as he had known, she and his lover were madly in love with each other. Marriage was mostly based on that emotion crap, unless unwanted pregnancy occurred or it was an arranged marriage.

He didn't care. He had no curiosity whatsoever with what his mother did with her life because he was already grown up and had his own life to worry about. He supposed that it was his mother's attempts to involve her estranged children with her personal matters, something that a mother was supposed to do. Just like having dinner with him in this restaurant.

On the last couple of years, Mikoto invited her children to spend time with her, without the presence of her new man of course, whether it was lunch, dinner or shopping –anything that they could do. She sent them presents on every available occasion on the calendar, sending them still even if it was an ordinary day. Even from afar, she continued being their mother.

He did not deny her that right because it was hers; she had given birth to him and partially raised him.

"Do you have anyone you like…or you love?" Mikoto asked with a soft smile highlighting her beautiful features more.

"No," Sasuke replied curtly. He didn't want to talk about that topic especially with a person who believed that it was the most positive thing in the world.

"But why? I know girls are lining up to be with you."er youngest. "It's wonderful and would give you lots of experiences that are worth remembering." Her smile became tenderer, her voice sounded maternal. "Love, that is."

"I'm not interested."

"Why don't you give it a try?" the older woman urged h

Wonderful? Worth remembering?

What was so wonderful of that 'love' when it tore out what was most important for him?

What was worth remembering of the incident where his prideful father stooped down in front of his mother carrying her belongings and telling her that he loved her though she still left?

His control broke and he slammed his clenched fists on the table, earning stares from other patrons of the restaurant and a gasped from Mikoto. He smirked, a cruel stretching of his lips filled with bitterness and loathing, and looked at the worried expression of his mother's face.

He did not deny her the right of being a mother but that didn't mean that he had to treat her as his mother.

"Love? Please, stop telling me things that I don't want to hear from anyone else, above all from you. If you're being insistent about how it would be good for me, then let me tell you about my oh-so loving relationships that comes and goes in one night."

He was still talking with the normal tone of his voice, his voice composed but the bitter venom that laced it was obvious.

"Sasuke, p-please…" Mikoto tried hard not to choke on her words. She was not used to this kind of personality that her son was showing.

"I did loving one-night stands with women, lots of women, no twice alike in names and appearance. Different women every night. I fucked them into oblivion, using them to satiate my libido."

He was seething, livid pools of darkness looking at her.

"Next time you try to act like a mother to me, you better keep your advice on love and relationships to yourself." He stood up, making the chair rattled. Their onlookers returned to their own business after seeing the angry man. Sasuke walked out.

Love. Love. Love.

How he hated love. That destructive love.

He wanted to forget. Forget something, anything, and everything.

He'll immersed himself in that one night of empty pleasure to bury this love that he still held for his mother; the love of a neglected son for a mother who neglected him for her own love.

Sasuke needed something to help him forget.


He needed another body to distract him.

He spotted the redheaded female in the corner of the bar. She looked nice enough in her white blouse and short shorts that she had on. Sasuke took the seat near her and noticed the faint blush on her cheeks from the changing color of lights in the room. He let out his most seductive smirk and began his subtle flirting that worked more than an effective lucky charm.

Two hours later, they were both inside a room, him above entering her in a pace that was much rougher from what he usually did. She had no complaints though, if her moans and screams were to go by. Apparently, she liked it rough and this made him move wilder, burying his worries every time that he thrust in. And he came, without spilling anything inside. The condom did its job.

But the body did not. He still felt empty, so empty that he could feel the pain gnawing at his chest. This was not enough. It never was.

He needed someone, more than a body to fuck, more than a one night stand.

And he only thought of one person –Naruto.

Sasuke did not wait for his spent energy to return. He dressed up quickly, not bothering to fix his appearance. He got his wallet and removed a few bills before dropping it on the bed.

"Do whatever you like. I'm going."

And he left without another word. He entered the first cab he saw, rudely pushing the couple who hailed the service. He gave the driver more than enough amount of money to keep the man's complaints shut and make him drive faster.

He needed his best friend.

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